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Helgardh – The Black Flame Descent

 USBM is an interesting animal. When placed next to it’s European counterparts it seems more savage, feral if you will. Like it feels like it has to prove something in order to be accepted. Sad but true, and while there are great American Black Metal bands, Helgardh is going to have to work to be […]

Funereality – Bloodsucking Freak

The one man band image from the past is usually that of a oafish, disheveled man with a bass drum on his back and various instruments strapped to his body. These days you get a leather clad metalhead crouching in front of a tombstone. So, yeah the times have changed. Funereality is a singular operation […]

Arduous Task/ Gravewurm – Spawn of the Sacrilege Split

Wow, my first review for TOTD, and I just happen to pick a split album. Spawn of the Sacrilege? Hmmmm, sounds interesting. Now, normally I like split albums, especially with HPGD since they usually put out some pretty quality ones, but every once in awhile I’ll get one that just doesn’t work out as possibly […]

Soul Remnants – Black and Blood

Black and Blood marks the second full-length release in a decade long existence from Boston death metal mercenaries Soul Remnants. And it’s a formidable beast of a death metal album, holding the proud tradition of the genres storied past close to heart. Soul Remnants nail the often elusive knack of songcraft, managing to sound fresh […]

The Beyond – Frostbitepanzerfuck

I had high hopes for an album named Frostbitepanzerfuck, but alas, the debut full-length from this Pennsylvania quartet is a maddeningly inconsistent release that sputters between sleazy blackened thrash and punky, sorta Autopsy-ish, crusty metal, and neither is really that well done. And while the band obviously has their tongue in cheek with the album […]

Apocryphon/Fabricant – Split

Throughout the years, split EPs between two or more bands have always been one of the greatest nuances of the entire metal scene. It’s always been an inexpensive (and just downright cool) way to sample a few bands that one might not ordinarily spend hard-earned money on. There is nothing worse than dropping some coin […]

Coffins/Spun in Darkness – Split 7” (Reissue)

Originally released back in 2009 on vinyl, the initial run of this split sold old. At just 500 records pressed, it was only a matter of time before this 7” was gone forever. Considering the slow groundswell that Tokyo, Japan’s Coffins has been enjoying over the past few years, it was inevitable. What else that […]

Minax – Vengeance Rising EP (Reissue)

The gents over at Horror Pain Gore Death Productions have been steady with their reissues and whatnot. This time around, the label was kind enough to re-release the out of print EP from Canada’s thrash troupe Minax. Vengeance Rising is a collection of five pissed off, riff-laden thrash tracks that are as in your face […]

Coffins/Macabra – In Quarantine With Death

Who doesn’t like an old-fashioned two-way split on vinyl? Well, I would if I owned a phonograph. I sadly grew up in the time of the cassette tape, which was smashed in between the CD revolution and the death of the vinyl record. The older metalheads who, of course, are the only ones whose opinions […]

Abscess – Urine Junkies (Reissue)

Easily one of the coolest reissues in recent memory, Horror Pain Gore Death Productions is kind enough to exhume the rotten corpse of the awesome Urine Junkies from the (sadly) defunct Abscess. Originally released way back in 1995 before the Bay Area sickos ever released an official full-length, Urine Junkies is a collection of their […]

Shadows in the Crypt – Cryptic Communications

One of the recent forum threads here at Teeth of the Divine tried to define a signature sound or aesthetic for USBM (that’s American black metal for those of you in the dark). I arrived at the conclusion that it’s a meaningless exercise, because the term is so broad. Just as the United States contains […]

Fisthammer – Devour All You See

Hailing from Philadelphia, Fisthammer are a young band who have decided to eschew the current retro, throwback trend and go for a modern, clean take on death metal and throw in a smorgasbord of elements. The result is a pretty solid album that takes a while to get going, but has a lot of promise […]

Sacrificial Slaughter/Enfuneration – American Death Thrash

American Death Thrash is the perfect title for this 10 song split between Oklahoma’s Sacrificial Slaughter and California’s Enfuneration. 10 tracks, 5 from each of  good ol’  fashioned American metal, with Sacrificial Slaughter firmly gripping the thrash element and Enfuneration being more of the death metal side. Sacrificial Slaughter are the more veteran act with […]