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Gorgatron – Agony Reborn EP

Well this is a pleasant, somewhat of a surprise EP release from North Dakota’s Gorgatron. While I am admittedly only moderately familiar with the band and their craft of death metal that seems to reside somewhere between the brutal stylings of Hate Eternal and Gorgasm (what is it with these “Gor-” bands and their knack […]

Gorgatron – Pathogenic Automation

I have been a fan of Fargo, North Dakota’s Gorgatron for quite some time.  Back in the day Anal Blast used to play shows with them and I have gotten to see and play on many shows with them since then.  Well fast forward to summer 2020 and we have their Third full length record […]

Gorgatron – Inner Supremacy

Just when you think a band has thought of all the ways to use the word gor(e), along comes yet another new iteration that will surprise you, this one by way of the band Gorgatron and their late 2014 second album, Inner Supremacy. Now at first I thought it was a long lost member of […]