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Skeletonwitch – Serpents Unleashed

After giving the Prosthetic records debut of Skeletonwitch, Beyond the Permafrost a relatively lukewarm review, I simply didn’t give the band’s follow ups, Breathing the Fire or Forever Abomination, the time of day, despite the band growing immensely in popularity with their modern, black thrash meets melodic death metal spin off. I simply lumped them […]

Interview With Skeletonwitch

My introduction to Skeletonwitch goes back to 2007 when I first heard their second album, Beyond the Permafrost. I had wanted to get their debut, from 2004, At One with the Shadows, but it’s out of print and one day it will be reissued for the masses. However I was really digging the band and their blackened death/thrash attack. One of the main ingredients of a good band is songwriting and the band excels in that category. I could not believe the guitar melodies on the album, that not only were the songs brutal, but they were memorable and played with emotion. A lot of feeling goes into how the band constructs a song and how they incorporate the riffs. I love the albums after BTP, Breathing the Fire and Forever Abomination and own quite an array of Skeletonwitch shirts.

Skeletonwitch – Forever Abomination

At this point, Skeletonwitch is near unstoppable. They keep elevating their game to a new level without sacrificing (to the slaughtergod) an iota of what makes them the ‘witch – the galloping rhythms, shredtastic solos and riffing, ear-catching melodies and scathing vocals are all still very much intact, just wrapped up in even tighter packaging. […]

Interview with Skeletonwitch

You folks in the metal-know might’ve heard of a little band called Skeletonwitch out of Athens, Ohio. And chances are, if you’ve seen a metal tour in the past four years, you’ve seen them blow up on stage, inciting madness and mayhem in metal fans the world over. Their latest, “Breathing the Fire,” was met with acclaim and landed a spot on the Billboard charts. And, as would befit a group of excellent metal players, they happen to be excellent metal dudes. In my fifth overall interview with the band, I stood outside the Rock in Tucson, Arizona with guitarist Scott Hedrick, with cameo appearances from brothers Nate and Chance Garnett, as well as Derrick “Mullet Chad” Nau, who explains what it really means to be crushed beyond dust.

SKELETONWITCH Announce U.S. Headline Tour

Blackened-thrash masters, SKELETONWITCH have announced a US headline tour this February. The band, who is just wrapping up a wildly successful co-headline tour of Europe with GOATWHORE and TOXIC HOLOCAUST, will be bringing IRON AGE from Austin, Texas and Rhode Island’s HOWL on the entire run. DOOMRIDERS and BLACK TUSK will lend support on select […]

Skeletonwitch – Breathing the Fire

While all the ‘retro’ thrash bands are trying to sound just like 1988, Skeletonwitch has a different take. Sure, their sound hearkens back to the same time period, but a carbon copy they ain’t. Fusing thrash riffs and rhythms with a distinctly black metal vibe (both musically and vocally) and NWOBHM flavored melodies here an […]


NEW ALBUM “BREATHING THE FIRE” OUT OCTOBER 13, 2009 Mighty Midwestern metallians SKELETONWITCH have unveiled “Repulsive Salvation,” a new track off of their upcoming full-length “Breathing The Fire” (due October 13 via Prosthetic Records). The song is available via the brand new “Breathing The Fire” widget, available here: The widget contains coding to drop […]


Athens, Ohio’s SKELETONWITCH has unveiled the cover art of their new full length, Breathing the Fire, due out October 13th on Prosthetic Records. The cover, designed by Andrei Bouzikov, who has previously done art for Municipal Waste and many others, can be viewed HERE:  Scott Hedrick, the band’s guitarist said about the cover, “The […]


Band preps for Scion Rock Fest and SXSW appearances, tours with Amon Amarth and Kylesa  Midwestern metal warriors SKELETONWITCH will premiere their debut music video, “Sacrifice For The Slaughtergod,” on Friday (Feb. 20), exclusively on MySpace Metal. The track comes from the group’s acclaimed Prosthetic Records debut, Beyond The Permafrost.   “It’s killer that the video […]

SKELETONWITCH, KYLESA team up for “Southern Discomfort,” SXSW

This spring, Ohio’s mighty SKELETONWITCH and Georgia lords (and lordess) of sludge KYLESA will embark on the hessian odyssey that is the “Southern Discomfort” tour, a co-headlining trek that – not counting performances by both bands at the Scion Rock Fest in Atlanta – kicks off March 13 in Charlotte, N.C. Included among Southern Discomfort’s […]

Skeletonwitch – Beyond the Permafrost

So let’s say you like heavy metal/black/thrash/melodic death metal stylings of 3 Inches of Blood but the vocals of Jamie Hooper and Cam Pipes are just a little too much or maybe Destroy Destroy Destroy show a little too much ass as for you liking, then maybe Ohio’s Skeletonwitch will fit the bill. Basically plying […]