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Enslaved – Heimdal

In 1994, I was a twenty something working at Best Buy. We had received a copy of the Emperor/Enslaved massive split Hordanes Land and it caught my eye. I had no clue what Black Metal was, had never heard of the genre at all. Of course, Emperor comes first, and those four tracks alone had […]

Enslaved – Caravans to the Outer World EP

There are quite a few things I wish I could go back and change about last year. I’m sure most of us feel the same way considering what a shitball year it was, and still continues to be in a lot of ways. Though one of the simplest things I would change would be regulating […]

Enslaved – Utgard

At this point, Enslaved can do pretty much whatever they want and need no introduction. If you don’t subscribe to that theory, I will fight you. Naked (I do all of my fighting in the nude exclusively). They’re no longer what one would necessarily consider black metal, although they have those influences creep up. At […]

Enslaved – E

Contextually, this album was a challenge for me to write. As a fifteen year old some twenty two years ago I was fortunate enough to Bergen Norway’s Enslaved at Mirage in Minneapolis along with fellow Osmose Productions label mates at the time, Absu.  Unfortunately for me Mirage in Minneapolis has not existed for many years […]

Enslaved – In Times

Enslaved that has really impressed me over the years has been their ability to craft albums that have a completely identity of their own but can only be albums written by Enslaved. I was first introduced to them with the album Isa. It was actually the title track and it’s music video that caught my […]

Enslaved – RIITIIR

A new Enslaved album has become an event for fans of challenging and atmospheric progressive and extreme metal, promising a depth and soulful, honest authenticity that few bands today cannot match. Theirs is a ceaselessly adventurous, bold and fearless persona, and every new album is a journey all its own. With RIITIIR, the 12th studio album in a […]

ENSLAVED : RIITIIR Track Listing Revealed

  Norwegian progressive extreme metal band ENSLAVED have unveiled the track listing to their twelfth studio album, RIITIIR, on their official Facebook page. “It has been only two years since we last released an album [2010’s award-winning Axioma Ethica Odini], and we’ve been touring Europe and North America several times since then,” reflects ENSLAVED guitarist, […]

Interview with Enslaved

After almost twenty years, Enslaved continues to push onwards into uncharted waters. This time, they’re promoting their new, critically-acclaimed album Axioma Ethica Odini on what’s possibly their biggest US tour yet (with countrymates Dimmu Borgir). Frontman Grutle Kjellson took some time to talk with me before the show in Denver. It was just above freezing where we spoke outside, but not surprisingly, the cold didn’t seem to affect him at all.

Enslaved – Axioma Ethica Odini

ENSLAVED has been producing quality music throughout the years. Sure, some of the albums have been better than others, but the band has been amazingly consistent with their releases none the less. Their new album, Axioma Ethica Odini, is just around the corner. How does it stack up? Is it a failure? Best album of 2010? Find out and read our review!

Enslaved – Vertebrae

“Why is it you and not me?” and “but you’re strong enough to live on,” both lines from Destruction pop into my head. I’m undecided if the mighty have fallen or if it is me. On the first few listens the music is too mellow and stripped bare of metalness. I don’t like the new […]

Interview with Enslaved

Norway’s Enslaved is clearly out to redefine itself on its newest album, ISA. With a new line-up, a new label and a powerful, striking new record, Enslaved returns to the spotlight, using musical prowess, adventurous spirit and damned fine songwriting skills to direct much deserved attention. Long exploring the byways of Extreme Metal psychedelia across three albums (Mardraum through Below the Lights), the core of Enslaved, Ivar Bjornson and Grutle Kjellson, revisits the past (Vikingligr Veldi and Frost) while having a keen eye on the future. ISA is a monumental album, one which is carved in modern Thrash Metal chops, Black Metal ethos and experimental songcraft. Read on as guitarist and songwriter Ivar Bj�rnson gives insight into the new Enslaved.