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My Dying Bride – A Line of Deathless Kings

I’ll be the first to admit that none of My Dying Bride’s post As the Flower Withers albums haven’t really done much for me. First, mainly because have always found Aaron Stainthorpe’s clean croon insufferably whiny. There, I said it. Secondly, 34.788% Complete just ruined the band’s legacy for me. Even with the band’s sort […]

Forest Silence – Philosophy of Winter

Candlelight has brought us the first full length recording of Hungarian band Forest Silence. Forest Silence is one of those self released bands that falls into the cracks of obscurity and is probably dismissed without listening by most that see the cd, which is a shame because this is not simply old Norwegian worship as […]

Harkonin – Ghanima

Although St. Louis, Missouri hardly has a thriving metal scene, it does have a handful of dedicated and consistent metal bands that always seem to surface when a national tour comes through. Such is the case when I covered a recent Dismember/Vital Remains/Grave/Withered show at the Creepy Crawl where one of the opening acts and […]

Disillusion – Gloria

The acclaimed debut from this German three man act, Back to Times of Splendor, was my top album of 2004, and I was not alone in my praise for an album that took melodic death metal and made it exiting, progressive and challenging. However, as the release of the follow up Gloria grew nearer, I […]

Various Artists – Butchering the Beatles

Ah, the tribute album. It seems like everyone’s got one these days, from the most deserving legendary performers to one-hit wonders that have been around for less than five years. Usually, the performances are all over the place, from the occasional interesting interpretation to straight up karaoke versions to someone royally fucking up a great […]

Anaal Nathrakh – Eschaton

First, after re-listening to The Codex Necro in preparation for this review, there is no doubt in my mind that the debut album from this British duo was and is one of the most extreme releases ever and arguably the most important extreme record to come out of the UK since Scum. That being said, the […]

Negura Bunget – Om

Does the world exist the way we perceive it or do we simplify things for the sake of our sanity. When two people communicate, be it with words or music, they do not use a shared language, but interpret what the other says according to their particular syntax. So the question of what the other […]

Cradle of Filth – Thornography

Well folks, they have done it. One of my favorite bands has finally forced me to write the review that metal fans and COF detractors have been waiting for. While, there’s no question these arguably influential British shock rockers have been shedding the black metal guise of their fat Nick Barker, top hat wearing, precocious […]

Blut Aus Nord – Mort

Blut Aus Nord comes from Normandy France and have just released their fifth full length recording. Their style is now called “metaphysical extreme metal” by the band. Mort is French for dead. This disc is 47 minutes in duration with eight tracks, no titles. This is mostly instrumental, unstructured ambient noise with electronic effects over […]

Insomnium – Above the Weeping World

I was very curiouss to see how these depressed Finns would top Since The Day It All Came Down, on of the very best album of 2004, but as it turns out not only is Above The Weeping World a crowning achievement for Candlelight in an already stellar year, it’s the band’s finest hour and […]

Trivium – The Crusade

Although last year’s Ascendancy was a near-masterpiece, breakthrough record for the young metal attack known as Trivium, heavy metal fans should consider The Crusade to be an indication of this future legendary band’s coming of age, a first true utterance of maturity. And in a year that has seen more stellar albums than most metalheads […]

Number 12 Looks Like You, The – Put on Your Rosy Red Glasses

Holy fucking shit fuck. I know most of you will switch or click off the moment I mention ‘core to start a review, but I swear to you this is some of the best aggro/tech/math/grind core I’ve heard. If you’ve recently been jamming Deadwater Drowning, Animosity, The Glass Casket and The Red Chord, this shit […]

Ahab – The Call Of The Wretched Sea

German Funeral Doom trio Ahab reveals a plodding sound that gives an impression of the vast depths of the Ocean during this full-length debut. Inspired by Herman Melville’s oft-influencing novel Moby Dick, Ahab explores the depths of the blackest of waters, in turn coming up with one of the most impressive interpretations of this tale […]

Angtoria – God Has A Plan For Us All

fter plying her sultry tones in Cradle of Filth, Therion, Covenant, Mortiis and others, Sara Jezebel Deva goes head to head with former Without Face singer Jule Kiss (To-Mera) as ‘famous chick singer from another band now in her own band’, and both have pretty good results.Far more contemporary and orchestral than the more ‘proggy’ […]

Amon Amarth – With Oden On Our Side

I’ll make no secret of it, I happen to think Amon Amarth have been treading water for the last few albums, and frankly I have not ‘really’ enjoyed an album from these Norse death metal warriors since Once Sent From the Golden Hall. However, with album number six (and a more simple cover more akin […]

Firebird – Hot Wings

It’s still a bit strange to listen to hard-rockin’ UK group Firebird and remember their lineage: for the first twelve years of his musical career, frontman Bill Steer was one of a handful of the premier guitarists in extreme heavy metal. His first high-profile gig was playing on the first two albums by Napalm Death, […]

Ancient Rites – Rvbicon

Five long years preceded the realization of Ancient Rites’ Rvbicon, and the wait proves to be well worth it for fans of these Blackened Folk trailblazers. However, neither time past nor shifts in the long-running Belgian outfit’s alignment have slowed the severe creativity relayed by this adeptly talented group. The influences that Ancient Rites derive […]

A Love Ends Suicide – In The Disaster

What are you expecting from a band discovered and signed by As I Lay Dying’s vocalist Tim Lambesis and subsequently signed to Metal Blade? Satanic, primal black metal? Political grindcore? Nope, this is decent quality Christian metalcore, and it comes dangerously close to being as good as if not better than As I Lay Dying’s […]

21st Impact, The – By All Means Necessary/Second to None

First off, I’d like to warn and apologize to Digitalmetal readers about the impending influx of contemporary hardcore/punk reviews about to inundate the site. It is fall after all. Second I’d like to tell Digitalmetal readers about the best of the bunch of this aforementioned contemporary hardcore/punk I’ve received in the mail in the from […]

Abominable Iron Sloth, The – The Abominable Iron Sloth

Yet more sludgy, earthy, rectum splitting noise to add to my stack of Lair of the Minotaur, Ultralord, Black Cobra, Starkweather and Desolate Void. Honestly, I think I’m losing my hearing, and TAIS is partly responsible as listening to this album repeatedly made me kind of feel like that first torture victim in the movie […]

Azaghal – Luciferin Valo

When I looked at the promo copy of the new album and saw the first track was “Black Terror Metal” I thought this was a compilation cd, I have a demo tape by that name. It turns out to be a re-recording of the classic song. Luciferin Valo is the 22nd Azaghal release in my […]

Suffocation – Suffocation

I’ve always thought there was something pretentious and lazy about self titled albums. A self titled alum smacks of either “This album is so good we don’t need to put any thought into what it is called” or “This album is so bad we couldn’t be bothered to name it”. Luckily, Suffocation’s much anticipated 5th […]

Unearth – III: In the Eyes of Fire

This band was my first introduction into the present day metalcore scene. Obviously, metalcore was around way before that, but the mixture of Gothenburg melodic death and hardcore was just undeniable when Unearth slammed the metal world with their debut The Stings Of Conscience. Since then, the band has proved that in a sea of […]

Acumen Nation- Anticore

Many, many year before they turned into rock stars, I saw Korn in concert to support their debut album. The opening act was this wretched electro-nu-metal, programmed pile of puke called Cradle of Thorns. Upon listening to the god awful Anticore I briefly thought I was listening to the same band. This album only further […]

Misery Signals – Mirrors

Of all the big metalcore releases this year, the sophomore album from Misery Signals was arguably my most anticipated, however with the superb, similarly styled debut from Rosesdead basically stealing some of this bands thunder, I was wondering how Mirrors would stack up in the melodic, layered and emotional metalcore sweepstakes. It stacks up just […]