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Teeth of the Divine Presents: Remembering Trevor Strnad (1981-2022)

A dear friend of mine once gave me one the most profound pieces of advice I’ve ever been given in life: If you could choose one thing to have in life – choose fun.

Sounds simple enough, right? But life, I’m sure I don’t need to tell you, doesn’t always (or even often) make this so easy. In truth, we’re all just doing our best to try and get by and, when we can, find whatever time is left over to surround ourselves with the people and passions that make life worth the effort.

Black Dahlia Murder, The – Verminous

I vaguely recall interviewing The Black Dahlia Murder, back around the release of 2003s Miasma. Young bright eyed young men, with the world ahead of them, having fun and the metal world at their feet as the darlings of American metal. Well, the faces have changed significantly since then, as guitarist Brian Eschbach and vocalist […]

Black Dahlia Murder, The – Nightbringers

Although The Black Dahlia Murder have often had a tendency to divide listeners, those who have kept the faith and followed the band over their decade plus career have been duly rewarded by some killer albums and a consistent track record.  The band’s tireless work ethic and expert refinement of their thrashy melodic death formula […]

Black Dahlia Murder, The – Everblack

Despite their proven ability to shift loads of albums and headline tours from their lofty position at the forefront of the modern metal scene, Michigan’s The Black Dahlia Murder continue to divide the broader metal community. To their credit the band doesn’t give a shit about detractors writing them off as a second rate At […]

Black Dahlia Murder, The – Ritual

I’ve never really considered myself anything but a relatively casual fan of The Black Dahlia Murder, despite their rather large status in the realms of modern metal. With a sound that’s been cloned more times than Jenna Jameson has had cocks in her, their appeal loses even more luster as I blame them for the […]

Black Dahlia Murder, The – Deflorate

Call me jaded, but after the far blacker presentation and delivery of 2007s impressive Nocturnal, I just wasn’t that excited for the bands fourth effort, especially after seeing the cover art and knowing longtime guitarist John Kempainen was out of the fold (even if replaced by ex-Arsis guitarist Ryan Knight). Something about Nocturnal seemed blacker […]

THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER announces details on upcoming DVD, Majesty

April 22nd, 2009 – (Detroit, MI) Thrashing death anti-heroes THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER are set to release their first ever DVD, Majesty, this May.  This side splitting peek into the hard working band’s humor laced brand of daily life will have you smelling the funk of the van from coast to coast and keep you […]

Black Dahlia Murder, The – Nocturnal

You can tell immediately from the Kristian Whalin (Emperor, At The Gates, Dark Tranquility) artwork, pentagram covered CD inlay and song titles (“Deathmask Divine”, “I Worship Only What You Bleed”, “Darkness Spawned”, “Warborn”), that media darlings The Black Dahlia Murder are on a far more serious and improved rampage than their previous effort, the aptly […]