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Cryptic Slaughter – Stream of Consciousness (Reissue)

Back in the mid 80’s a demo band labeled as the new brutal thrash hardcore band to end all bands kept creeping into the ‘zines I would buy.  Cryptic Slaughter were that band and their 1986 debut, Convicted was a no brainer first day vinyl purchase for me.  Since that time the band has remained […]

Caducity – The Weiliaon Wielder Quest (Reissue)

This Belgian band has been around since the late 80’s and The Weiliaon Wielder Quest came out in 1995.  Marquee Records, under the care of Armando Pereira, has brought this obscure album back into the light.  I never heard of this band and they have three other albums.  This is their debut and the music […]

Asylum – Concealed Death (Reissue)

This really took me by surprise. I had never heard of Australia’s Asylum. Judging by the album cover you would think this was a death metal band. Asylum play really good thrash metal and Marquee Records has put together an awesome reissue compiling both of the bands releases. Their Slaughterhouse ep from 2013 and Concealed […]

Altar – Youth Against Christ/Ego Art (Reissue)

Finally we get proper reissues of the first 2 classic death metal albums from Altar.  Altar are still currently active, hail from the Netherlands, but the only releases I was ever familiar with are the first 2 albums, Youth Against Christ from 1994 and Ego Art from 1996.  In conjunction with Urubuz Records and Displeased […]

Inverted – The Shadowland (Reissue)

Inverted were a Swedish death metal band who released 2 full-length albums in the 90’s. Long out of print, Marquee Records brings us an excellent sounding reissue of Inverted’s debut album, The Shadowland. Originally released in 1996, The Shadowland has a lot of good elements. I remember hearing about them years ago, but this is […]

Attomica – The Trick

Brazil’s Attomica have been around since 1985, stayed around for a bit and then reformed in 2004, went on hiatus again in 2009 and in 2015 came back. I have seen the band logo before but never heard them before. The Trick is their 5th album and they play speed/thrash metal, the way it was […]

Psychic Possessor – Toxin Diffusion (Reissue)

About muthaeffin’ time Brazil’s Psychic Possessor’s 1988 debut, Toxin Diffusion, was finally released on cd. Thank you to original label Cogumelo and Marquee Records for finally getting this done. In the 1980’s I fell in love with the Brazilian metal scene. I used to trade vinyl with Brazilian pen pals I would find in ‘zines. […]

Angel of Sodom – Divine Retribution (Reissue)

Marquee Records owner, Armando Pereira truly knows his metal music.  No disrespect to Finnish thrash metal band, Angel of Sodom, but I had never heard of them, up until recently.  Upon gazing out the album cover for Divine Retribution you would think this is more geared towards classic or power metal, but no, it’s thrash […]

Condition Critical – Operational Hazard/Extermination Plan (Reissues)

Condition Critical hail from New Jersey band and play a brutal form of thrash metal. They do have some death metal elements with some snarled vocal tones every so often and some of the riffs, but by and large they’re thrash.  They have been essentially nicknamed and aptly so, Demolition Hammer Jr.  Due to Demolition […]

Miasma – Changes/Love Songs (Reissue)

Brazil’s, Marquee Records, is one of the elite labels dealing with reissues. Owner, Armanda Pereira, knows the love and respect needed for a true reissue. With that being said I will say Austria’s Miasma were kind of a one hit wonder releasing an obscure album in 1992 on Lethal Records. For some reason the record stores […]

Gammacide – Victims of Science (Reissue)

Remember the likes of Cryptic Slaughter, Wehrmacht and Beyond Possession, from years past??  Well Gammacide, from Texas, kind of got lost in the shuffle back in the day, which is a shame, since their only album, Victims of Science was a brutal blend of thrash, hardcore influences and blast beats. Also some Rigor Mortis influence, […]