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Malokarpatan – Vertumnus Caesar

There’s no argument that this summer has been the hottest the planet has ever experienced. Temperatures soared into the hundreds and a desperate population searched for any relief from the blistering heat. However it’s fall now (meteorologically speaking) and an album to fit the changing season is needed. Enter Malokarpatan and their fourth full-length Vertumnus […]

Sépulcre – Cursed Ways of Sheol EP

When it comes to this modern world of cavernous, old school death metal – I have to admit, I’m a little bit picky. I think there’s a handful of bands that do it super well (Witch Vomit, Spectral Voice, Dead Congregation, to name a few), and I think there’s A LOT of bands that, even […]

Malthusian – Across Deaths

Dublin Ireland’s Malthusian have returned with their first full length release Across Deaths.  Having reviewed their last EP below the Hengiform I was familiar with these lads meticulously layered approach to black death.  The opening 5:47 track Remnant Fauna wastes no time sucking you into a vacuuming vortex of obsolete dissonant cacophony. As the track […]

Coscradh – Coscradh EP

Coscradh is a black/death metal band from Ireland, fittingly signed to Irish label Invictus Productions.  Ireland has always seemed to be a perpetually overlooked, but feisty, country for metal.  This is strange considering it’s rather unique and concentrated history even in relation to the wealth of cultural legacies throughout Europe.  Ireland, due to it’s end-of-the-known-map […]

Deathcult – Demo ’12 (Reissue)

With no less than 6 other bands with the name Deathcult, it doesn’t make for a easy identification or to stand out in the crowded scene and I myself was initially thinking this was the Chicago, US version ( whose release The Test of Time, sparked my interest ) I come to find this is […]

Throaat – Black Speed EP

I love NY and Brooklyn. I’ve been there twice in the past 6 months and its great and I’m itching to go back, so im a little bummed that I may have missed or will miss a opportunity to check out one of Brooklyn’s finest, Throaat. A band that goes for the their namesake in […]

Malthusian – Below the Hengiform EP

Hailing from Ireland Malthusian’s Below the Hengiform is their debut EP released by Invictus Productions. Ireland has definitely been producing some extreme metal acts in recent years with artists like Primordial, Altar of Plagues (whose members are now in Malthusian) and Abaddon Incarnate to name a few. In listening to Malthusian’s first demo MMXIII it’s […]

Bölzer – Soma EP

Does this review even need to exist? Unless you’re someone who’s saving your next illegal download for the new Slipknot album, you probably already have this thing pre-ordered. Never before have I seen a band gain so much popularity in such a short amount of time on so few songs. Quality over quantity is Bölzer’s […]

Spearhead – Decrowning the Irenarch

There’s not too many high-quality, new, young death or black metal acts coming out of the UK right now. Sarpanitum and Scythian are the only ones that immediately come to mind. However, after Spearhead’s 2005 primal but forgetful debut, Deathless Steel Command, the Brits have returned with a superior follow-up (subtitled The Doctrine of Imperial […]