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Diabolical Messiah – Demonic Weapons Against the Sacred

I am new to the Diabolical Messiah camp.  The band hails from Chile and have been around for a whopping 18 years.  Their first album, Satan Tottendemon Victory!!! was definitely a good starting point and now 7 years later they plunk us over the head with their second long-player-Demonic Weapons Against the Sacred.  Not only […]

Akroma – Apocalypse (Requiem)

Listen. For me, vocals are an integral part of metal. Whether it’s death metal, black metal, power metal or even brutal death metal, vocals can make or break an album. And with the 4th album from France’s symphonic black metal act Akroma, they absolutely break it. I’m not sure I’ve ever listened to an album, […]

Dead Ranch – Brumination

Sometimes when reading reviews of more unusual, angular “sludge” records, I swear the only two bands people have heard and can use as points of reference are Baroness and Mastodon (High on Fire a close but distant third).  Hey, call a spade a spade if that’s what you hear but sometimes I feel that writers […]

Goldenpyre – In Eminent Disgrace

Cut from the same moldy, dank doom/death cloth as Ciande and Desecresy, Portugal’s Goldenpyre deliver a fine debut of simple, riff based chugging , slightly ritualistic doom/death  metal that hints at finer things to come. Not as nauseating or atonal as country mates The Ominous Circle, Goldenpyre have a distinct old school Chicago/Midwest, steady, death […]

Iced Earth – Incorruptible

I’ve been an Iced Earth fan for awhile now. Twenty years exactly, at the time of this review, as it was the band’s compilation/re-worked/best of album, Days of Purgatory, that introduced me to their take on thrash, power, and traditional metal. At the time I thought of myself as a latecomer, as the band had […]

Primal Attack – Heartless Oppressor

All of a sudden, I have got a glut of thrash/groove releases (Treyharsh, Murkocet, Malkavian, Voice of Ruin) hearkening to the late 90s tones of Machine Head, Daath, Devildriver, Chimaira and Skinlab. And while it’s a sound I’m only a bit lukewarm on, sometimes a production can make a release much more impressive. Such is the […]

Below – Upon A Pale Horse

Well this was a pleasant surprise.  To be quite honest I had never heard of this group prior to delving into massive quantities of new 2017 releases.  Sweden’s Below have been around since 2012 and Upon a Pale Horse is their second full length release.  Opening up with “The Plague Within”. The beginning of this […]

Hybrid Sheep – Hail to the Beast

After a pretty long dryspell for deathcore, I get 2 releases from Swiss label Tenacity Music- first, the impressive  Swiss bruisers Conjonctive and their female fronted down tuned assault of In the Mouth of the Devil, and this, the second full length album from France’s oddly named Hybrid Sheep, a band I have never heard of […]

Aborted Fetus – The Art of Violent Torture

If you’re a fan of the brutal death scene, you’ve likely heard of Aborted Fetus.  These Russians have been honing their craft since 2000, and have always seemed to hover just on the outer edge of the genre trying to really break out as one of the better known of the bunch.  Brutal death has […]

Suffocation – …Of The Dark Light

Admittedly, with the album name, the more Fallujah ish cover, yet more turnover (veterans Guy Marchais and Kevin Talley have left replaced by young guns Charlie Errigo and Eric Morotti respectively) and the first single “Your Last Breaths” not impressing me very much, I had pretty low expectations for this album. But for album number 8, mainstays Frank […]

Conjonctive – In The Mouth of the Devil

Since Aversion’s Crown‘s Xenocide back in January no ‘real’ deathcore has really grabbed me. I know the genre is on the downswing and cross contaminating with other styles, but sometimes I crave a simple, downtuned beatdown, and Switzerland’s sextet Conjonctive is just what the doctor ordered. Conjonctive are a six piece because they have two vocalists, […]

Cursus – Cursus

Though labeled simply as “doom/stoner” metal, Texan duo Cursus deliver an album that plays out more akin to an expansive, ever-changing soundtrack as opposed to a collection of headbanging riff-y groove assaults.  Those looking for instant gratification might not make it past the first track but those hunting for an explorative exercise in atmosphere (that […]

Earth Rot – Renascentia

So it appears that some HM Boss pedals have finally found their way all the way down under. They have surfaced all over Europe (Greece, France, Czech Republic, Poland etc) and the USA (Fatalist, Sentient Horror, etc), but now Australia can get in on the mid range action. However, Perth’s Earth Rot are not a […]

Rude – Remnants

California’s Rude, put out a pretty killer debut 3 years ago, Soul Recall.  The follow-up, again on F.D.A. Records, Remnants… continues along the same path.  Rude play a death metal style rooted in early 90’s death metal, rooted in the Floridian Morrisound Recording style.  So think of the sounds of Brutality, Pestilence, Death, Disincarnate and […]

Wind Rose – Stonehymn

As I continue dip my plated sabatons into power metal, a genre I have ignored for many years, amid the older, expected suspects I am enjoying like Blind Guardian, Thy Majestie, Orden Ogan, Freedom Call, Rhapsody and Sabaton, some relative new comers have caught my ear such as Twilight Force, Pathfinder, Grimgotts, Lör, Brothers of Metal and my […]

Power Trip – Nightmare Logic

I am new to the Power Trip camp, thanks to my brother-n-law Jason “I Ran the Hucklebuck, before you were able to walk around the Brambles”.   Hailing from Texas, this crossover-thrash band released a pretty ass-kicking debut album, Manifest Decimation in 2013, which they now have bested with Nightmare Logic.  If you were a […]

Morfin – Consumed By Evil

California’s Morfin are back after a 3 year wait with their second album of pure, old school Death worship and the old school -o-meter has been been turned back even more for an even more musty, raw and primal take on Leprosy era Death. Not much as changed from the debut, Inoculation. Jesus Romero still […]

Antropofagus – M.O.R.T.E – Methods of Resurrection Through Evisceration

After a 13 year wait between albums, Italy’s Antropofagus  dropped their sophomore effort Architecture of Lust in 2012, and it ended up being one of 2012s better death metal records. and while the 5 year wait is a little easier to swallow, the result is the same. Sheer death metal destruction. As I mentioned in my […]

Profanity – The Art of Sickness

Well this is a bit of an under the radar tech/death surprise.   Germany’s Profanity have certainly been around for a while with The Art of Sickness being their 3rd full length release and have been around since 1994. The Art of Sickness kicks off with “The Great Obstacle” which will leave you dizzy from all […]

Noumena – Myrrys

I’d like to buy a vowel please, Pat. Looks like Finnish moody, melodic death metal bands have given up on vowels this year. First Wolfheart’s Tyhjyys and now Noumena’s Myrrys. And the other commonality between the two, is that both are excellent albums. Noumena have been lurking around since the late 90s, but with only 4 […]

Dodecahedron – Kwintessens

More often than not, I can formulate and knock out a review of an album fairly quickly- 4 to 5 listens on the average. However, the second effort from the Netherlands’ Dodecahdron has me flummoxed, but in a good way. A twisty, suffocating, avante garde black/death metal record that’s hard to get a grip on, […]

Sarcasm – Within The Sphere of Ethereal Minds

Well this is definitely something I have been missing for a while. Awesome! Veteran Swedish melodic blackened death metallers Sarcasm have returned with their 2nd full length album Within the Sphere of Ethereal Minds.  It is interesting that these guys started off way back in ’92 and continued to gradually continue releasing smaller released pieces […]

Kalopsia – Angelplague

I’m not sure why i have not heard of New Jersey’s Kalopsia up until now. They have been around since 1999, have a handful of releases, including two full length albums and feature current and ex members of the likes of Abacinate, Deteriorot, Dehumanized and recent Dark Descent act, Ruinous. So here is the band’s third […]

Hideous Divinity – Adveniens

Man, it never ceases to amaze me how much Italian Death Metal Bands love the Floridian style of death metal.  Not that is by any means a bad thing by any means and it most certainly has been a busy year for Italian Death Metal with Hour of Penance releasing Cast a First Stone on […]

Alestorm – No Grave But the Sea

Scotland’s (I guess now Tennessee’s?) favorite Pirate sons are back with album number 5. And I have to admit after 2014s Sunset on the Golden Age, I thought Chris Bowes might be winding the project down, but boy was I wrong. No Grave But the Sea sees Bowes and co (inc new guitarist Máté Bodor) deliver […]