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Abyssal – Novit Enim Dominus Qui Sunt Eius

If you want to have your eardrums shattered due to some of the most brutal and apocalyptic sounding death metal you’ll hear this year, then look no further than the new full length album from the UK’s Abyssal. Not to be confused with the Abyssal from Australia, Brazil, Finland or France, this Abyssal is ready […]

Interview with Icons of Brutality

The Netherlands is country known mostly for two things (depending on the type of person you are): arguably the best kickboxers/Muay Thai fighters on the planet and some of the baddest, most crippling death metal bands in all of Europe. If not for the Netherlands, we wouldn’t have been exposed to such legendary acts of Pestilence, Asphyx, God Dethroned, Hail of Bullets, Gorefest, Sinister, and countless others. Enter the newest member to the Dutch tree of death metal: Icons of Brutality.

Apocryphon/Fabricant – Split

Throughout the years, split EPs between two or more bands have always been one of the greatest nuances of the entire metal scene. It’s always been an inexpensive (and just downright cool) way to sample a few bands that one might not ordinarily spend hard-earned money on. There is nothing worse than dropping some coin […]

Immolation – Kingdom of Conspiracy

Aside from their almost iconic band logo, not much has changed with Immolation throughout the years. When they first bombarded the world with their debut album Dawn of Possession back in 1991, Immolation established themselves as one of the most brutal and uncompromising death metal bands on the planet. Fast forward more than twenty years […]

Interview with Amorphis

Amorphis is one of those bands who always did things on their own terms. They never pigeonholed themselves into one specific genre of metal, constantly experimenting with various sounds and adding elements to their music not typically found in regular metal. Amorphis, as defined by their name, are a band without boundaries, a band without a determinate form. The Finns were one of the first metal acts to ever infuse traditional folk elements to their sound and since the early stages of the burgeoning Scandinavian metal scene, they garnered a legion of loyal fans. Fast forward almost 25 years since the band’s inception and Amorphis is still standing tall amongst their peers. Two EPs and ten full-length albums in, Amorphis just released Circle, an album that revisits many passages of their career as well as a few new wrinkles here and there. was fortunate enough to speak to guitarist and founding member Esa Holopainen about their latest release and Amorphis’ legacy. Considering everything that they’ve achieved and where they stand right now with their brilliant new record, it’s safe to say that Amorphis certainly has come full circle.

Jungle Rot – Skin the Living (Reissue)

Growing up in Chicago, it was engrained into my brain basically to loathe anything related to Wisconsin. The people, the state, the cheese (though the cheese is great from there) and their pro sports teams. Aside from some good cheap beer, Wisconsin was always a lousy state in which I never wanted to step foot […]

Russkaja – Energia!

This actually might be the greatest album ever recorded and I’m not kidding around, either. Now, ten seconds into Energia!, the stone-faced, grizzled and too-serious metalhead out there will turn it off and squawk something along the lines of, “What the fuck is this shit?!” and quickly reach for his can of Old Milwaukee and […]

Bloody Hammers – Bloody Hammers

Doom/stone metal is typically a subgenre of the metal scene that fans either take or leave. There are some kickass bands in the scene like Fu Manchu, Monster Magnet, Trouble, Down, Sleep and, of course, Kyuss and Black Sabbath. The troubling aspect of the genre is that most of the bands all sound like one […]

Satanic Threat – In to Hell EP (Reissue)

One might have thought to himself at least once in his life that it would be unbelievably bitchin’ if Minor Threat sang only about anti-Christian themes and the Devil instead of all that straight edge and political mumbo jumbo. Or, if that would never happen, it would still be cool if a band came along […]

Nepente – Suffering is the Seed

What is it with South America and their death metal bands? It seems as though each one is forced to read some sort of how-to guide about their metal because the overwhelming majority of metal bands from South America have the same goal: create and unleash absolute fury and hell with every single album. Ever. […]

Interview with Cnoc An Tursa

It goes without saying that the United Kingdom has birthed some of the greatest acts the rock and metal world has ever heard. Pink Floyd. Led Zeppelin. Black Sabbath. Iron Maiden. Napalm Death. Carcass. Cradle of Filth. The list is seemingly endless, though the majority of what many believe to be the best of the best hail from England. Yes, Ireland has had its fair share of terrific musicians/bands over they years but there’s one country that is hardly, if ever, mentioned as even a hive of metal: Scotland. With their debut full length The Giants of Auld just released last month, black/folk metal act Cnoc An Tursa are hoping to change that.

Terminate – Ascending to Red Heavens

The Chicagoland area has certainly been home to many a great metal band over the years. Trouble, Master, Macabre and Cianide have paved the way for newer bands Nachtmystium, Cardiac Arrest and Bones. Add to the list of quality metal bands from the Midwest’s greatest city, Terminate, who hail from the northwest suburb of Morton […]

Interview with Terminate

The retro death metal movement is as strong as ever these days, with no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Add to the pile of corpses and rubble a young Chicago-based band in Terminate. Fresh off the release of their debut album, Terminate appears poised to be one of the bands to lead the latest wave of old school death into the future. Guitarist/vocalist John Porada took some time out of his day to chat with TeethOfTheDivine about their maiden release Ascending to Red Heavens and of death metal in general. Bludgeoning the underground in one of America’s best metal cities, Terminate’s take on a vintage sound suits them well and it’s only a matter of time before the metal world is much more familiar with them.

Animist – Demo EP

The kids these days just seem to be much more musically advanced at this stage in their lives compared to when “the glory days” were, right? It seems like every day some new band full of teenagers (or dudes in their early-20’s) are popping up all over the place and ripping off intricate riffs, dazzling […]

Skineater – Dermal Harvest

Skineater is a new entrant into the world of sometimes manic, sometimes melodic Swedish death metal, but these aren’t pimpled-faced kids just starting out. The lineup is filled to the rim with dudes who have been in Dark Funeral, Vicious, In Thy Dreams, Defleshed, Carnal Forge, among many others. It’s expected that Dermal Harvest, the […]

Interview with Saille

Remember the days of the late ‘90s when it seemed like everybody and their brothers started up a symphonic black band? Old school black metal bands began infusing orchestral elements to their sound, melodic death metal outfits incorporated some Cradle of Filth-y nuances, and the trendy thing to do was add female vocals into the mix. It was a fun time for a while because some of the releases were top notch. But like every fad – especially in metal – it dies off almost as soon as it starts. For a few years, symphonic black metal was scoffed at for the most part because the bands were either A) trying too hard to sound like their heroes; B) were just not that good; or C) both.

Saille – Ritu

I thought symphonic black metal was a horse beaten to death? In the mid-to-late ‘90’s, that style of metal was what crept out from underneath every toadstool, every rock and from out of every darkened cave known to man. A dwarf’s handful of bands survived the explosion and ensuing fallout (Cradle of Filth, Dimmu Borgir) […]

Necrowretch – Putrid Death Sorcery

Necrowretch leader/vocalist/guitarist Vlad apparently is obsessed with the legendary Scream Bloody Gore and said that one day he wants to create his own version of Death’s all-time classic debut album. Not that he wants to record a cover album, but an album so vicious, so gripping the way SBG was for so many people throughout […]

Kontinuum – Earth Blood Magic

Over the course of the past few years, Iceland has become a hotbed (or cold bed; however you want to say it) of metal. Skalmold, Dynfari, Ophidian I, Solstafir and others all call Iceland home and all have their own uniqueness to stand out in front of the growing pack. Though it’s not about to […]

Xanthochroid – Blessed He With Boils

So this is what the kids are creating for their debut albums these days, huh? So much for learning the ropes and taking several years to create an album that can be deemed their finest to date. For California’s Xanthochroid, their magnificent debut full-length Blessed He with Boils is a creation that will most likely […]

Zaklon – Chornae Lis’ce

Not to be confused with the more popular Zyklon from Norway (featuring Samoth and Trym of Emperor fame), Zaklon hails from Minsk, Belarus and is all about sweeping, atmospheric black metal. Each song on Chornae Lis’ce, which loosely translates to Whisper of Black Foliage, is drenched in eerie undertones and soaked with despair. What that […]

Aoria – The Constant

Aoria was a side project of sorts when it was created several years ago by a trio of supremely talented Swedes: Erik Nisson (A Swarm of the Sun, Kausal), Niklas Sandin (Katatonia) and Robin Bergh (October Tide). For various reasons, the band was put on hold and enjoyed a loyal, underground cult following. Finally in […]

Paroxsihzem – Paroxsihzem

After five years of toiling around in obscurity in their native Canada, brutal death metal newcomers Paroxsihzem,  with the help of  Dark Descent Records, have re-unleashed onto the world, their 2010 self-titled debut full-length album. Sporting a raw, crude production, the album is a whirlwind of vicious riffs, raucous noise and sheer nastiness. In short, […]

Dynfari – Sem Skugginn

Dynfari is a new band to the blackish metal scene, but they are a prolific one. After forming in 2010, the Icelandic duo of Jón Emil (percussion, guitars) and Jóhann Örn (vocals, bass, guitars) have already released two full-length albums. Their self-titled debut ran just under the 45-minute mark, but their latest release, Sem Skugginn […]

Okkultokrati – Snakereigns

One of the better releases of late 2012, Snakereigns is a strong album overflowing with punk-laden black & roll rife with aggression and attitude. Sporting a meaty, angry sound and songs full of energy, the execution of Oslo’s Okkultokrati lies somewhere between vintage Celtic Frost, Fear, Venom and newer black ‘n’ roller’s Midnight. It’s difficult […]