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Serocs- Vore EP

Having been around since 2009 Death metal international group Serocs are to me one of most underrated Tech Death bands out there right now.  Vore features Laurent Bellemare on vocals who is also the vocalist for the band Sutrah that I reviewed earlier this year.  Serocs also features Kevin Paradis on drums also of Benighted […]

Serocs – The Phobos/Deimos Suite

It is no secret my love of the releases of Everlasting Spew Records knows no bounds.  They continue to put out incredible release after incredible release.  This might be one of their best ones of the year. International Super group Serocs puts on a literal clinic with their 2018 release The Phobos/Deimos Suite.  Where to […]

Serocs – And When the Sky Was Opened

Back in 2013, I was impressed by the second album, The Next, from Mexican guitarist Antonio Freyre and his gathering of International musicians including bassist Mike  Poggionne (Vile, Monstrosity, Lecherous Nocturne) , drummer Timo Häkkinen (Sotajumala) and Phil Tougas of Zealotry/Vengeful/Chthe’ilist on guitars delivering a dizzying chaotic, Canadian take on death metal that imbued Cryptopsy. With the only change being Josh Smith (Monumental […]

Serocs – The Next

If you were to listen to the second album from Serocs blindly, with no knowledge of the band at all, you would be forgiven for assuming the band was from Canada rather than Mexico. The band has a distinct Canadian tech death metal sound akin (OK, not akin, exactly like)  to mid era Cryptopsy (Whisper […]