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Gig Report : Goatwhore & Havok

It’s been a mystery for quite some time as to why Goatwhore isn’t playing in front of sold out crowds in the larger theatres across America. After seeing them five times already in various cities, their shows are usually in smaller bar/club venues with anywhere from 30 to 100 people. And when they’ve been included on massive tours like the one when Celtic Frost reemerged with Monotheist and the one last year with Cannibal Corpse, Between the Buried and Me and countless others, Goatwhore was at the bottom of the bill.

Interview with Havok

Burn from Denver’s Havok left a very positive impression on me and I considered it one of the better vintage-sounding 2009 albums of the thrash resurgence. Then a couple of years later Time is Up arrives and I’m thoroughly impressed with the band’s songwriting improvement and compositional twists, not to mention a thrash attack that is even more blistering and memorable. But the game-changer for me was watching Havok perform live at The Riot Room in Kansas City, MO as the second band on a bill that included Full Blown Chaos, The Absence, Malevolent Creation, and openers Beyond Terror Beyond Grace. On stage Havok kills with a conviction that I’ve rarely seen from such a young band. They play with the skill and chemistry of veterans and perform with the fiery passion of youth. I was absolutely stunned and would hate to be in any band that has to follow a Havok performance. So on to the Havok van we went to conduct the interview with vocalist/guitarist David Sanchez. Finishing off the evening with cheap tequila and 24 oz. cans of PBR didn’t leave me in the best of places, but at least I left with a vivid memory of the Havok assault.

Havok – Burn

*Rant mode ON* You know, I love thrash, and when this whole thrash resurgence came about, I was pretty damn excited. But truth be told, I’m flat out tired of it now. Why? Because the labels won’t stop signing every last one of them they find. Every label has to have one in order to […]

US thrash metallers Havok sign to Candlelight

Candlelight Records confirms the signing of Denver-based thrashers Havok. The band are currently completing their debut album titled Burn which is expected for release early spring. The album, produced by vocalist/guitarist David Sanchez at Dirty D Studios and mixed by Bart McCrorey at Motaland Studios, contains twelve songs from the youthful band featuring guitarist Shawn […]