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Dawnbringer – Nucleus

While many have waved the flag for trad metal in recent years, one man has perhaps done a bit more than the rest: “Professor” Chris Black, owner/curator of Planet Metal Records, member of Superchrist, Pharaoh, and High Spirits, and head honcho of Dawnbringer, the latter project being the subject of this review.  Nucleus was this […]

Agalloch – Marrow of the Spirit

When Oregon’s Agalloch first appeared in 1999 with Pale Folklore and its haunting blend of folk and black metal, the metal community quickly drew comparisons to now-landmark releases like Ulver’s Bergtatt and Opeth’s Orchid. At the time, we all knew how special the album was, but I don’t think we sensed how iconoclastic the band […]

Man’s Gin – Smiling Dogs

Man’s Gin is the side-project of Erik Wunder, one half of American post-black metal act Cobalt – and although it never comes close to that band’s rage, it’s still at times a kindred, gloomy spirit. Instead of Cobalt’s brand of brittle, angular mayhem, Wunder has woven a rich tapestry of dark Appalachian folk and alt-country […]

Stargazer – A Great Work of Ages

The second album (despite being around since 1997) from Australia’s Stargazer fills two needs: First, it makes up for the disappointing Blood Revolt, redeeming Profound Lore records once again. Second, it satiates me until Atheist’s Jupiter drops. OK, I recently got Jupiter, but this tied me over. You’d think an Australian band comprised of two […]

Blood Revolt – Indoctrine

Bear with me here. Despite being a sworn in US citizen, adapting almost all American traditions (good and bad), there’s a few American-isms I just can’t get into. Chewing tobacco and Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. The weird thing is that I love peanut butter and I love Jelly―it’s called Jam fer’ crying out loud―when […]

Castevet – Mounds of Ash

It seems that Profound Lore and Colin Marston (Krallice, Dysrhythmia, Behold…. The Arctopus) have become two of the more respected and wanted elements of artistic, challenging black metal nowadays with anything either of them touch being of the highest quality. In the light of Marston getting producing credits for the likes of Krallice, Altar of […]

Coffinworm – When All Became None

When you are reviewing an album that has tracks called “Spitting in Infinity’s Asshole” and “Strip Nude for Your Killer”, you know you are in for a good time… and by good time, I mean a sickening black/sludge/doom affair that falls under the same umbrella as Cough, Negative Reaction, Highgate and such. The formula for […]

Ludicra – The Tenant

Amidst all of this shoe gaze injected black metal and atmospheric black metal abound in the US, the fact has been lost that the Bay Area’s Ludicra have been plying their artistic and experimental take on black metal for four albums now. And while Wolves in the Throne Room, seem to get all the attention […]

Worm Ouroboros – Worm Ouroboros

We live in a time where certain aspects of metal music are having an identity crisis. I’m an open-minded person and I do enjoy some of these more unique sub-genres that are manifesting, but some leave me utterly confused and perplexed. Most noticeable experimentation is happening in the black, sludge/noise, and post rock divisions. With […]

Impetuous Ritual – Relentless Execution of Ceremonial Excrescence

You know when you burp and sometimes you ‘vurp? You know, that hot sour taste as what seems like beef stew rises up the back of your throat, into you mouth, and then you are forced to swallow back down its acidic, regurgitated goodness. You know the look on your face when you swallow it? […]

Krallice – Dimensional Bleedthrough

The critically acclaimed self titled debut from Krallice was an excellent and artistic addition to US black metal, not surprising considering the involvement of Mick Barr (Orthrelm)and Colin Marston (Behold… the Arctopus/Dysrhythmia) on guitars and bass (joined by drummer Lev Weinstein). However, with an even more technical and noodling, busy approach and less vocals and […]

Portal – Swarth

One of the most revered bands in the Australian metal scene, the mucky, mysterious musical cist that is Portal seems to be one of those ‘cool’ bands to like because they are such an anti thesis of all that is popular and trendy in metal. And with their third insidious album of churning, seemingly unstructured […]

LUDICRA To Release Next Full Length Via Profound Lore Records

Legendary and acclaimed Bay Area act LUDICRA are putting the finishing touches on their next full-length album (their fourth) entitled ‘The Tenant‘, which will be released through Profound Lore Records. Known as one of the initial acts to help spearhead the black metal underground movement of the Bay Area and featuring the line-up of guitarist […]

Crucifist – Demon Haunted World

I really wanted to like this. After all, it’s on Profound Lore Records, features the legendary Dan Lilker (Nuclear Assault, Brutal Truth), members of doom act Orodruin and they play a totally old school form of death/black/thrash metal culled straight from the early wave of extreme acts likes of Venom, Celtic Frost, Nifelhiem, Sodom, Bathory […]

Bloody Panda – Summon

First impressions are very important, never having a second chance to make them and all, as the saying goes. After hearing some hype about Bloody Panda, my immediate reaction was of disdain, seeing the band members engaged in the extremely tacky act of sound checking their gear in the intimate confines of the Mill Creek […]

Yob – The Great Cessation

Not being quite certain whether the title refers to the end of the lawsuits related to Mike Scheidt’s interim band, Middian, or whether this is his way of saying that the reformation of the band he is best known for is a one-off kiss this ass goodbye proposition – hope not – I am quite […]

Amesoeurs – Amesoeurs

So here is the first and last album from Amesoeurs, another genre pushing French act featuring Neige from Alcest and Peste Noire fame, and if you enjoy Alcest’s gentler take on black metal as well as the current trend of organic artistic black metal like Wolves In The Throne Room, Fen and Altar of Plagues, […]


Reunited “cosmic doom metal” band YOB has completed work on its new full length album entitled The Great Cessation. The record will see a July 14, 2009 release date via Profound Lore Records. Long respected as one of doom metal’s finest and most potent bands, YOB creates mastodonic, mind-bending music. The Great Cessation was recorded […]

Altar of Plagues – White Tomb

You’ve got to give Chris Bruni and Profound Lore Records some credit – Krallice? Cobalt? Hammers of Misfortune? Portal? Alcest? Amesouers? Tell me that isn’t an elite label based on those releases alone. Well, after raising some eyebrows with the debut EP from this Irish black metal act, Profound Lore has raised the bar again […]

Saros – Acrid Plains

San Francisco’s reputation as a hotbed for forward-thinking USBM and post-black metal continues with Saros, featuring Leila Abdul-Rauf of Amber Asylum and Blood Eagle (formerly of Weakling) on drums. Abdul-Rauf’s dual vocal duties (rasped and ethereal) can’t help but bring up citymates Ludicra, and there’s a heavy dose of Agalloch-style neofolk in here as well. […]

Hammers of Misfortune – Fields/Church of Broken Glass

Practically every progressive rock band wants to record their own version of Tales from Topographic Oceans, the 1974 double album that was praised—or vilified, depending on the listener’s caprice—as Yes’ finest hour (and twenty minutes) of prog-indulgence. The fact that Yes weathered the loss of keyboardist nonpareil Rick Wakeman after its release and still came […]

Cobalt – Gin

2007s Eater of Birds was a watershed release for this Colorado duo, firmly putting them in the very forefront of USBM along the likes of Nachtmystium, Wolves in the Throne Room, and Krallice and the long awaited follow up, Gin will further cement the duo as one of the very best forward thinking, envelope shredding […]

Winterfylleth – The Ghost of Heritage

Well, Profound Lore has done it again. This time finding a self described “English Heritage Black Metal” metal trio from the UK comprised of member of Atavist and Wodensthrone. I’ve often wondered, with our rich history, why there are not more UK bands (though Iron Age Records appears to have uncovered a few) plying metal […]

Devil’s Blood, The – Come, Reap EP

After a handful of demos and a 7″ release, The Devil’s Blood has finally issued its first proper CD release in the form of the 5-track EP Come, Reap. Coupling Bible verses, occult imagery and tales of substance abuse, sex and death, The Devil’s Blood is something of a unique animal. Musically, without putting too […]

Altar of Plagues – Sol EP

Well, Profound Lore has done it again, uncovering another gem of a black metal record, this time from the depths of Cork, Ireland.Though cut from the same cloth as label mates Cobalt and Krallice, and with some similarities to the likes of Wolves in the Throne room, and to some extent, the new Withered, as […]