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Alestorm – Voyage of the Dead Marauder EP

To coincide with their current US tour, pirate rockers Alestorm have dropped a 5 song EP following up 2022s excellent Seventh Rum of a Seventh Rum album. You know exactly what you are getting with Alestorm at this point in their prolifically fun discography while and that does not change with the short little EP, […]

Alestorm – Seventh Rum of a Seventh Rum

First off, hats off to Alestorm for the whole Iron Maiden, Seventh Son of a Seventh Son homage/parody for their very own seventh album. Well played lads. Second, this is an Alestorm album, so by now, you know what you are getting, especially as the band has really locked into a sort of pirate/party metal […]

Alestorm – Curse of the Crystal Coconut

We all know who Alestorm are by now and what style of ‘love it or hate it’ pirate based thrash heavy metal they play, but I had an unnerving bad feeling about Alestorm’s sixth album before I even heard some of the songs. 2017s No Grave But the Sea was another solid effort of pirate […]

Alestorm – No Grave But the Sea

Scotland’s (I guess now Tennessee’s?) favorite Pirate sons are back with album number 5. And I have to admit after 2014s Sunset on the Golden Age, I thought Chris Bowes might be winding the project down, but boy was I wrong. No Grave But the Sea sees Bowes and co (inc new guitarist Máté Bodor) deliver […]

Alestorm – Sunset On The Golden Age

Four albums into their career and Alestorm have outgrown and honed their ‘Scottish Pirate Metal’ sound and become arguably one of Scotland’s more famous metal acts. And the all important contract album, album number 4 certainly cements that with a larger than life collection of  drinking songs and Pirate-y raucous  rockers, but also a sense of impending […]


Ahoy there righteous dudes, babes, and all fans of Pirate Metal! It is my very great pleasure to tell you all that Alestorm’s 4th album, to be entitled “Sunset on the Golden Age” will be released by Napalm Records on August 1st 2014 in Europe (Aug 4th in the UK, Aug 5th in North America)! […]

Alestorm – Back Through Time

I’ve developed a theory that you can’t stay angry or be in a bad mood while listening to Alestorm. In recent months, that theory has been sorely tested, but every time, the goofy Scottish pirates have managed to conquer my frustrations after a few songs. So, along comes their third record, Back Through Time, just […]

Interview with Alestorm

With the release of their third album, Scotland’s Alestorm have not only continued with the metallic shanties about all things Pirate-y, but they’ve upped the ante of their scope and grandiosity. As Black Sails at Midnight Improved upon Captain Morgan’s Revenge, so has Back Through Time also improved; bigger, more raucous fun and more metal, Back Through Time shows Alestorm as consistent as any folk act in the scene today. Oh and you want epic? How about Vikings battling Pirates (“Back Through Time”) and the return of the mighty Leviathan in an eight minute black metal styled track (“Death Throes of the Terror Squid”)? I visited with scallywag Chris Bowes to find out even more about one of my very favorite current bands and one of my favorite albums of 2011.

Alestorm set to Pillage US Shores

Napalm recording artist and premier “pirate metal” band ALESTORM will be touring North America this fall, in support of just-released new album Back Through Time. Beginning in late August and going through the end of September, SPV recording artists KAMELOT will be headlining the tour, with ALESTORM headlining select dates. Vocalist/keytarist Chris Bowes had the […]

Alestorm Keyboardist Unveils New Side Project!!

Christopher Bowes of Scotland’s pirate metal outfit Alestorm recently announced his new side project Gloryhammer on the band’s Facebook page. Labeled heroic power metal, Gloryhammer draws influence from bands such as Rhapsody, Stratovarius, and HammerFall. Along with Christopher Bowes, the Gloryhammer lineup is rounded out by vocalist Antonio Trimmioni, James Cartwright on bass, and guitarists […]

Alestorm set to plunder US shores once again!!!

After a successful sojourn of plundering ‘n’ pillaging across the US and Canada earlier this spring, Napalm recording artists ALESTORM will once again set sail for high adventure as part of this year’s HEATHENFEST AMERICA tour. Alongside Belphegor, Eluveitie, Vreid, and Kivimetsan Druidi, ALESTORM will bring their “True Scottih Pirate Metal” to stages across the […]

Alestorm – Black Sails at Midnight

In 2008, Scotland’s Alestorm took the international metal world by storm with their brand of likeable ‘Pirate Metal’ that mixed NWBHM, folk metal, Pirate shanty tunes and Running Wild imagery, even resulting in a US run with the Pagan Knights tour earlier this year. Well, here is the follow up, and though I feel a […]

Interview with Alestorm

Only 2 albums into their career, Scotland’s purveyors of “True Scottish Pirate Metal”, Alestorm hardly need any introduction. Their debut, the raucous, Captain Morgan’s Revenge, put the fun back into metal, and with the follow up, Black Sails at Midnight, the band have further upped the Pirate-y goodness. Chock full of brazen metal seas shanties of rum, women and plunder, the band seems destined to truly blow up on an international level, aided by the bands recent tour of the US. I caught up with the pleasant and portly pirate who plays guitars, Dani Evans to find out a little more about this group of amicable musical privateers….

Alestorm – Leviathan EP

So to coincide with the band’s current US Pagan Knights run with Suidakra and Tyr, Scotland’s purveyors of Pirate metal have given us a 4 song EP to tide us over until the next album, slated for a 2009 release. The EP consists of 1 new song (the 6 minute title track), a reworked track […]

Alestorm – Captain Morgan’s Revenge

Often the press and promo sheets that come with albums for review are the greatest work of literary fiction since “A History of Great French Military Victories” came out. However in the case of Alestorm it simply says this: ‘Scottish Pirate Metal.’ I’d say that about covers it. Formerly known as Battleheart, Scotland’s Alestorm (arguably […]