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Hypocrisy – Worship

Listen, there’s no denying the place of Peter Tägtgren and Hypocrisy in the pantheons of metal over the last almost 30 years. I personally hold Penetralia, Osculum Obscenum, and The Fourth Dimension in super high regard with the latter arguably being the peak of their career as they shifted into more melodic death metal realms […]

Hypocrisy – Penetralia/Osculum Obscenum (Reissue)

This is a remastered/reissue of the first 2 classic albums from Hypocrisy, the 1992 debut, Penetralia and the 1993 sophomore release Osculum Obscenum. I’m not here to give a history lesson on this legendary Swedish act, but suffice it to say, these 2 albums have become huge influences in the death metal genre, even over […]

Interview with Peter Tägtgren

Peter Tägtgren is a man who is defined by his work, a body of music and ideas that is always morphing and pulling to and from the abyss. He has given life (and death) to fathomless classic albums and hardly needs an introduction, so one won’t be given here. The at one time one-man project Pain, and new album You Only Live Twice, is the man’s current focus, the details of which he divulges here. But fear not — the Hypocrisy mastermind also discusses that which put him on the metal map.

Hypocrisy – A Taste of Extreme Divinity

When reviewing the latest release by a group with a back catalogue such as Hypocrisy‘s, the question comes up of whether to compare it to previous releases in terms of “success” or whether to let it stand alone. I’ll try to do a bit of both in this review, because it’s only fair. Hypocrisy‘s timeline […]

Mind Mind to reissue Hypocrisy’s “Penetralia”

Is there a point in introducing Hypocrisy? This modern metal phenomenon lead by musical mastermind and “Godfather of Gothenburg” – Peter Tägtgren is well-known to all death metal maniacs worldwide, gaining huge acclaim and respect with each of its releases. “Penetralia“, Hypocrisy’s stunning debut album, takes us back to the band’s beginnings, when Tägtgren was […]

Hypocrisy – Virus

I’ll admit that while Osculum Obscenum and The Fourth Dimension are two of my favorite death metal albums ever, everything past The Fourth Dimension never really impressed my despite the widespread acclaim of albums like Abducted and The Final Chapter. The final nail in the coffin for me was the god awful Catch 22 and […]