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Origin – Entity

What the hell is this? Melody and diversity in an Origin album? More than just skull-pummeling fury and seething insanity? Oh wait, they started that with Antithesis. So the thing you may be wondering about Entity, with its decidedly more varied structure and properties, a huge step in a new direction for Origin — does […]

Interview with Peter Tägtgren

Peter Tägtgren is a man who is defined by his work, a body of music and ideas that is always morphing and pulling to and from the abyss. He has given life (and death) to fathomless classic albums and hardly needs an introduction, so one won’t be given here. The at one time one-man project Pain, and new album You Only Live Twice, is the man’s current focus, the details of which he divulges here. But fear not — the Hypocrisy mastermind also discusses that which put him on the metal map.

Wooden Stake – Dungeon Prayers and Tombyard Serenades

The combination of heavy metal and horror is usually a successful one when both aspects share similarities in subject matter and atmosphere. While it’s often attempted, many times the outcome falls short of being memorable. Thankfully, Razorback bands tend not to let listeners down in this area, with Wooden Stake being no exception. And although […]

Vintersorg – Jordpuls

Upon beginning this review, it quickly became apparent that typing the words into my computer was somehow an injustice to this album — there is some force about Jordpuls that pulls back to things more natural, and less synthetic. In fact, it was impossible to write until I pulled out pen and paper, opened the […]

Interview With Wooden Stake

Now this was a fun and interesting interview. Well, we think so anyway and hope that you’ll agree. Considering Scott Alisoglu and myself both found the music of Wooden Stake – particularly new full-length Dungeon Prayers & Tombyard Serenades – to be an intelligently constructed (lyrically and musically), compellingly horrific, and rather unique brand of doom metal, we thought it a smashing idea to conduct a joint interview with bassist/vocalist/lyricist Vanessa Nocera. Vanessa constitutes exactly one half of the prolific pair and also runs the mighty Razorback Records with husband Billy. Wooden Stake’s other equally important half is ubiquitous guitarist/drummer Wayne Sarantopoulos, about whom you may have heard because of his membership in a multitude of other acts, including Decrepitaph, Festered, Encoffination, and Beyond Hell. All that’s left to do now is unleash the hounds, open the gates, let the games begin, and get this party started. Do it!

Interview with Belphegor

What’s the single sickest, most perverted thought your mind has ever spewed out? Go ahead…reminisce. Now imagine that 100 times worse, covered in blood, oozing with sores, and accompanied by an accursed shrieking — and you’ve got the core of BELPHEGOR’s madness at hand. Austria’s supreme black/death masters unleashed Blood Magick Necromance unto the world recently, and head hellmouth Helmuth corresponded with Teeth of the Divine about its gooey inner workings

Elliott’s Keep – Sine Qua Non

Ever hear an album that strangely rides the line between “dude, this is awesome” and “dude, these guys played at Honky Tonk Hank’s again last weekend and a drunk fat chick barfed all over the bass player”?  Well, unfortunately, Elliott’s Keep‘s Sine Qua Non (which apparently translates to “without this, nothing”) appears to fall into […]

Acid Witch – Stoned

Emerging from a dank cave, reeking of rot and weed, a hideous crone hobbles toward you, a fat cauldron in her arms, bubbling over with a foul-smelling concoction. As she approaches, the smell of death on her breath wafts toward you, encircling you; your vision goes fuzzy.”Driiiiiiiink,” she rasps, “drink deeeeeeeeeply,” her gnarled and greasy […]

Slough Feg – The Animal Spirits

Though The Animal Spirits was a latecomer to the game (of 2010 metal releases), its addition to numerous ‘best of’ lists was no doubt cemented after a few spins, provided the listener was susceptible to its straightforward vibe, gut-wrenchingly emotive guitar and vocal work, and expertly crafted tunes; in other words, a Slough Feg fan, […]

Dawnbringer – Nucleus

While many have waved the flag for trad metal in recent years, one man has perhaps done a bit more than the rest: “Professor” Chris Black, owner/curator of Planet Metal Records, member of Superchrist, Pharaoh, and High Spirits, and head honcho of Dawnbringer, the latter project being the subject of this review.  Nucleus was this […]

Dead Neon – Dead Neon

Like a toy that’s temporarily lost its fun factor — maybe a torched doll with plastic skin bunched at the bottom of its fire-mutated face, laying underneath the bed waiting for a facelift — this Dead Neon review got tossed to the wayside until I could come up with the right words to bring it […]

Interview with Gravehill

Discontent with the waves of false metal plaguing our great nation, the members of Gravehill joined forces to school all in the realm of true death metal, and they’ve done exactly that since their inception. Ringleader Mike Abominator chatted with Teeth about Gravehill’s role in the takeover of the metal world, the band’s plans to dominate at Maryland Deathfest next year, and various other topics involving leather, steel, blood and carnage.

Valient Thorr – Stranger

The only thing I’d ever heard about Valient Thorr was, “They’re great live, dude!”  Yeah, well, maybe the same could be said about Mushroomhead, but that doesn’t mean I’m gonna like ’em.  But after spinning Stranger a few times, the initial skepticism was sent flying out the window.  The furry outer-spacers comprising Valient Thorr rock […]

Atheist – Jupiter

In 2007, tech death pioneers Atheist announced that they would be playing some of their last shows ever, and specifically, that their appearance at Chicago Powerfest that year would be the band’s last in the Midwest.  Heavily into Atheist, I jumped at what would most likely be the only chance I’d ever have to see […]

Interview with Cardiac Arrest

In the overly pissed-in kiddie pool that is today’s heavy metal music, it’s nice to see a mean, smirking heavyweight like Chicago’s Cardiac Arrest land a cannonball right in the center and, with a sonic blastwave, send so many thumb-sucking weaklings flying. I mean, it really warms the heart. Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, three of four members of said band were recently able to communicate with Teeth of the Divine about everything just short of My Little Pony and brain surgery. Read on for the gory details.

Malevolent Creation – Invidious Dominion

I’ll spare you the history lesson, because you’re no doubt going to see it included in any recent Malevolent Creation review you read.  So allow me to begin by saying that Invidious Dominion is a throat-stompingly mean album from start to finish, one that’s on par with previous Malevolent Creation output, though maybe not quite as (for lack […]

Kataklysm – Heaven’s Venom

Have long-running Canadian death metal assault unit Kataklysm broken the mold with new album Heaven’s Venom?  Their own mold, that is, the one they’ve been on the verge of crumbling throughout the course of the past few albums?  Gone are the chaotic days of the northern hyperblast, shooed away in favor of hategroove and seething […]

Interview with Humangled

Similar to the intestinal parasite that must be removed from the punctured gut by being wound around a stick and sucked slowly from the wound, Humangled churn and slurp at the innards, and can only be removed forcibly. Admit it: you’re hungry now, aren’t you?! These sick Italian deathsters bring forth Fractal, their punishing 2010 release. Contact was made with founding members Andrew Goreds and Luke Scurb, who were eager to let TOTD pick their brains.

Interview with Mäax

Six Pack Witchcraft? Huh? Yeah, that’s right, motherfuckers. Määx (pronounced may-axe) is rumblin’ through your speakers, moshin’ through your flower bed, and guzzlin’ all your beers, and when they’re done with all that, they’ll probably be bonin’ your wife. And you’ll like it! Six Pack Witchcraft is their newest lo-fi, low class offering on Abyss Records, and it’s full of venom, denim and booze. Members James Brown and Brett Schlagel corresponded with Teeth of the Divine in between chanting and hell-raising.

Rhapsody of Fire – The Frozen Tears of Angels

Years ago, while working in a hobbit cave otherwise known as a CD store, I came across a disc by Rhapsody, whose name was unknown to me at the time.  The cover depicted an imp guy with a scythe riding a demonic-looking dragon through a bubbly purple sky, and, written in a sword, the album […]

Züül – Out of Time

“Give it all, my son, to the hooded one.” – Executioner Here’s an album that came out at the beginning of 2010 but is definitely deserving of a spot on the TOTD reviews list seven months later.  Released on indie Planet Metal, Züül‘s Out of Time will be a worthy competitor for album of the […]

Cardiac Arrest – Haven for the Insane

What’s that, you say? It’s been a while since you were properly earfucked? Well, you’re in luck, because Cardiac Arrest is prepared to rape everything in sight, and they’re especially fond of ears. In fact, they’re nearly creaming themselves with a rabid love for filthy underground death metal, and they’re just dying to fill you […]

Interview with Rhapsody of Fire

On a relatively steamy July afternoon, Italian guitar wizard Luca Turillia of symphonic power metal masters Rhapsody of Fire called this Teeth-scribe from an enchanted forest of unicorns, and we spoke in detail about the group’s latest masterpiece, The Frozen Tears of Angels, Luca’s own incredibly detailed lyrical and musical concepts, and the band’s collaboration with horror movie legend Christopher Lee.

Enforcer – Diamonds

Last week I reviewed the latest from Icarus Witch, a traditionally-minded band from Pittsburgh who’s got the old-school heavy metal attitude down to a T.  This week, Teeth of the Divine welcomes back Sweden’s NWOTM leaders Enforcer to the reviews list (debut Into the Night got a review from us in 2008) with Diamonds.  So […]

Interview with Pestilence

Resurrected death metal unit Pestilence are poised to descend upon the land of the free and home of the brave for a month-long spree of mind-bending tech death mayhem — a tour also featuring Vital Remains, Warbringer, Enfold Darkness and Sacrificial Slaughter ― beginning with a stop at this year’s Maryland Deathfest. This will mark the band’s first appearance Stateside in over 16 years. Pestilence mastermind Patrick Mameli recently chatted with Teeth of the Divine about the new lineup, getting back into the groove of things, and, even though we tried to confuse him and didn’t do our research, he trampled our puny questions like a true champ.