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Heathen Beast – Trident

Transcending Obscurity delivers again with this compilation release from pox-stricken, West Bengal black metal lunatics Heathen Beast.  Trident collects the band’s three EP releases into a full-length serving that’s easily some of the sickest, rawest black metal I’ve heard in a quite bit.  Fans that worship the rotten side of the style like Darkthrone, Burzum, […]

Dead, The – Deathsteps to Oblivion

Man, this is evil stuff.  It’s not fast, it’s actually quite melodic but I’ll be goddamned if this shit doesn’t get by on sheer tonnage alone.  The Dead hail from Australia, a country/continent with a rich heavy scene that doesn’t always get the credit it so rightly deserves.  I’m coming into this review as an […]

Toxoid – Aurora Satanae

New Delhi trio Toxoid take an ain’t broke, don’t fix it approach to black metal on their debut album Aurora Satanae.  They avoid shoe gazin’, there are no pop elements, over the top orchestration is left for the London Symphony and you can kiss those clean vocals goodbye.  For those who like it right in […]

Biopsy – Fractals of Derangement EP

From Mumbai, India hails Biopsy, a chunky, galaxy swallowing death metal three piece with plenty to offer the world.  In a shocking turn of events the band is comprised of vocals, guitar and drums.  That’s right folks, no bass.  To compensate for the lack of low-end, guitarist Akshay Verma turns his amps to the hogslop […]

Transcending Obscurity and TeethfotheDivine Join Forces for 4 CD Contest!!!

The fine folks at webzine/label Transcending Obscurity are offering 2 of their releases to 2 lucky readers of Teethofthedivine. That’s right two lucky readers will each receive a copy of Drug Honkey’s disturbing 2012 release ‘Ghost in the Fire’ and the 2010 debut, ‘Impending Hostility’ from Polish war mongering death metalers Preludium.