Teeth of the Divine Staff Picks of 2009

You know its a stellar year for metal when all the the staff asked if they could submit more than ten favorite albums this year, and then snuck in numerous other top albums by way of honorable mentions, new discoveries and such. Still, you cant argue with 2009s wide array of quality albums. The year was dominated by technical death metal, and littered with unsigned gems and unexpected surprises. I mean, when was the last time a year see releases by the likes of Mastodon, Isis, Behemoth, Napalm Death, Nile and Suffocation and they only get cursory mentions?

Thanks to everyone who all who made the site what it is and thanks to all the readers who make it what it will be. Here is to another great year of metal in 2010.

Where available, reviews have been linked so you can read our highly specialized, professional, humble and opinionated reviews of these albums.

As usual feel free to ridicule, mock our picks, add your owns lists and ensure that the old fashioned saying about opinions holds true…

by Staff


Favorite Albums of 2009

1. KalisaCybion

2. AuguryFragmentary Evidence

3. Fall of EfrafaInle

4. InsomniumAcross the Dark

5. Between the Buried and Me The Great Misdirect

6. Wolves in the Throne RoomBlack Cascade

7. EnsiferumFrom Afar

8. Gorod Process of a New Decline

9. FatalistThe Depths of Inhumanity

10. UlcerateEverything Is Fire

11. Demonical Hellsworn

12. ObscuraCosmogenesis

13. GeistGaleere

14. Funeral MistMaranatha

15. Be’lakorStones Reach

16. Blut Aus NordMemoria Vestusta II

17. AlestormBlack Sails at Midnight

18. Fleshgod ApocalypseOracles

19. Altar of Plagues White Tomb

20. NileThose Whom the Gods Detest

21. Despised Icon Day of Mourning

22. The Red Shore Unconsecrated

23. Man Must DieNo Tolerance for Imperfection

24. As You Drown – Reflection

25. Woe of TyrantsKingdom of Might

Album That I’m Actually Scared to go Back and Listen to: Teitanblood Seven Chalices

Best Free album: CephalectomyAn Epitaph to Tranquility

Best Comebacks: SamaelAs Above , SkyfireEsoteric , AsphyxDeath the Brutal Way

Best Cover Art: Ignominious Incarceration Of Winter Born

Best Reissues: Nirvana 2002Recordings 1989-1991, Giant SquidThe Ichthyologist

Best Compilation : Various ArtistsGrind Madness at the BCC: The Earache Peel Sessions.

Best New Discoveries : Sunn O))), Mono, Septic Flesh, Finsterforst.

Best movie of 2009: District 9

Favorite Songs: Alestorm – “Keehauled”, Ensiferum – “From Afar”, Woe of Tyrants “Soli Deo Gloria”, Fatalist – “Homicidal Epitaph”, Amorphis – From the Earth I Rose”, Geist -“En Winter Auf See”, Tyr “Hold Your Heathen Hammer High”, Gorod -“Guilty of Dispersal”, Killswitch Engage – “The Forgotten”, Diablo Swing Orchestra ‘”Lucy Fears the Morning Star”, Crimfall – “The Crown of Treason”, God Dethroned – “Poison Fog”, Blackguard – “This Round’s on Me”, If He Dies, He Dies – “Feels like the Very first time”, Isis – “Threshold of Transformation”, After the Burial – “The Fractal Effect”, 3 Inches of Blood – “Fierce Defender”, Birds of Prey – “Juvie”, Moker – “Manual Strangulation”, My Dying Bride – “Santuario de Sangre”, Enemy Reign – “Abuse”, Impending Doom – “Anything Goes”, Be’Lakor -” Countless Skies”, Insomnium – “Weighed Down With Sorrow”.

Biggest albums that I thought would end up on my list but didn’t  (PC way of saying disappointments): PantheistJourney Into lands Unknown, BehemothEvangelion, Secrets of the MoonPrivigelivm, SkeletonwitchBreathing the Fire, Napalm DeathTime Waits for No Slave, Anaal NathrakhIn the Constellation of the Black Widow, The Black Dahlia MurderDeflorate, DethklokDethalbum II, Swallow the SunNew Moon, Suffocation Blood Oath, KralliceDimensional Bleedthrough, Immortal – All Shall Fall, NecrophobicDeath to All, A Plea For PurgingDepravity, Belphegor – Walpurgis Rites – Hexenwahn.


1. KatatoniaNight is the New Day

2. Paradise Lost Faith Divides Us… Death Unites Us

3. Colosseum Chapter II: Numquam

4. Converge Axe to Fall

5. Baroness Blue Record

6. Obscura Cosmogenesis

7. My Dying BrideFor Lies I Sire

8. Swallow the Sun New Moon

9. BehemothEvangelion

10. Demonical Hellsworn

11. Black Sun Aeon Darkness Walks Beside Me

12. Callisto Providence

13. ISIS Wavering Radiant

14. Unanimated In the Light of Darkness

15. Amber Asylym Bitter River

16. Funeral Mist Maranatha

17. Mastodon Crack The Skye

18. Napalm Death Time Waits For No Slave

19. AsphyxDeath…The Brutal Way

20. Shining VI: Klagopsalmer


With each passing year I become even worse at being a metalhead. I remember 10 years ago going through pretty much every band website and mp3 clip I could find, discovering a ton of bands I still listen to today. Nowadays, rather than actively searching for new material I expect it to fall into my lap and thus new names are scarce on my list. Which is a shame, as I’m sure there’s plenty of new stuff out there awaiting to blow my head off. Things that I missed that I don’t even know to miss (like finding Disillusion‘s “Back to Times of Splendor” only a year ago). I can only hope they cross my path at some point (thus I’m always open to suggestions). Anyway, here are the metal albums from 2009 that I’ve listened to more than once or twice (in no particular order):

Ghost Brigade Isolation Songs

Fall of Efrafa – Inle

Dark Sun Aeon Darkness Walks Beside Me

Katatonia Night is the New Day

Swallow The SunNew Moon

Devin Townsend – Addicted

Behemoth Evangelion

Callisto Providence

Centaurus-ASide Effects Expected

Blood TsunamiGrand Feast For Vultures

Gorod Process of a new Decline

Mastodon Crack the Skye

Napalm Death Time Waits For No Slave

What’s worrying is the amount of Finnish bands on the list as I try not to be a homer, but goddamn this toilet earth, er, hm, country of mine produces a lot of comforting discomfort.


Best of 2009 :

best cover art – Inferno Black Devotion

best song on otherwise unremarkable album: Hudrefolk Morbid Elite

Favorite Packaging/booklet Marduk Wormwood

Comeback Album Immortal All Shall Fall

Iron Fist Award Throne Of Katarsis Helvete – Det Iskalde Mørket

DependabilityDark FuneralAngelus Exuro pro Eternus

Favorite Debut AlbumDer Weg Einer Freiheit – Der Weg Einer Freiheit

Best Back from the Dead Beherit Engram

Best Title –  Arckanum fififififififififififi

Most HauntingXasthur All Reflections Drained

Most likely to Induce VomitingTýr By The Light Of The Northern Star

Favorite EPNeige et Noirceur Philosophie des Arts Occultes

Best 2008 Release not Heard til 2009 Adorned BroodNoor

Best Two song Full Length Dodsferd Suicide And The Rest Of Your Kind Will Follow

Best Amon Amarth Strydegor Back On Ancient Traces

Top Albums:

1-Marduk Wormwood

2-Gorgoroth Quantos Possunt Ad Satanitatem Trahunt

3-Wolves in the Throne Room Black Cascade

4-Mortuus Infradaemoni Imis Avernis

5-Funeral MistMaranatha

6-The Ruins Of BeverastFoulest Semen of a Sheltered Elite

7-Månegarm Nattväsen

8-Teitanblood Seven Chalices

9-Blut aus Nord Memoria Vetusta II: Dialogue with the Stars

10-Faustcoven The Priest’s Command

Honorable Mentions: Den SaakaldteAll Hail Pessimism, Geist Galeere, Gromm Pilgrimage Amidst The Catacombs Of Negativism, HornaMusta Kaipuu, Borgia Ecclesia, Belphegor Walpurgis Rites – Hexenwahn, Absu Absu, Crimfall As the Path Unfolds…


Top 10 of 2009 a/k/a “From Hype to Hyperbole”

1. A Storm of LightForgive Us Our Trespasses. Droning and draining, dreamy and delirious, wildly experimental in spirit and at the same time hauntingly familiar in it’s archetypal resonance, A Storm of Light begged forgiveness for their trespasses yet left me heralding their transcendence. Even in light of the individual members’ resumes and the fact that this was their second effort, few could have seen this masterful effort coming before coming to the realization is had completely obscured the horizon from which it seemingly emerged. The “Tribe of Neurot” has expanded exponentially over the past decade, and A Storm of Light easily matches and arguably surpasses the best recent efforts of the many minions and perhaps even the masters themselves if I may be so bold. Fucking epic.

2. Japanische KampfhörspieleLuxusvernichtung (Vierundfunfzig Vertonte Kurzgedichte). A lot of grindcore bands have stuffed a ridiculous amount of “tracks” onto a release, but JaKa’s feat is in composing 54 memorable “songs” into 22 minutes, with all their trademark catchiness, schizoid transitions, frantic momentum and intensive dynamics not only intact, but in fact, Luxusvernichtung amazingly still finds the band upping the ante while firing on all cylinders. Incomprehensibly, this band just keeps getting stronger, faster, tighter and better as the years go by and as I revisit this album I am already well into the process of flipping out over their early 2010 release Bilder Fressen Strom. Band of the freaking decade, hell the millennium so far. No one even comes close.

3. Baroness The Blue Record. Not only did I just now this year get the Seuss-tastic joke of their discography of titles to date (One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish…), but I am also very satisfied that Baroness has definitively delivered on their well-deserved hype with their latest album, finally emerging from the studio with a whole that is better than some of their parts. Overemphasizing their epic classic/progressive rock influences to the nth degree while still maintaining their folksy even soulful punk rock spirit is an impressive enough feat in itself, however the real triumph is the total lack of any need to describe or categorize these songs and this album as anything other than just plainly, manifestly awesome.

4. Gorod Process of a New Decline. We had to see this coming, after two impressive outings in Neurotripticks and Leading Vision; these Frenchies finally delivered on all their potential on album number three. Exquisite virtuoso shredding over crushing and clever arrangements, brilliant and brutal drumming and that kind of noodly bass work that gives 90’s prog death fans all kinds of wood. Progressive and technical as anything out there but heavy as all balls in a direct sense, passionate and purposeful, Process of a New Decline is the best death metal album I heard all year, and while I’m in a superlative mood, possibly the best French death metal album of all time.

5. Devin Townsend ProjectKi & Addicted. Major differences between the DTP(rogject) and the DTB(and)? Damned if I know. That said these two offerings, the first two of four total, more than makes up for the last two decent but far less than stellar DTB outings, though nothing will ever get me the 20 precious minutes I wasted with Ziltoid…The Unlistenable back. Possibly more focused by the long overdue pasturing of Strapping Young Lad, Ki and Addicted recall without repeating my two favorite Devin solo records to date, Ocean Machine and Infinity, the former with it’s chill, mellow even-flow hard rock and the latter with it’s bombastically reckless ‘everything but the kitchen sink’ approach. Impossible to talk about Addicted without citing the collaboration with Anneke van Giersbergen, formerly of The Gathering, which plays brilliantly on both the kooky techno-pop-metal numbers as well as the more serious epics contained therein.

6. Horse the BandDesperate Living. Typically, a band maturing by their third album is a good thing, but in Horse the Band’s case, their immaturity is one of their biggest charms, and thus A Natural Death while certainly representing a progression, came off a bit flat in terms of pure enjoyability. Such experimentation did open the doors to a highly redeeming album number four, as Desperate Living finds the band rediscovering their defining zaniness and infectious catchiness within the context of a much-expanded musical vocabulary, resulting in an album that is alternately spasmodically frantic and masterfully restrained as the moment dictates. Still the band that no one takes seriously, but everyone should, their bipolar ability to go from irreverently silly to desperately disturbing remains unparalleled.

7. Maudlin of the WellPart the Second. Even before pressing play, the fact that this was new Maudlin of the Well material, the fact that production of said material was financed by the group’s rabid fanbase, and the fact that such material was to be distributed for free or donation was enough to put this in heavy contention on the basis of positive sentiment alone. Upon pressing play, any misgivings about this not being quite the Maudlin of the Well I remembered were washed away in a flood of brilliant, captivating music, the best Toby Driver has composed since the first Kayo Dot album, which simultaneously makes a lot of sense and no sense at all since apparently most of this music was rescued from the period between the end of the MoTW era and the beginning of the Kayo Dot era.

8. Mournful CongregationThe June Frost. My first encounter with these inexplicably depressed Aussies (GO TO THE BEACH, IT’S TEN MINUTES FROM WHEREVER YOU’RE STANDING + YOU HAVE KANGAROOS – WHY ARE YOU CRYING?), ahem, via their raw but intriguing double-album collection, The Dawning of Mournful Hymns was also my first experience with the funeral doom subgenre. Ever since I have been hooked on band and subgenre alike, and their 2009 effort is justification enough for the group’s appropriately slowly growing fan-base in the underground over the years, sporting just the right blend of ethereal romanticism and sludgy, droney death-march.

9. Keelhaul Triumphant Return to Obscurity. Maybe my many repeated listenings and placement of this album in my top ten is a symptom of absence making the heart grow desperate, but it was nigh impossible to find fault with the group’s expertly titled comeback album. It is testament enough to Keelhaul’s energy and ingenuity to state that their sound is just as fresh and interesting half-a-decade later as when they last left off, and a rarity that such a reunion effort can make one more excited about the band’s future than nostalgic about their past.

10. YOB The Great Cessation. Among many other cliched slogans my boss seems to automatically generate, “same church, different pew” certainly applies when considering YOB’s long-awaited return from purgatory when placed side-by-side with Keelhaul’s. Whereas the latter returns to the sound they innovated, the former returns to reassert their rightful inheritance of the throne presiding over the rest of the kingdom of doom, and their expert blending of virtually every style and era of that subgenre into one monolithic morass is still awe-inspiring to behold.

Honorable Mentions a/k/a “Thanks for Slaying”

19 A.D.D. – Dead River, Ablaze in HatredThe Quietude Plains, Animals as Leaders S/T, Antigama Warning, Between the Buried & Me The Great Misdirect, Bloodhorse Horizoner, Buried InsideSpoils of Failure, Burnt By the Sun Heart of Darkness, Converge Axe to Fall, Dysrhythmia Psychic Maps, Giant SquidThe Ichythologist, Jesu – Infinity & Opiate Sun, Martyrdod Sekt, Mastodon Crack the Skye, Nadja Under a Jaguar Sun, Belles Bettes, collaborations with Pyramids & Black-Boned Angel, Nile Those Whom the Gods Detest, Obscura Cosmogenesis, Our Survival Depends On UsPainful Stories Told With a Passion for Life, Porcupine Tree The Incident, Raised Fist Veil of Ignorance, Suffocation Blood Oath, Swallow the SunNew Moon, Tombs Winter Hours, Until Death Overtakes Me Days Without Hope, Woods of Ypres The Green  Album

Disappointments a/k/a “Dishonorable Discharges”

Clutch Strange Cousins from the West, Ensiferum From Afar, Shrinebuilder S/T


Top 20 of 2009:

1. Blut Aus NordMemoria Vetusta II. Beautiful, terrifying, exquisite and transcendent. The best black metal album I’ve heard since Anthems at the Welkin at Dusk, which not only makes this my #1 pick for 2009, but one of my favorite releases of the past ten years.

2. KalisiaCybion. This monumental space-opera stretches to the ends of the universe, with scope, ambition and technical fireworks to match its epic narrative. Mandatory listening for fans of melodic death and progressive metal.

3. InsomniumAcross the Dark. With this magnificent release, these Finnish death/doom masters have taken their already-sumptuous sound to even more soaring heights – and to even more miserable depths.

4. MastodonCrack the Skye. Russian mystics, astral projection and shaggy, psychedelic groove. Mastodon’s transformation is now complete, and although they may not pummel as hard as they used to, they’re more fascinating than ever.

5. WodensthroneLoss. Close your eyes and journey back into England’s murky, forgotten history with this fantastic pagan black metal odyssey – one of my all-time favorites in the genre.

6. KlabautamannMerkur. Although neither Enslaved nor Opeth had new releases in 2009, you could hear both bands’ signature sounds – jagged riffage and smooth, nocturnal lullabies – throughout this startling piece of black metal art.

7. AmorphisSkyforger. For a band I’d once left for dead, Amorphis has been having one hell of a renaissance. Once again, they know exactly how to deliver rousing, triumphant and gorgeous melodies, with the perfect blend of light and shade.

8. Blood TsunamiGrand Feast for Vultures. Dear Slayer: World Painted Blood was a decent return to form, although younger bands like these Norweigan thrashers write such amazing riffs that the bar keeps getting pushed higher and higher. Better luck next time.

9. ObscuraCosmogenesis. This was a toss-up between Nile, Gorod and these German tech-death wizards, who eventually won out with their catchy melodies, twisty cosmic riffs and twangy, Cynic-al basslines. Necrophagist who?

10. KatatoniaNight is the New Day. A noticeable shift in writing style made this the band’s most challenging album to date, but they’ve also never sounded more lush or haunting.

11. NileThose Whom the Gods Detest

12. GorodProcess of a New Decline

13. Wolves in the Throne RoomBlack Cascade

14. IsisWavering Radiant

15. Saint Deamon Pandaemonium

16. FenThe Malediction Fields

17. Absu – Absu

18. Centaurus-ASide Effects Expected

19. ImmortalAll Shall Fall

20. Woe of TyrantsKingdom of Might

Most Disappointing Releases of 2009:

1. Brutal Legend. Yeah, I know I gave it a glowing review, and the game is still a perfect love letter to metal, with an astoundingly realized world, a terrific story and an incredible soundtrack. Too bad I thought the RTS gameplay , clever as it was, turned the game into a chaotic, frustrating slog. I would much rather have played a straight-up action-adventure, or better yet, experienced Schafer’s unique vision as one amazing CG movie.

2. Dream TheaterBlack Clouds and Silver Linings. “A Nightmare to Remember” features some of my favorite DT melodies since Scenes from a Memory. Shame the rest of this album seemed rehashed and corny.

3. ClutchStrange Cousins from the West. I was okay with Clutch’s detour into Beale Street’s straightforward southern rock. I just didn’t want them to get stranded there. Bring back the bluesy prog-metal goodness of Blast Tyrant and Robot Hive/Exodus again!

Best Discoveries (of pre-‘09 releases):

1. 8-bit Metal. If underground black metal weren’t geeky enough, it definitely is when you listen to it as an 8-bit NES tune. It’s all over YouTube – and now we have a dedicated thread on the forums, where I’ve posted plenty of homebrew compilations of black metal, progressive and tech-death, even Maiden.

2. JanvsVega. An introspective, warmer take on progressive black metal with some lovely Opethian dynamics at play.

3. VolahnDimensiones del Trance Kosmico. Raw, chaotic and authentic Norweigan black metal by way of California’s Black Twilight Circle. Another jewel in the USBM crown.

4. SapfhierTrollskogen. Maybe it was the trollish, Kvist-like guitar tone or the waterlogged EDT-era Dimmu Borgir keys, but either way, I got a big nostalgic kick out of this album.

5. US ChristmasEat the Low Dogs. Rippling, spacey sludge with a southern gothic twist – like listening to 16 Horsepower during a particularly bad trip.

Favorite Songs of 2009:

1. Mastodon – “Divinations” 2. Insomnium – “Lay of the Autumn” 3. Amorphis – “Silver Bride” 4. Porcupine Tree – “Time Flies” 5. Blut Aus Nord – “Disciple’s Libration” 6. Blood Tsunami – “Personal Exorcism” 7. Lamb of God – “Choke Sermon” 8. Saint Deamon – “Pandaemonium” 9. Isis – “Ghost Key” 10. Nile – “Utterances of the Crawling Dead”


Best Albums of 2009:

1 .Blood Tsunami Grand Feast For Vultures – I liked Blood Tsunami’s debut, but this took things to a whole new level. Blackened, nasty thrash metal with a enough killer riffs to level an entire city. Easily the best thrash album of the past decade.

2.God DethronedPassiondale – This was a very close contender for my AOTY spot. This album is just a beast, from the monster riffs, great lead work and melodies to the absolutely pulverizing drumming of Roel Sanders to the engaging World War I concept centered around the Battle of Passchendaele. I couldn’t get enough of it.

3.Darkane Demonic Art – I’ve become kind of a fanboy of this band over the past few years with their blazing, wall of sound approach to death/thrash. They keep things fresh each outing, continuously expanding and moving their sound forward, and Demonic Art is no exception.

4.Be’lakorStone’s Reach – I’m still floored that one of the bigger metal labels hasn’t snatched these guys up yet. Slightly progressive melodic death with some doom-y elements that is superbly executed and infinitely memorable.

5.GoatwhoreCarving Out the Eyes of God – One of my surprises of the year. I wasn’t ever a big fan of their first couple albums, but as they’ve moved in a more black/thrash direction with this and it’s predecessor A Haunting Curse, they’ve quickly converted me into a huge fan.

6.Kreator Hordes of Chaos – Mille and Co. are pure win these days. Of all the big thrash names from 80’s, no one is kicking as much ass as Kreator since the turn of the millennium. Hordes of Chaos is easily on par with the previous two albums in being the best work they’ve ever done.

7.Between the Buried and MeThe Great Misdirect – I loved Alaska 4 years ago, but for some reason I never got on board with it’s follow up Colors, despite endless praise wherever you looked. I guess I was just too preoccupied with other releases to give it it’s proper due. The Great Misdirect however, had me hook, line and sinker after 4 or 5 spins as it’s leaps and bounds ahead of Alaska. The influences here are far ranging, but no matter what they do, it just works and never fails to blow my mind.

8.VektorBlack Future – This one came out of nowhere and totally floored me on the first spin. These young cats from Arizona pay homage to Voivod with their logo but not as much as you’d think in their sound. Sure the influence is there, but as others suggested and I found out for myself, they sounded much closer to Deathrow’s Deception Ignored. I even detect a just a little Rust In Peace era Megadeth in there. Long, complex songs with all around great axe work, blackened vocals and the occasional falsetto make these guys really stand out among the current crop of thrash ‘revival’ bands.

9.SkeletonwitchBreathing the Fire As with the two albums that came before it, Breathing the Fire is a truckload of awesome blackened thrash with NWOBHM overtones. Easily one of my favorite new bands.

10.Insomnium Across the Dark – I was a casual fan of this band before, but Across the Dark changes that, as they’ve taken their game to a whole new level here. Beautifully depressing.

11.HypocrisyA Taste of Extreme Divinity

12.AdagioArchangels in Black

13.Hirax El Rostro de la Muerte

14.SlayerWorld Painted Blood

15.RevocationExistence is Futile

16.The Empire Shall FallAwaken

17.The Black Dahlia MurderDeflorate

18.Obscura Cosmogenesis

19.Lay Down RottenGospel of the Wretched

20.Rumpelstiltskin GrinderLiving for Death, Destroying the Rest

21.Dreaming DeadWithin One

22.Razor of OccamHomage to Martyrs

23.Dying FetusDescend Into Depravity

24.Centaurus-ASide Effects Expected

25.Infinitum ObscureSub Atris Caelis


1.Barren EarthOur Twilight

2.HollenthonTyrants and Wraiths

3.Spirit Disease Spawn of Satan


AmoralShow Your Colors – I knew it was going to be bad when Niko Kalliojärvi left the band and was replaced by Finnish Idol winner Ari Koivunen, but this far exceeds any expectations I had in terms of utter shit. The switch in style from technical melodic death metal to watered down, poppy power metal is the worst I’ve ever seen. Originally they had said Koivunen would still be doing some growls along with the clean vocals, but it seems they opted for the full sell out instead. Never before have I gone from liking a band so much to hating them so much – this band is fucking dead.

MegadethEndgame – I had really high hopes for this with the arrival of Chris Broderick and of course all the fluff Dave talked leading up to it’s release, but was ultimately disappointed. It’s not really a bad album – I’d say it’s easily on par with the last two – because a couple of these songs are easily the best songs Dave has written since his heyday, but others are among his worst or just flat out boring. Terrible lyrics abound and Dave’s vocal performance is lacking.

Scar SymmetryDark Matter Dimensions – This is actually a good album, especially musically. It’s disappointing that one of the two replacements for ex-vocalist Christian Alvestam failed to really impress me at all. Maybe I’m just a rabid Alvestam fan, but I couldn’t get into it.


CynicTraced in Air – I listened to this one 5 or 6 times right after it’s release but it just wasn’t clicking. Almost immediately after posting my year end list everywhere it was like a switch went off when I heard it again at a buddies house and it was suddenly one of my favorite albums of 08. A great piece of work that easily stands up to Focus.

RevocationEmpire of the Obscene – I discovered this one shortly after the first of the year and was instantly a fan. Just a notch below their new, Relapse released album Existence is Futile.


Naglfar – I’ve known them by name only for some time now, but have long ignored them due to the black metal tag. A friend recently changed that when he had me listen to Pariah, which blew me away. Great band.

Ihsahn – Exact same story as above, except the album was The Adversary.

DeathrowDecpetion Ignored – When comparisons were made to it about Vektor’s Black Future, I had to investigate. Top shelf prog/tech thrash from Germany is what I got. How did it take this long for me to discover these guys and why haven’t more people been singing their praises?

Liers in WaitSpiritually Uncontrolled Art – I’ve got to thank the guys on the boards in the Now Playing thread for this one – this is excellent.


Blood Tsunami – “Personal Exorcism”, Dethklok – “Laser Cannon Death Sentence”, Rumpelstiltskin Grinder – “Brainwasher c.1655”, Kreator – “Warcurse”, Between the Buried and Me – “Fossil Genera – A Feed From Cloud Mountain”, Be’lakor – “Countless Skies”, God Dethroned – “Poison Fog”, Slayer – “Public Display of Dismemberment”, Vektor – “Forests of Legend”, Megadeth – “1,320”.


2009 blew the doors wide open and it hasn’t stopped all year. The amount of great shit that I have heard and have yet to hear is astonishing. What a great year for metal. 2010 looks to have a great start as well. Happy New Year!

Best Albums of 2009:

1. KatatoniaNight is the New Day

2. InsomniumAcross the Dark

3. Paradise Lost Faith Divides Us, Death Unites Us

4. SkyfireEsoteric

5. UlcerateEverything is Fire

6. ObscuraCosmogenesis

7. Be’lakorStones Reach

8. Blut Aus NordMemoria Vetusta II – Dialogue With the Stars

9. Mastodon Crack the Skye

10. Revocation Existence is Futile

Honorable Mentions

1. Shrinebuilder Shrinebuilder

2. FissionPain Parade

3. MegadethEndgame

4. BehemothEvangelion

5. Burnt by the SunHeart of Darkness

6. Novembers DoomInto Nights Requiem Infernal

7. While Heaven WeptVast Oceans Lachrymose

8. AuguryFragmentary Evidence

9. SuidakraCrogacht

10. Wine from TearsThrough the Eyes of a Mad


Top Albums of 2009

You have no idea how much I agonize about this list. Keeping track of all the releases throughout the year can be mentally taxing. I review one hell of a lot of albums and listen to a fairly wide variety of metal, which is why I put together a Top 30 with honorable mentions; trust me, it’s only a fraction of the albums I’ve heard. Then there is that whole thing about “best” album versus “favorite” album. Consider an album like Altar of Plagues’ White Tomb. It is an incredible album, but I’ve got to be in a specific mood to listen to it. Is it a better album than, say, Fatalists’ The Depths of Inhumanity? Maybe not, but the fact remains that I’m typically more inclined to throw in the Fatalist disc. What is most important to realize is that there is not a lot of difference between, for example, an album at the number 15 spot versus one at the number 25 spot. It is what it is.

1. GoatwhoreCarving Out the Eyes of God (Metal Blade)

2. Lions Share, Dark Hours (Blistering)

3. Napalm Death, Time Waits for No Slave (Century Media)

4. Slough Feg Ape Uprising (Cruz Del Sur)

5. Burnt by the SunHeart of Darkness (Relapse)

6. Brutal TruthEvolution Through Revolution (Relapse)

7. Saxon Into the Labyrinth (SPV)

8. WeaponDrakonian Paradigm (The Ajna Offensive)

9. MardukWormwood (Regain)

10. WhiplashUnborn Again (Puverised)

11. The Red ChordFed Through the Teeth Machine (Metal Blade)

12. God ForbidEarthsblood (Century Media)

13. HypocrisyA Taste of Extreme Divinity (Nuclear Blast)

14. AcheronThe Final Conflict: Last Days of God (Ibex Moon)

15. FatalistThe Depths of Inhumanity (Ibex Moon)

16. Lye by Mistake Fea Jur (Black Market Activities)

17. GoreaphobiaMortal Repulsion (Ibex Moon)

18. Shadows Fall Retribution (Everblack Industries)

19. HiraxEl Rostro De La Muerte (Deep Six)

20. ObscuraCosmogenesis (Relapse)

21. AsphyxDeath…The Brutal Way (Ibex Moon)

22. Ahab The Divinity of Oceans (Napalm)

23. Dagon Terraphobic (Bombworks)

24. MumakilBehold the Failure (Relapse)

25. Altar of PlaguesWhite Tomb (Profound Lore)

26. FistulaBurdened by your Existence (Plague Island)

27. The Company BandThe Company Band (Restricted)

28. TeitanbloodSeven Chalices (Norma Evangelium Diaboli)

29. Impetuous RitualRelentless Execution of Ceremonial Excrescence (Profound Lore)

30. 16 Bridges to Burn (Relapse)

Honorable Mention

IgnivomousDeath Transmutation; CandlemassDeath Magic Doom; General SurgeryCorpus In Extremis; SuperchristDefenders of the Filth; Fleshgod ApocalypseOracles; Crystal ViperMetal Nation; DemonicalHellsworn; Bleeding FistBestial Kruzifix666ion; The ChasmFarseeing the Paranormal Abysm; HatebreedHatebreed; Death Before Dishonor Better Ways to Die; SuffocationBlood Oath; WitchmasterTrücizna; Cage Science of Annihilation. Ace FrehleyAnomaly


Top 10 of 2009

1. Heaven and Hell, The Devil You Know. Call this a fanboy pick if you want, but I’ve continued to return to this record time and time again over the course of the year. I really think the songs here blow away much of the stuff being done by musicians who could be their great-grandchildren.

2. Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Night Castle. Fans waited a long time for this one, and it was worth it. It’s got a good blend of rock and classical, with some of the most metallic moments on any of their records. There are also a couple of Savatage covers thrown in for good measure.

3. Alestorm, Black Sails at Midnight. Alestorm’s second record is just as much fun as their first was, and the music is better.

4. Amorphis, Skyforger. I find myself firmly back in the Amorphis fan fold after this record. To me, it’s easily the best thing they’ve done since “Elegy.”

5. Saint Deamon, Pandeamonium. This was my introduction to Saint Deamon, and I was immediately impressed. It’s got a great blend of heaviness and melody.

6. Megadeth, Endgame. No, it wasn’t “Rust In Peace” part 2, like Mustaine promised, but I didn’t expect it to be. It’s a rock solid record that’s among the best, if not the best they’ve done since the 1980s.

7. Luna Mortis, The Absence. I’d reviewed a record from this band under their former name, Ottoman Empire, but couldn’t remember much about it. The first album as Luna Mortis, though, pretty much blew me away early in the year.

8. Machines of Grace, Machines of Grace. The band features two former Savatage members, and it’s no secret that I’m a Savatage fanboy, but the music has little to do with that band. This is old-fashioned 1970s-style hard rock with a few progressive leanings.

9. Black Water Rising, Black Water Rising. I’m not sure if this record has officially been released yet, but I’ve been digging the promo since April. It’s some of the best straight-up hard rock I’ve heard in a while.

10. Alice in Chains, Black Gives Way to Blue. I didn’t want to like Alice in Chains without Layne Staley, but I do.

Honorable Mentions (in no particular order):

God Forbid, Earthsblood. With more progressive leanings, God Forbid is about the only band from the metalcore movement that remains in my playlist.

Lazarus A.D., The Onslaught. This may be the best band to come out of the neo-thrash movement.

Goatwhore, Carving Out the Eyes of God. I’ve never been a big fan of my hometown boys, but this record impressed me.

Ensiferum, From Afar. The best folk metal I heard this year outside of Alestorm.

Lacuna Coil, Shallow Life. Yeah, it’s incredibly poppy and commercial, but I still liked it.

Favorite songs of the year (in no particular order):

“Bible Black,” Heaven and Hell. The best song they’ve recorded since “Heaven and Hell.”

“Keelhauled,” Alestorm. Just try and resist this melody. It’s impossible.

“Another Way You Can Die,” Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Featuring Jeff Scott Soto on vocals, this is a very metallic, very Savatage-flavored tune. Probably the heaviest in the TSO catalog.

“The Only One Sane,” Saint Deamon. Great riffing, undeniable melody, fantastic song.

“Hold the Heathen Hammer High,” Tyr. I can’t resist the big melody of this tune. I have to crank it every time it comes on.

“Silver Bride,” Amorphis. This song wormed its way into my head within a few days and hasn’t left.

“Six Times Dead (16.6),” Primal Fear. I can’t get enough of the military march chorus of this song.

“A Tap Dancer’s Dilemma,” Diablo Swing Orchestra. A great blend of big band and rock. I wish more of the record were in this vein.

“Floyd,” Lynyrd Skynyrd. The first of two completely non-metal songs on my list. Co-written by John 5, this tune is a great, grooving, creepy hard rocker worth a listen even for hardcore metal fans.

“127 Rose Avenue,” Hank Williams Jr. No metal at all here, but it’s a dark, haunting number that’s easily the best he’s recorded in decades.

“No Halos,” Black Water Rising. Great hook, solid hard rock.

“Last of My Kind,” Alice in Chains. Easily the best song on the new record with a great, raging hard rock chorus.

Most Promising Discoveries of 2009:

White Wizzard. I know I gave them some grief for the spelling of their name and their two-year-old EP which was released by Earache this year, but it did show a lot of promise. I’ve kept up with some of the stuff they’re doing for their official Earache debut “Over the Top,” and I’ve got high hopes for it.

The Sin Committee. Their EP was one of the best sets I’ve heard from an unsigned band lately. I’m interested to see where they go from here.

Biggest Disappointments of 2009:

Tim “Ripper” Owens, Play My Game. I had hoped this record was going to blow me away, but it turns out to be an average hard rock album. Here’s hoping Richard Christy’s Charred Walls of the Damned provides some more inspiring work from Owens.

Lillian Axe, Sad Day on Planet Earth. After a big comeback with Waters Rising, one of the staples of my youth follows it up with a mediocre effort that isn’t helped by poor production values. There are good songs, but it’s an overall disappointment.

Kiss, Sonic Boom. Not that I expected greatness from a new Kiss record, but I expected more than this phoned-in attempt to relive the 1970s.


Best Album: Sunn O)))Monoliths And Dimensions

Favorite Album: Post Mortem Message From The Dead

Most overhyped: Suicide Silence

Best album cover: Slough Feg – Ape Uprising

Best festival: Maryland Deathfest

Best compilation: Swedish Death Metal

Best comeback: Asphyx

Best metal purchases: Mystifier, Baphometic Goat Worship vinyl box set (Nuclear War Now Productions); Cripple Bastards Age of Vandalism CD box set (Selfmadegod).

Most bizarre concert experiences: Watching Mortuus of Marduk hip toss a fan who jumped on stage and hugged him; the girl in the front row of Cephalic Carnage who picked up an old cup of what appeared to be whiskey and backwash and chugged it; the “models” making the rounds at MDF who were barely clothed and looked like rejects from a Charles Band b-movie production; any concert without The Faceless in an opening slot; the Repulsion show in New York, held in what appeared to be a converted sweat lodge.

Biggest letdown: 1349 Revelations of the Black Flame

Album I heard way to late but should be included somewhere because it rules: Cobalt, Gin

Band I interviewed this year that I am least likely to listen to: Leaves’ Eyes

Frequent traveler miles: Goatwhore

Favorite new discoveries: White Mice; Wicked King Wicker; Tribulation (Sweden); Sollubi ; Hyadningar

Biggest bummers: Deaths of John McCarthy (Post Mortem) and Lux Interior (The Cramps); demise of the print edition of Metal Maniacs.

Honor roll: The Gates of Slumber, Hymns of Blood and Thunder; Nile, Those Whom The Gods Detest; Napalm Death, Time Waits For No Slave; Goatwhore, Carving Out The Eyes Of God ; Isis, Wavering Radiant; Converge, Axe To Fall; Vreid, Milorg; Deathspell Omega, Chaining The Katechon; Magrudergrind, S/T; Baroness, Blue; Lye By Mistake, Fea Jur; White Mice, Gajahovadose; Wicked King Wicker, Borne Black; Brutal Truth, Evolution Through Revolution

Most anticipated 2010: Pig Destroyer; Cretin; Nachtmystium; Decrepit Birth


Allow me to preface this list by saying that 2009 was a lazy listening year for me; the birth of my son in February made doing other things (such as checking out new music, sleeping, bathing, holding onto my sanity, etc.) difficult. There are no doubt plenty of releases not yet heard that would make this list had I checked them out. Inevitably, though, I won’t get around to listening to them until 2010 and by that point it will obviously be too late. So fuck it. Lazy as I am, that doesn’t mean these ears were deaf to heavy metal in 2009, and there were quite a few albums that stayed in my head long after they were done playing…those are listed here.

1. Kreator Hordes of Chaos. One of the most anticipated and most played album of 2009 for me. Not quite as excellent as 2005’s Enemy of God, but impeccable Kreator melodies and great energy made this a stellar album.

2. Ravage The End of Tomorrow.What can I say? I’m a sucker for melody and a vintage metal feel/sound. This album has got both. Would kick me in the balls if I had some.

3. Mastodon Crack the Skye.Dreamy, hazy stoner prog that swirled around in my brain and begged to be listened to over and over. Great album to mellow out to, and thought-provoking as well. Even without drugs.

4. Wolf Ravenous. A melodic exercise in ass-kicking and true metal to the core. I thank the gods of metal for the efforts from these Swedes.

5. HypocrisyA Taste of Extreme Divinity.Hypocrisy’s near-legendary style continues to evolve as the years fly by. This one gels the best of the band’s components fluidly.

6. Vader Necropolis.It’s crunchy, it’s evil, and delicious with sprinkles on top. True Vader, true Polish death metal.

7. Pestilence Resurrection Macabre. Being a huge Pestilence fan made this another most anticipated release for me. Wasn’t quite what I’d expected, but its combination of brutal groove and classic Pestilence mysticism grabbed me.

8. Blood Tsunami Grand Feast for Vultures. Thrashing their way through the follow-up to 2007’s aptly titled Thrash Metal, these dudes up the ante here. Great cover art, too.

9. Skeletonwitch Breathing the Fire. A modern metal monolith with just the right amount of infectious melody and potent ferocity.

10. Bleeding FistBestial Kruzifix666ion. Unholy blackened death from Slovenia. Less on the melodic side than my other selections this year, but no less deserving of a top 10 spot.

Honorable Mentions

Suidakra Crogacht, Slough FegApe Uprising, Cannibal CorpseEvisceration Plague, Destroy Destroy DestroyBattle Sluts, Cauldron Chained to the Nite, Razormaze The True Speed of Steel,Crescent Shield The Stars of Never Seen,Obscura Cosmogenesis,Dreaming DeadWithin One, Megadeth Endgame.

Most Entertaining

Steel Panther Feel the Steel, White Wizzard High Speed GTO

Worst Album of 2009…and Possibly Ever

Throwdown Deathless


Best of 2009 (top 20)

No discernable order, this year I was spoiled rotten.

Kickback No Surrender

Earth CrisisTo the Death

Merauder God is I

Converge Axe to Fall

Ingested Surpassing the Boundaries of Human Suffering

Vomit the soul Apostles of Inexpression

Strength for a ReasonBurden of Hope

Providence Far Beyond our Depth

Impending Doom The Serpent Servant

Human Mincer Degradation Paradox

Devourment Unleash the Carnivore

Despondency Revelation IV Nemesis

Cheyenne Doom Prophets

Embryonic Depravity Constrained by the Miscarriage of Conquest

Enemy Mind/Line of Scrimmage Split

The Empire Shall FallAwaken

Verdict/Hoy Es el Dia/Shiver3 way split

Megadeth Endgame

Trapped Under Ice Secrets of the World

Dying Fetus Descend into Depravity

I must stress that this is limited within what I listen to the most (i.e. hardcore and brutal death metal), the odd man out being Megadeth, which, grew, and grew on me considerably.

If I had got the albums when I had ordered them (still waiting on the new ones by Nile, Red Chord, Immortal, Marduk, Hatebreed, Gorgoroth and quite a few more) then the top 20 would have taken a more eclectic shape.

Best Live Bands

1) Kickback – smashed it at Hellfest, by far one of the most powerful bands I have seen live ever.

2) Terror – saw them 3 times in three different countries, licked it each time.

3) Metallica – 3 times in 2 countries, again, smacked it every time.

4) Between the Buried & Me – Finally, after 7 years of waiting, I got to sample this marvel in the flesh.

5) Arkangel – Belgian masters never fail to get the blood pumping

6) E.Town Concrete – all they had to do was play “End of the rainbow,” they did, I spinkicked so much it would put washing machines to shame.

7) Cold World – licked it in New England.

8) Earth Crisis – would have been higher as the performance was great but the show itself was dismal.

9) Cold Hard Truth – this UK Beatdown monster is going places.

10) Despised Icon – they get tighter every time.

Interests for 2010

Misery Signals – new album/tour please.

Shattered Realm – clarification on status, are you done, alive?

Bulldoze – ditto.

Knuckledust, Ninebar – UKHC in general. The LBU needs to get back on track and dropping more albums and crush all this wimpy shit doing the rounds right now.

Goodlife Recordings – Once the label in Europe is looking to take back it’s crown with some interesting prospects in the pipeline.

Italian Death Metal & Hardcore – Not a bad year for us in 2009, (Vomit the Soul, Septycal Gorge, To Kill, Fleshgod Apocalypse) let’s carry it on in 2010.

Unique Leader – they are dropping 4 new releases in January all of which look spicy, exciting year ahead.

Colonize the rotting – ridiculous tech-death-slam-groove, EP was promising, full length promises to exterminate all.

Vomitous – this Swedish slam monolith is frustratingly slow at getting their act together, LAY OFF THE BONGS!

Cold Hard Truth – Full length is taking shape and promises to wreak havoc on dance floors across Europe.

Japan – Home of a ridiculous amount of amazing bands that are like Vomitous, they take too long to get stuff done, but fortunately Extinguish the Fire, Loyal to the Grave and more look set drop some new material in 2010.

Nuclear Blast – Immolation, Testament, All Shall Perish and a lot more are dropping new albums.

Disgorge – brutal DM legends need to get their groove back on despite the loss of Ben Marlin.

Razorback Records – discovered the brilliance of this label only this year, a purchasing frenzy ensued, 2010 I am sure will be as fruitful.



  1. Commented by: Scott Alisoglu

    Glad to see Lye By Mistake mentioned, Justin. Was wondering if I’d be the only one to give it props. And I’m not even that big a fan of instrumental albums.

  2. Commented by: Justin Norton

    Glad you got it in there as well. It’s a terrific album — seems not to have made many lists anywhere but I think it’s going to be remembered in the future. It’s too good to be forgotten. Agreed on instrumental albums — they are usually a train wreck when metal is involved (with the exception of Blotted Science) but LBM just kills.

    Thought I had heard a lot this year but looking at all of these interesting lists makes me realize there’s more to dig into from 2009.

  3. Commented by: Infinite Death

    Hmm, let’s see…

    1. Painted in Exile – Revitalized (absolutely stunning progressive deathcore with jazzy bits and splendid in every instrument including the vocalist, who is wonderful…they are a relatively new band so PLEASE CHECK THEM OUT)

    2. Scale the Summit – Carving Desert Canyons (I don’t think I’ve ever heard so much emotion come out of a metal band with no vocalist. Beautiful, monumental instrumental prog)

    3. Within the Ruins – Creature (technical metalcore…really fun and enjoyable to listen to. A plethora of riffs, but still memorable nonetheless)

    4. The Eyes of a Traitor – Misconceptions (this metalcore/deathcore record has grown on me through the course of the year, to the point where I can say I love it. Every single song is a keeper and comes full of melody, heaviness, and emotion at the same time)

    5. Fleshgod Apocalypse – Oracles (insane classically influenced brutal death metal from Italy…not really sure what to say about this one besides the fact that it kicks my ass while still having class every time I listen)

    6. Augury – Fragmentary Evidence (progressive death metal…didn’t like their first disc, Concealed, that much, but after I heard this I was stunned. I went back to concealed and I now love it. Excellent, excellent band. The vocal interlude on Brimstone Landscapes is breath taking)

    Honorable Mentions (All worth checking out!):

    Molotov Solution – The Harbinger (deathcore)
    Inferi – The End of an Era (melodic death metal)
    Stray From the Path – Make Your Own History (metalcore)
    The Red Chord – Fed Through the Teeth Machine (deathcore more or less)
    Enfold Darkness – Our Cursed Rapture (blackcore lol)
    Cormorant – Metazoa (black metal)
    The Contortionist – Apparition (progressive deathcore)
    Conducting from the Grave – When Legends Become Dust (metalcore)
    Centaurus-A – Side Effects Expected (technical death metal)
    Austere – To Lay Like Old Ashes (depressive suicidal black metal)
    The Arusha Accord – The Echo Verses (technical metalcore)

    Best Free Release:

    Sumatra – Heliocratic Infinity (deathcore)

    Biggest Disappointments (previous records were much better):

    Persefone – Shin-ken (progressive/melodic death metal)
    Gorod – Process of a New Decline (technical death metal)
    Darkest Hour – The Eternal Return (metalcore)
    Born of Osiris – A Higher Place (deathcore)
    Between the Buried and Me – The Great Misdirect (progressive metalcore)

  4. Commented by: Erik Thomas

    Thats a good list Infinite- i also second Enfold Darkness, Conducting from the grave and Cormorant and very good records, Ill have to look into that Painted in Exile….

    Kolony Records just sent me that Persefone.

  5. Commented by: Infinite Death

    Persefone’s first two records were really amazing…Shin-Ken is a change in style I guess you could say, which is mainly why I’m disappointed. Still take a shot at it though…it’s got some nice moments.

  6. Commented by: Wreksoul

    The majority of the deserving releases got some form of mention above, so I’m pleased. I am a bit shocked that no one mentioned what imo is one of the best of the year, and definitely in the ‘best comeback’ category as well, the new Sacrifice! These are underappreciated thrash pioneers, and their new record just *slays* – get it and review it!

  7. Commented by: Nick

    Bens list FTW! :D

  8. Commented by: axiom

    Nice picks from the scribes, many of my favorites were mentioned. I was curious how Gojira would fare, major disappointment I thought.

  9. Commented by: timshel

    Wow, if you guys had to pick an official TOTD album of the year, what would it be? Some names show up on multiple lists but there’s not much agreement in ranking.

    And what happened to Igor Stakh?

  10. Commented by: Timmy

    Top 10 (9) of 2009, in no order…..
    —Swallow the Sun: New Moon
    —Drudkh: Microcosmos
    —Ablaze in Hatred: The Quietude Plains
    —Tales of Dark: Perdition Calls
    —Immortal: All Shall Fall
    —Be’lakor: Stone’s Reach
    —Amorphis: Skyforger
    —Faust: From Glory to Infinity
    —Paradise Lost: Faith Divides Us…
    Honorable Munitions: Blut Aus Nord, For Ruin, Behemoth, Defamer, Saattue, Nazxul, Vidres a la Sang, Insomnium, Solstafir, Obscura

  11. Commented by: josh duffy



  12. Commented by: bast

    No Madder Mortem´s Eight Ways?
    If you havent heard it, you have not listened to what is essential in 2009. My number 1 for shure closely followed by Katatonia.

  13. Commented by: Nick Taxidermy

    glad to see all the mentions of Memoria Vetusta II. Blut Aus Nord came back in a big way there, better than they’ve been since The Work Which Transforms God.

  14. Commented by: timshel

    Hey bast, Madder Mortem was my favorite metal record of the year as well. I’m glad I’m not alone! I have no idea why the band was largely ignored by metal review sites — perhaps Peaceville didn’t promote the record very well. Either way, it’s a damn shame because “Eight Ways” is the band’s best work so far. Every song is a winner.

  15. Commented by: 19ADD

    John, thanks for the honorable mention! next one will end up in your top ten for sure!

  16. Commented by: gabaghoul

    @ axiom: Gojira was last year

  17. Commented by: gabaghoul

    @ Timshel: Igor’s been on sabbatical, had some family stuff. So that’s why our coverage has been light on the power/prog as of late :)

  18. Commented by: Erik Thomas

    Hey Infinite Death- thanks for the PIE rec. I donwloaded it over the weekend- amazing stuff.

  19. Commented by: SRK

    Two observations:

    1. Cobalt’s _Gin_ hardly got mentioned! Very surprising.

    2. Glad to see that Grimulfr mentioned Borgia’s _Ecclesia_. One of my favourite albums of the year.

  20. Commented by: Erik Thomas

    @SRK- I actually had Gin on my list until the last minute, then made some changes.

  21. Commented by: Infinite Death

    No problem Erik…always trying to plug them whenever I can hahah.

  22. Commented by: gabaghoul

    how the fuck did I miss this Callisto album???

  23. Commented by: opy666

    @Wrecksoul…I’m with you brother…Sacrifice was the best thrash album of the year and in my top 20…I also agree with those who mentioned Cobalt and Callisto…great albums both…to those who love Madder Mortem, I just don’t get it, but just goes to show how subjective personal taste is and if you love it more power to you….albums I loved that got little or no mention are…

    Ahab – the divinity of oceans
    the chasm – farseeing the paranormal abysm
    the ruins of beverast – foulest semen of a sheltered elite
    destroyer 666 – defiance
    Ea – EaII
    Fen – the malediction fields
    fondlecorpse – creaturegore
    mistur – attende
    nazxul – Iconoclast
    the prophecy – into the light
    razor of occam – homage to martyrs
    tribulation – the horror
    slugathor – echoes from beneath
    solstafir – Kold
    Urna – Iter ad Lucem
    While Heaven Wept – Vast Oceans Lachrymose
    Wodensthrone – loss

  24. Commented by: Erik Thomas

    I thought the Callisto was a real let donwn after the amazing Noir.

  25. Commented by: gabaghoul

    never heard Noir, this one is my first taste but I really like the sound of it. will have to go back and check out their earlier albums

  26. Commented by: smacked out hooker

    Eric did you get a chance to check out Monsters? there ep is spectacular.

    top 10 in no particular order

    despised icon
    man must die
    the red chord
    the world we knew
    august burns red
    cattle decapitation
    for the fallen dreams

    But do check out Monsters Erik they are spectacular!!!

  27. Commented by: smacked out hooker

    shit I cannot believe I forgot Nile and the black dahlia murder haha

  28. Commented by: opy666

    Most overlooked album of the year (including by me) due to its late release date:

    Nokturnal Mortum – The Voice of Steel

    it’s just absolutely stunning…one of the best of the Decade.

  29. Commented by: Chris Ayers

    I was happy to see Callisto up there in the lists — it made mine, too, and I was skeptical that their adding a lead singer for the first time would be better. Sometimes it’s refreshing to be WRONG!

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