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SERPENTCULT was born in the summer of 2006 by Frédéric Caure, Steven Van Cauwenbergh and Frederik ‘Cozy’ Cosemans in a classic power-trio setup. A few months later, Michelle Nocon joined the ranks on vocals and soon thereafter, the first EP Trident Nor Fire was recorded and released. The first European live appearances started in 2007, […]

Listenable Records Signs Swedish Death Metal Band Tormented

LISTENABLE RECORDS has announced the signing of genuine Swedish death metal band TORMENTED featuring members of SCAR SYMMETRY, ex-MARDUK and DEVIAN. TORMENTED started playing 2008 with no other intentions than creating Death Metal that they themselves wanted to hear. Although TORMENTED may sound old-school it is not deliberately so, this is pure Death Metal! The […]

Hate – Erebos

There’s an old adage in American Football: You should never lose your staring job to injury. While Drew Bledsoe, Trent Green and Joe Montana might beg to differ, here comes Poland’s Hate to ably replace Behemoth while Nergal recovers from his recently diagnosed leukemia (get well soon!). Long waiting in the shadows of the likes […]

Order of Apollyon, The – The Flesh

Here is yet another black metal super group, this time originating from the UK/France and featuring B.S.T of Aborted, Balrog and Aosoth fame, aided by guitarist James Mcllroy (Cradle of Filth), drummer James Wilding (Aborted, Aosoth, Trigger the Bloodshed) and bassist Peter Benjamin of Akercocke. If that lineup gets you harder than a pedophile at […]

Kruger – For Death, Glory and the End of the World

Where the hell did this come from? For Death, Glory and the End of the World came out of nowhere and hit me like a body tumbling down the stairs – a ragdoll flurry of fists and feet, and capped off with a neck-snapping headbutt. This roiling style of post-hardcore/sludge is frequently described as jagged […]

Sybreed – The Pulse of Awakening

After previous album Antares, I hoped that Sybreed would dwell onto try out new things and develop their sound even more. Seems like I’ve got my wish, as The Pulse of Awakening is definitely something new for the band, even if at its core the mechanical heart pulsates, spewing out industrialized metal in the vein […]

Hacride – Lazarus

Up until now, I was only familiar with Hacride by name, but had heard much praise. After spinning Lazarus, the French bands third full length, I can see why – these cats have a pretty unique sound that I can only attempt to compare to a few others. There are all kinds of sounds and […]

General Surgery – Corpus In Extremis: Analyzing Necrocriticism

It’s not everyday that you see a band held in high regard for immolating a sound so perfectly. General Surgery has been hailed the ultimate Carcass clone for sometime now and that’s really all I see going for them. The fact that people seem content with this bands worship is fine by me, but it […]

Legion, The – A Bliss to Suffer

Curiosity got the best of me when I signed up for this one, the third full length from The Legion. Their drummer, Emil Dragutinovic, is also in Devian (and once in Marduk), a band who I’ve had my eye on the past couple years. All I really knew of them is that they were more […]

Adagio – Archangels in Black

Even though I consider myself a huge fan of Progressive Metal, it so fell out that French quintet Adagio, one of the strongest contemporaries in the genre, had been lost on my radar for unreasonably long five years before chance threw us together again. No sooner had I heard the first thrashy riffs of “Vamphyri”, […]

Centaurus-A – Side Effects Expected

Listenable Records have scored big with Germany’s Centaurus-A, as their debut LP Side Effects Expected is a tour de force of modern tech death. Much like the recent Obscura release, Centaurus-A are well versed in how to wrap all their impressive tech wizardry into actual songs that are simultaneously heavy, thrashy, melodic, memorable and mind […]

Marionette – Spite

One look at the six members of Marionette and you will probably think Emo or some sort of Goth is about to punish your ears. Dressed like something I would expect from AFI or Marilyn Masons children, this Swedish act is more serious than you think. I for one was fooled until I popped in […]

Eyes of a Traitor, The – A Clear Perception

I avoided this one for awhile, because well, truth be told I haven’t really dug on any new metalcore in quite some time, and all the albums I actually wanted to check out, with expectations and everything, failed me. So here we have this fresh band from the UK, The Eyes of a Traitor (TEOAT […]

Textures – Silhouettes

If you’ve heard Textures’ debut Polars or their stellar sophomore effort Drawing Circles, then you more or less know what to expect from their third release. Or do you? Silhouettes may very well be a coming of age for this talented outfit. If you’ve read the buzz about this album then you know Textures don’t […]

Waylander – Honour Amongst Chaos

There’s something about Celtic music that I just find totally enthralling. It’s something I can never explain, but taps into a very deep part of me. That being said, my lineage traces to Poland and France, so I can’t even claim to be nationalistic about it. But no other music just completely detatches me from […]

Hate – Morphosis

While Decapitated, Behemoth and Vader are considered Polish death metal royalty, there’s a second tier of the Polish death metal aristocracy headed up by the likes of Yattering, Trauma, Crionics and underlooked veterans, Hate. Not only buried under the prestige of their own country mates, but also 2008’s slew of killer death metal, comes Hate’s […]

Immolation – Shadows in the Light

When the staff here at Digital metal was asked who wanted to review the new Immolation there we no immediate takers, which surprised me. I offered to review it even though I’m not considered a death metal guy, I had already bought my own copy. I said I was a fan and had the first […]

Sybreed – Antares

Switzerland’s Sybreed received mixed reviews for their 2004 release Slave Design. One might say, deservingly so as on the outside their mix of cybernetics and flesh is nothing new to fans of Fear Factory, Strapping Young Lad and the likes. However, to this reviewer, it was a bit more than that and labelling the band […]

Mors Principium Est – Liberation=Termination

To see a band continue to grow and find their niche is something quite extraordinary. It’s like watching a child grow. What is even more stunning is to see this revolution come out of left field and totally catch you by surprise. This is exactly what Finnish ringleaders Mors Principium Est have done over the […]

Hacride – Amoeba

I’ve always sort of pegged France’s Hacride as a ‘sister’ band of The Netherland’s Textures; both are angular jagged, Meshuggah inspired bands, that are good at what they do. However, while in my opinion Textures took a step back with Drawing Circles, Hacride have stepped way up with their impressive second album, Amoeba. What sets […]

Koldborn – The Uncanny Valley

Here’s a fucking stout sophomore CD of burly, chunky and aggressive Danish death/thrash metal produced by Jacob Bredahl (Hatesphere) that takes Hatespshere’s tight form of neo-thrash and gives it some balls and dynamics. Though hardly groundbreaking, the robotically themed The Uncanny Valley is sure as hell satisfying. The 12 tracks blast and rumble with typical […]

Angtoria – God Has A Plan For Us All

fter plying her sultry tones in Cradle of Filth, Therion, Covenant, Mortiis and others, Sara Jezebel Deva goes head to head with former Without Face singer Jule Kiss (To-Mera) as ‘famous chick singer from another band now in her own band’, and both have pretty good results.Far more contemporary and orchestral than the more ‘proggy’ […]

Aborted – The Archaic Abattoir

I’ve enjoyed listening to Aborted’s transformation from cold Floridian death metal clone to a menacing, groove filled, Belgian Carcass homage, and with the The Archaic Abattoir, Aborted have released the album that Impaled’s Death After Life should have been. Backed by Tue Madsen’s (Mnemic, In-Quest, Ektomorf, Heaven Shall Burn) massive sound replacing Goremageddon’s slightly mechanical […]

Anorexia Nervosa – Remedption Process

With the album opening salvo of ‘The Shining’, France’s Anorexia Nervosa graced my ears with one of the most epic, grandiose and powerful song openings I’ve heard in 2004. The sheer scale of the synth laden dramatics and thunderous buzz of the guitars is the introduction to one superb album and a black metal album, […]

Aborted – The Haematobic EP

I have to admit that I didn’t soil myself by the band’s highly acclaimed Goremageddon CD, but I must say that this new EP really took me by the balls and delivered a sucker punch worth noting. The package consists of six songs out of which three are new, one is a decent Entombed cover […]