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Umbra Vitae – Shadow of Life

Jacob Bannon. Sean Martin. Mike McKenzie. Greg Weeks. Jon Rice. A musical collective combining parts of Converge, Wear Your Wounds, Twitching Tongues, Hatebreed, The Red Chord, Stomach Earth, Job For A Cowboy, and Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats together under one banner. So, rather than waste any more time talking about the checkered history of […]

108 – 18.61

Ten years ago, it was fashionable to break up. After all, it’s better to leave a good looking corpse then become a bloated shadow of your former self. In the past few years though, innovators from 90s hardcore (all strains of it), some of which imploded before their time, have decided that perhaps they weren’t […]

Starkweather – This Sheltering Night

While Starkweather are not particularly prolific, when they do stagger into view, they carry a big fucking stick. After a 10-year hiatus, they returned with 2006’s blistering Croatoan, one of the best records of that year. And after a 4 year wait (though some of this material is from the Croatoan sessions) they have returned […]

Doomriders – Darkness Come Alive

My only real knowledge or experience with Boston’s Doomriders is that they feature Converge bassist Nate Newton and Cave In Drummer JR Conners, two bands I like but aren’t awfully obsessed with, so when I gathered that this outfit was a more rock based band to boot, my hopes weren’t extremely high. That all changed […]

Pulling Teeth – Paranoid Delusions / Paradise Illusions

More horrific. More addictive. That’s the aim for Pulling Teeth. Every time they come back they are that much more ugly, that much more putrid but, that much more intoxicating and tempting. Furthermore, with each release, everything just gets better, doomier, faster, of course uglier but paramount of course is the quality which is unsurprisingly […]

Victims – Killer

Just imagine if there was some form of accolade such as a cup, a medal or a trophy of any form in the hardcore universe for possessing a diverse roster. If such an award existed then Deathwish would be a serious contender for the title as they show once again the breath of their artist […]

Trap Them – Seizures in Barren Praise

Seriously people, its about time we start talking about New Hampshire’s Trap Them as one of the US’s best kept metal secrets, as with their second full length album, the band has once again delivered a sonic donkey punch that mixes crusty chaos and hardcore (think Converge), Rotten Sound and the midrange pummeling of Wolverine Blues […]

Cold World – Dedicated to the Babies Who Came Feet First

Hardcore and Hip Hope are two musical spheres that share a multitude of similarities whilst simultaneously also sharing a myriad of massive differences. However, there are given certainties, both are cultures, both are lifestyles, both are identities, if you are hardcore or hip hop, you let everyone know about it via all aesthetic accompaniments. Whilst […]

Killing the Dream – Fractures

It’s been a good few months for hardcore. Not stomp and romp bullshit like Terror, but real, punk rooted, emotional, melodic, tense hardcore; Brothers, Advent, Verse, Take It Back, Elder, Have Heart, and biggest of all the long awaited (at least for me) follow up to 2005’s killer debut, In Place Apart, from Sacramento’s Killing […]

Shipwreck AD – Abyss

Celebrity record labels have the tendency to make me smile. Especially when high profile ‘rock,’ personas have set up these little profit centres to peddle soulless tripe far more banal then their own recorded output (I won’t point any direct fingers at anyone) and then see these ventures and their rosters dissipate into the long […]

Pulling Teeth – Martyr Immortal

This band is pretty unstoppable at the moment in terms of output as Martyr Immortal follows not that long after the formidable ‘Vicious Skin,’ and split with Frightener. Even more impressive is that ups the intensity and class of their prior material but shows them expanding their darkened palette further to create an even more […]

Trap Them – Seance Prime

First off, if you haven’t not checked out Trap Them’s debut LP, Sleepwell Deconstructor, released earlier this year on Trash Art ! go do so now. The band, featuring former and current members of Backstabbers Inc. and December Wolves deliver Nasum styled grindcore meets Entombed death ‘n’ roll meets Converge and Pig Destroyer modern aggro […]

Killing the Dream – In Place Apart

Of all the hardcore EP’s chucked at me over the last few years, the self titled EP from this California band still gets regular airplay. Killing The Dream also get addition exposure when I play the excellent Embrace the End album as guitarists Joel Adams and Bart Mullis moonlight in that slighter heavier death core […]

100 Demons – 100 Demons

I’m not normally that impressed with album artwork, but with band named after Horiyoshi’s epic book and equally Eastern themed artwork, 100 Demons piqued my attention. Hailing from Connecticut and with one album, In the Eyes of the Lord under their belt courtesy of Goodlife Recordings, 100 Demons should not surprise with their style; angry, […]