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Upon Ruins – Legacy of Desolation

Founder and owner of now-defunct Canadian record label Blasthead records, Paul Shaw, always had an ear for good music, even if his own tech death band Hate Division was merely average. But it appears he and his Hate Division pals have a better knack for melodic death metal. With nods to Amon Amarth, Arghoslent, Helcaraxe, […]

Tyranno – Skulls, Horns & Lust

Ah, Celtic Frost…Whether you love ’em, hate ’em, or are just meh about them, one thing is fact. Their influential impact on metal was, and still is, a huge and undeniable thing. Some have taken that Frost-y influence and built upon it with great success, i.e. Obituary, while others have more than just flirted with […]

Creeping Flesh – In Times of War

Just when I thought Just Before Dawn was the pinnacle of WW2 themed, Bolt Thrower and Hail of Bullets worshiping death metal, along comes Sweden’s Creeping Flesh  and their compilation of demos and EPs to deliver a salvo of impressive tracks that do all the the bands above justice. While not having the big names […]

Eyexist – The Digital Holocaust

  Well this is definitely an album I missed out on last year and wish I would have discovered it sooner.  In 1995 a band from Quebec called Gorelust released an album called Reign of Lunacy that came out on New World Symphony records.  Fast forward twenty two years later and we have Eyexist, a […]

Dead Temple – Cult of Acid

Beginning with a warped, psychedelic drug manifesto in the form of instrumental phasing and back-masking, Colorado doom metallers Dead Temple make their intent clear from the very first notes on opener “Shadow of a Thousand Faces.”  The band’s deadly twin guitar attack creates some elements of old school metal akin to Maiden, Priest, Lizzy and […]

In the Burial – Born of Suffering

Hailing from Adelaide, Australia, In the Burial throw plenty of curve balls to the uninitiated listener. First off, the moniker had me expecting some form of metalcore. Then the album starts playing and I’m suddenly listening to hyper blasting technical death metal akin to Origin, that’s pretty kick ass. Then on the fourth track “Amaranthine’s […]

Afgrund – Corporatocracy EP

Not only is Finland home to some of the best death metal bands on earth, but also savage Grind Kings, Afgrund. In their short existence, they have unleashed some of the most brutal grindcore, this side of their fellow countrymen, Rotten Sound, as well as the stripped down brutality of Pig Destroyer. So this mini […]

Kill With Hate – Voices of Obliteration

It’s kind of hard to be a death metal band in the 21st century. You know you want to play something that is heavy, brutal and has growling in it. The question is, how brutal do you want to be? How technical should you play? Should you be more experimental and throw in some saxophone? […]