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Ocean, The – Phanerozoic II: Mesozoic I Cenozoic

 The Ocean and I share a lot in common; It’s vast, salty, and sailors consistently die in it (what?). As for the band, the same rings true; They’re progressive, comprised entirely of Germans, and good for a release every couple of years (again, what). Since we share so much in common, it only seems fair […]

Ocean, The – Pelagial

Over the years I’ve failed to give The Ocean much attention, and quite possibly attention they strongly deserved. Having initially learned of their existence and being purveyors of the sound championed by bands as Neurosis, Isis, Cult Of Luna, Iron Thrones and even my personal favourite from home, Helm, I made an attempt on 2007’s […]

THE OCEAN reveal track listing and details on “Anthropocentric”

The Ocean are currently in the process of mixing their upcoming album Anthropocentric at Studio Mecanique in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, the same place where Heliocentric was recorded and mixed. The album will be mastered on August 25th by Svante Forsbäck in Helsinki. Musically, the album feels somehow heavier than Heliocentric. “The sound is more dense […]

Ocean, The – Heliocentric

For over half a decade now, Germany’s The Ocean has been churching out some of the most forward thinking, textured, aurally massive sounds in metal. Following the path of the truly progressive, each of The Ocean‘s successive releases finds the band adding more layers, more tangible space and more shifting dynamics. Having had nearly 40 […]

THE OCEAN Announce Upcoming Album Title and Track Listing, Reveal Details About Upcoming 2 Albums

The Ocean’s upcoming albums are going to be entitled Heliocentric and Anthropocentric. They are due for April and October 2010 releases. The concept at the base of both albums is a critique of Christianity from different philosophical and personal angles. While the songs, art and lyrics of Heliocentric tell the story of the rise of […]

The Ocean confirm new vocalist, continue work on TWO new albums!

Germany’s The Ocean have issued an update on their vocalist situation and the progress of their follow up to 2007’s epic double-disc master piece, Precambrian. After many weeks in the dark, The Ocean have finally found a new vocalist. “We are happy to announce Mr. Loïc Rossetti as tour new vocalist. “We are looking forward […]

Ocean, The – Precambrian

Ok, so there is ambitious, and then there is Germany’s The Ocean Collective…. Now on a label that is letting them release a double album (FluXion and Aeolian was supposed to be a double album), The Ocean have delivered a 14 track, 2 disc, 83-minute concept album (complete with lavish accompanying separate CD booklets) “based […]