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Obscura – A Valediction

I have reviewed 2 of the 3 last Obscura albums, including the magnificent 2016 magnum opus, Akroasis. But for some reason, we/I never covered 2018s Diluvium album, despite it being yet another standout in the band’s consistently brilliant releases, thought it saw them take a more melodic turn. So I thought I would return to […]

Grossman, Hannes – To Where the Light Retreats

Hannes Grossman is a busy dude. The talented drummer extraordinaire has had his fingers in many pies over the years, earning great respect and admiration with his work in bands including, Necrophagist, Obscura, Alkaloid, Blotted Science and Gomorrah amongst many others. Along the way Grossman has also established a solid solo career, showcasing his songwriting […]

OBSCURA completes new line-up with rejoining guitarist CHRISTIAN MÜNZNER

Official statement from OBSCURA: “After a six-year break, legendary German guitarist Christian Münzner (ETERNITY’S END, PARADOX, ALKALOID, ex- NECROPHAGIST, ex- SPAWN OF POSSESSION) has rejoined the German progressive death metallers OBSCURA as a permanent member. Münzner, known for his virtuoso guitar playing in extreme metal, joined OBSCURA in 2008 and recorded the band’s critically acclaimed […]

Obscura – Akróasis

Every few years a album comes along that changes the game in tech death. Going back to this band’s namesake with Gorgut’s Obscura, Death’s seminal latter output, Origin, Atheist, Cynic, Necrophagist, Theory In Practice’s Colonizing the Sun, the Canadian scene, Gorod and others. And here is another one, in Obscura’s fourth effort Akróasis. These Germans are far from new comers  and certainly […]

Obscura – Omnivium

The human brain excels at patterns. It does this all day long, interpreting and rendering an endless flood of sensory signals into a cohesive and constant presentation of reality. A large part of this process involves prediction, based on past experience and feedback, so that we have a natural sense of the next step in […]

Obscura – Cosmogenesis

There was a lot of buzz about the Relapse debut of Germany’s tech death band Obscura, especially since being joined by Necrophagist members Christian Muenzner (guitars), Hannes Grossman (Drums) and Pestilence bassist (for Spheres) Jeroen Paul Thesseling. Now I’ve had about a month to let the album, sink in, I can confidently say the hype […]