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Interview With Woe

Brooklyn’s black metal act Woe has been to the top of the mountain and the bottom of the valley. From stunning debut as a one man black metal act almost a decade ago, to almost breaking up, founder Chris Grigg has seen it all. After a 4 year layoff, Grigg is back with a new album, some new members and the return in “Hope Attrition”, which drips with a cathartic venom of a man and a band that has something to prove. Ive known Chris for a few years, back when he was called “Xos”, and thought I’d reach out to see how hte new album and lineup came about as well as the last couple of albums….

Woe – Hope Attrition

Chris Grigg (then known as Xos) burst on the the USBM scene with Woe on 2009s stunning debut, A Spell for the Death of Man, a nigh perfect black metal album. Then a year later released Quietly, Undramatically on Candlelight Records and the now full band was starting to get mentioned in the same breath as […]

WOE To Release New Album April 23

Candlelight Records today confirms April 23 as the North American release date for Withdrawal, the third album from black metallers WOE. Produced by vocalist/guitarist Chris Grigg and mastered by Colin Marston, the album features seven new songs with a running time of 43 minutes. It is the first new material by the band since 2010’s […]

Candlelight Issues Digital-Only Remix Of WOE’S Quietly, Undramatically

Candlelight Records today unveils a special remix version of WOE’s acclaimed second album Quietly, Undramatically. The album is available now for streaming and download via the label’s exclusive Bandcamp page. In addition to the new mix, Candlelight has posted the debut album from Falloch, a special reissue of Extreme Noise Terror’s A Holocaust In Your Head, and […]

Woe – Quietly, Undramatically

As I expressed here, Woe’s debut album, A Spell for the Death of Man was one of the best USBM releases of the last few years. So I was curious how Chris Grigg (no longer known as Xos) would deliver a follow up now residing on a legendary black metal label and having a full […]

WOE’s new album out on October 12th

Candlelight Records today confirms October 12 as the North American release date for Quietly, Undramatically, the new album from WOE. Recorded at Gradwell House in Haddon Heights, New Jersey with additional tracking completed at frontman Chris Grigg’s BS1 in Philadelphia, the album is the first to feature a full band ensemble comprised of members from Absu, […]

Woe – A Spell for the Death of Man

If a complete stranger or non-metalhead were to come up to me today and ask me “What is Black Metal”? I’d give him this record. Sure there’s all sorts of classic options from Emperor through Marduk, Immortal, Leviathan and such, but as of right now A Spell for the Death of Man, for me, seems […]