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Jungle Rot – A Call to Arms

There’s a new Jungle Rot album on the way, okay? At this point, let’s be honest with ourselves. You know what they bring to the table. You either like it or you don’t. This album is not likely to change your mind, so the real question is; Is this a good Jungle Rot album? Yeah. […]

Interview With Jungle Rot

Wisconsin’s Jungle Rot have been toiling in the US death metal scene for over 20 years now. But the last few years, since the band signed to Victory Records in 2011, has seen a second coming of the long running act. The three albums for the label (2011’s Kill on Command, 2013’s Terror Regime and this year’s Order Shall Prevail), sees the band at the very top of their game, aging like a fine wine.

Interview with Jungle Rot

Jungle Rot has been carrying the flag of true American death metal for two decades and they’ve never been stronger than they are today. Fresh off their latest full-length album Terror Regime, the Wisconsin-based band is hoping to continue the uptick they’ve been on and carry that into the next decade of existence.

Jungle Rot – Skin the Living (Reissue)

Growing up in Chicago, it was engrained into my brain basically to loathe anything related to Wisconsin. The people, the state, the cheese (though the cheese is great from there) and their pro sports teams. Aside from some good cheap beer, Wisconsin was always a lousy state in which I never wanted to step foot […]

Jungle Rot – Terror Regime

After toiling away in the Mid West death metal scene for over a decade and 5 albums, Chicago’s Jungle Rot released the best album of their consistent, if unspectacular career last year in Kill on Command. And even though it was an album released on their much maligned home town label, Victory Records, it was […]

Jungle Rot – Kill On Command

From Olympic to Crash to Napalm to Victory (and that’s only since 2004), Wisconsin’s death metal war machine soldiers on without missing a beat, much less taking prisoners. If you’ve not dug it to date, then Kill on Command may not change your mind nor does Jungle Rot have any intention of changing their patented […]

Jungle Rot to Tour With Deicide

Death metal institution and Napalm recording artists JUNGLE ROT will be touring the United States next month with Earache recording artists DEICIDE. Touring in support of latest album (and Napalm debut) What Horrors Await, JUNGLE ROT will play the following confirmed dates/venues: October 7, 2009 US – Dallas, TX / House of Blues (w/ Deicide) […]

JUNGLE ROT announce US tour dates!!!

Today, Napalm recording artists JUNGLE ROT announce a handful of US tour dates before they head off to Europe in September in support of Six Feet Under. Touring behind the latest critically acclaimed album (and first for Napalm), What Horrors Await, the Wisconsin death metal masters will hit the following cities:  July 24 – Chicago, […]

Interview with Jungle Rot

There is no secret formula to the death metal performed by Wisconsin’s Jungle Rot. It’s about a riff, a groove, and a growl. It is what it is; always has been and always will be. Themes of battlefield horror are spat out over tight, rumbling rhythms and choruses into which you can sink your teeth. Label troubles be damned, Jungle Rot soldiers on with a new album in What Horrors Await that is even tighter, better produced, and just as memorable as anything they’ve released thus far. With the firm backing of yet another label in Napalm Records guitarist/vocalist/founder Dave Matrise brings us up to date on the war-torn world of Jungle Rot.

Jungle Rot – What Horrors Await

Before hearing What Horrors Await, I was only vaguely familiar with Jungle Rot. I knew they had been around for awhile and had heard bits and pieces of their stuff, enough to know they had a very groove based, old school death metal sound, so I pretty much knew what to expect and that’s exactly […]