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Parasitic Ejaculation – Isolation

I’ve been following California’s Parasitic Ejaculation since 2012 with their Sickening Conduct ep, dropping on the scene to a little buzz.  5 years later and the band have just dropped Isolation, their third full-length onto our laps.  If you’re new to the Parasitic Ejaculation party and unsure of their sound, well brutal slam death metal […]

Gigan – Undulating Waves of Rainbiotic Iridescence

So there are death metal bands and then there is Gigan… In a category all their own, from a galaxy unknown to man and from the brain of mainman Eric Hersemann. I guess if you want some kind of direction with their style, think: Ulcerate, Voivod, Artificial Brain, Gorguts, Doctor Who, Cerebral chaos, Sci-Fi, Space […]

Sinister – Syncretism

Ever since Sinister’s killer comeback album, Afterburner in 2006, the band has literally been on fire and playing with as much purpose as when they first began slaughtering listeners in the early 90’s. Syncretism is the band’s 12th full-length. I won’t include the Dark Memorials album, as that is a covers album. Ok, let’s cut […]

Necrowretch – Satanic Slavery

Necrowretch, from France, return with their third long-player, Satanic Slavery and on a brand new label-Season of Mist.  I’ve been following the band since their debut album, Putrid Death Sorcery in 2013 and struck up some cool convos with guitarist/vocalist Vlad, after interviewing them back then.  The band has no shortage of material, either.  Releasing […]

Afterbirth – The Time Traveler’s Dilemma

Long Island, New York’s long running Afterbirth had a re-birth 4 years ago.  Guitarist, Cody Drasser was like ‘OK, let’s get this shit going and finally get our debut album out’.  You see, Afterbirth began in the 90’s and while I was in Internal Bleeding we played shows with them and they were always great live and […]

Undergang – Misantropologi

Ok, Dark Descent Records has been hitting slam dunks all over the place, this year with their releases.  Now Unique Leader Records, is getting pretty close, with their outstanding releases and will it be DDR for the fourth time claiming label of the year, in my year’s end best or not?  While it remains to […]

Necrot – Blood Offerings

Knowing I was going to see Undergang, live in Baltimore and seeing Necrot was touring with them I knew I had to check them out.  Luckily Larry Larriland Lapinsky told me Necrot kicked ass and to check them out.  Thankfully I did and what a find Necrot are.  Based out of Oakland, Ca, although the […]

Anasarca – Survival Mode

No disrespect to Germany’s Anasarca, but I had never heard of them prior to this album and they’ve been slogging their brand of death metal since the 90’s, Survival Mode being their fourth album and first in 13 years.  Give it up for founding member, Michael Dormann-guitarist/vocalist keeping the band going, because Survival Mode is […]

Witch of 1692 – Impious Mysterial Hymn

Hailing from Alabama, Witch of 1692 caught me by surprise last year.  The band somehow by the hand of Lord Satan, entered my FB feed and me, who is mainly a death metal guy, was impressed by the band’s take on black metal.  I love Bathory, DarkThrone and some black metal hear and there and […]

Vomit Remnants – Hyper Groove Brutality

Hailing from Japan, Vomit Remnants reunited in 2015 and Hyper Groove Brutality is their second album and first in 18 years.  Give it up for drummer and founding member, Keisuke Tsuboi for realizing his band had more gas left in the tank to deliver more devastating brutal death metal.  He’s rounded out the band with Kei […]

Vomit Remnants – Collecting the Remnants (Compilation)

2017 is the year for Vomit Remnants, apparently.  We have their brutal new album, Hyper Groove Brutality and this extraordinary compilation, on Lacerated Enemy Records, Collecting the Remnants.  This 2 cd compilation compiles all of Vomit Remnants prior material to Hyper Groove Brutality. Vomit Remnants, hailing from Japan, began in 1997 and their material is […]

Artificial Brain – Infared Horizon

Originally from my hometown in New York, Artificial Brain return with their follow-up to their monstrous debut, Labyrinth Constellation, from 2014.  I actually saw them live, when they toured with Pyrrhon and Gigan.  What a tour package, and Artificial Brain’s singer, Will gave me a nice shout-out and is a very cool dude.  Artificial Brain play a brand of death metal, which is non-linear in […]

Diabolical Messiah – Demonic Weapons Against the Sacred

I am new to the Diabolical Messiah camp.  The band hails from Chile and have been around for a whopping 18 years.  Their first album, Satan Tottendemon Victory!!! was definitely a good starting point and now 7 years later they plunk us over the head with their second long-player-Demonic Weapons Against the Sacred.  Not only […]

Rude – Remnants

California’s Rude, put out a pretty killer debut 3 years ago, Soul Recall.  The follow-up, again on F.D.A. Records, Remnants… continues along the same path.  Rude play a death metal style rooted in early 90’s death metal, rooted in the Floridian Morrisound Recording style.  So think of the sounds of Brutality, Pestilence, Death, Disincarnate and […]

Power Trip – Nightmare Logic

I am new to the Power Trip camp, thanks to my brother-n-law Jason “I Ran the Hucklebuck, before you were able to walk around the Brambles”.   Hailing from Texas, this crossover-thrash band released a pretty ass-kicking debut album, Manifest Decimation in 2013, which they now have bested with Nightmare Logic.  If you were a […]

Wound – Engrained

Germany’s Wound released a pretty kick ass debut album in 2013, Inhale the Void.  I was and still am a huge fan of the album.  Massive production with excellent chunky guitars and a sound borrowing a little from the Swedish scene and a few nods to Autopsy and At the Gates.  A really killer death […]

Emmure – Look At Yourself

  When Erik asked if anyone wanted to review the new Emmure album no one was chomping at the bit to do the review, except for me.  Being a long standing fan of the band, I really wanted to review this. I know how polarizing the band is to many in the metal community, due […]

Craven Idol – The Shackles of Mammon

England’s brutal blackened death/thrash metal band, Craven Idol, return with their scorching follow-up to 2013’s outstanding Towards Eschaton album.  Hopefully you did not snooze too long and missed their 2010 ep, Ethereal Altars, which was also phenomenal.  The Shackles of Mammon boasts longer songs this time around, with the average song length, in this 8 […]

Angel of Sodom – Divine Retribution (Reissue)

Marquee Records owner, Armando Pereira truly knows his metal music.  No disrespect to Finnish thrash metal band, Angel of Sodom, but I had never heard of them, up until recently.  Upon gazing out the album cover for Divine Retribution you would think this is more geared towards classic or power metal, but no, it’s thrash […]

Call of the Void – A.Y.F.K.M EP

I’ve been a fan of Colorado’s Call of the Void, since their 2013 Dragged Down A Dead End Path debut and then the band following it up with Ageless in 2015.  Both releases on Relapse Records.   COTV play a blistering combination of crusty grind, with some hardcore/punk influences.  Super aggressive and pissed off music.  […]

Condition Critical – Operational Hazard/Extermination Plan (Reissues)

Condition Critical hail from New Jersey band and play a brutal form of thrash metal. They do have some death metal elements with some snarled vocal tones every so often and some of the riffs, but by and large they’re thrash.  They have been essentially nicknamed and aptly so, Demolition Hammer Jr.  Due to Demolition […]

Condemned – His Divine Shadow

California’s Condemned are back after 6 long years with their 3rd brutal offering, His Divine Shadow.  Original member, guitarist, Steve Crow, had to replace a lot of members years ago.  I saw them live on their tour with Wormed, and Cognitive, a few years back and they ripped the place apart.  Guest vocalist, at the […]

Lantern – II:Morphosis

Finland’s 2 piece monstrosity, Lantern, return with their second abum, II: Morphosis, after four years since their debut, Below.  If you’re lucky enough to have the Subterranean Effulgence ep, in your collection, consider yourself lucky, it’s a great release.  Opening with “Black Miasma”, I am noticing some Dark Throne type of sounds going on here.  […]

Tonic Breed – Outsold

Patrik Svendsen, vocalist and guitarist for Norway’s Tonic Breed recently contacted Erik from TOTD to request I review their Outsold Album.  Erik passed along the information and before long Patrik and I were in communication and he graciously sent me their debut album, On The Brink of Extinction and Outsold, their newest album.  No offense […]

Gorephilia – Severed Monolith

Finland’s Gorephilia return with their second full-length album, after 5 years.  Their first official release was the outstanding  Ascend to Chaos ep in 2011, which they bested a year later with their debut album, Embodiment of Death.  Severed Monolith has a very Morbid Angelish sound to it.  I am reminded of Morbid’s Blessed are the […]