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Animus Mortis – Atrabilis (Residues From Verb & Flesh)

Despite hailing from Chile, hardly the black metal capital of the world, Animus Mortis have some experience with members all being or have been in obscure acts such as The Last Knell, Hetroertzen, Oculus, Ruined Sanctuary, Leuku, Nefastus Abbatia, Wildes Heer, Gorjeo Seglar, Hominis Nocturna, and it shows on the proper debut ‘on loan’ (licensed) […]

Krohm – A Haunting Presence

This is melancholic black metal from the USA. This is their second full length, and their demos were recently combined on cd as well, so the whole discography is readily available. Krohm is a relatively new band, with the first full length in 2004 after forming in 1995 by Dario Derna, who was previously, back […]

October Falls – The Stream of the End EP

One-man projects have exploded in the recent years. I personally am a fan of these type of things whatever genre it maybe. Most of these projects are in the black, doom, or progressive aspects of metal, and will take you on a journey through ones thoughts. Solid Finnish act October Falls is another one of […]