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Black Dahlia Murder, The – Verminous

I vaguely recall interviewing The Black Dahlia Murder, back around the release of 2003s Miasma. Young bright eyed young men, with the world ahead of them, having fun and the metal world at their feet as the darlings of American metal. Well, the faces have changed significantly since then, as guitarist Brian Eschbach and vocalist […]

Entrails – Rise of The Reaper

Despite being the arguable top act in the Swedish death metal revival since 2010s Tales From the Morgue, I had some reservations about the band’s sixth album. Mostly due to yet another line up change surrounding founder Jimmy Lundqvist, this one involving the addition of Markus Svensson on guitars but mainly, Penki Samuelsson moving to […]

Sacred Reich – Awakening

Arizona Thrash veterans , Sacred Reich, return with their first full length since, Heal, from 1996.  Awakening is their 5th full length and after reforming years ago the band has made it more than a reunion, because unlike a lot of bands reuniting Sacred Reich actually recorded a new album, rather than continuing to rest on their laurels and tour […]

Abnormality – Sociopathic Constructs

I always smile a bit when I see the name Abnormality, as it takes me back to the time I fired up Rock Band 2 way back in the day, scrolled down to the impossible, you-can-only-play-these-if-you’re-13-years-old-and-can-practice-for-12-hours-a-day-songs, and going “WHAATTTT???!!!  They literally put a BRUTAL DEATH metal song in a Rock Band video game!!!”  That song […]

Amon Amarth – Berserker

Over the course of the Amon Amarth‘s 10 album, 20+ year career, they have been one of the most consistent bands in metal. If you were to plot a line with their albums on it, they are almost all certainly in a straight line when it comes to quality with a couple that go over […]

Whitechapel – The Valley

For a while, Whitechapel were the true darlings of deathcore’s peak, with 2008s This Is Exile being the genre’s arguable apex along  with All Shall Perish‘s The Price of Existence. However, since then, the band hasn’t quite been on the same level; a ‘dumbing down’ of the lyrics, a simplification of the music into a […]

Satan – Cruel Magic

Man! This is release is totally out of my comfort zone so bear with me if I seem like NWOBHM is a new language to me.  Newcastle England’s Satan have returned with their fourth full length studio release Cruel Magic.   I was initially turned on to Satan by the singer of the band I am […]

Revocation – The Outer Ones

Revocation has carved out an impressive and prolific career since dropping their solid debut, Empire of the Obscene, a decade ago. The Boston purveyors of technically sparkling death-thrash have rarely put a foot wrong during a career marked by consistent high quality and dazzling musicianship, attached to energetic, aggressive and catchy songs. However, 2016’s Great […]

Monstrosity – The Passage of Existence

Though the band’s debut’ Imperial Doom is regarded as a Floridian death metal classic  (“Horror Infinity” still gets regular airplay for me), in the grand scheme of things, Monstrosity were never quite as revered as brethren like Deicide, Obituary, Morbid Angel, Malevolent Creation, or even similarly peripheral Brutality, being not quire as productive, unique or […]

Rivers of Nihil – Where Owls Know my Name

Well this album can definitely be called an “onion” album, meaning it has many layers, and I’ll be damned if each one of them are an absolute joy to explore.  Moving away a bit from the previous punishing sound of their last (phenomenal) LP, Monarchy, this 3rd output is an absolutely brilliant album from top […]

Lik – Carnage

2018 has already seen a pretty good slate of old School Swedish death metal from the likes of Gravestone, Angerot, Ripped to Shreds, Demonical and Rogga Johansson’s 176 bands, and here is Metal Blade adding a newish act featuring a few familiar faces to the fray. Lik  (‘Corpse’) features Niklas Sandin (Katatonia), on guitars, Christofer […]

Crown, The – Cobra Speed Venom

Back in 1999 Sweden’s, The Crown carved a much loved niche in my heart with their debut, Hell is Here (yes, I know that the band had two previous full-lengths under the Crown of Thorns moniker). Extreme metal was in a little bit of a weird state, with lots of genre transitioning seemingly taking place […]

Primordial – Exile Amongst The Ruins

Album number 9 from Ireland’s favorite sons see the band stick doggedly to the now perfected cragged, epic metal but also sees the band become a more tempered, somber act that results in an album that continues the band’s legacy, but seems to have a strange air of exasperation and despondency to it that I […]

Harm’s Way – Posthuman

I was first exposed to Harm’s Way many years ago when I saw them open for Hate Eternal (if I recall right).  I remember being blown away by their energy and their killer beatdown hardcore style, and the nasty vocal style of their oft-shirtless lead man (who looks like he could be a professional powerlifter).  […]

Goatwhore – Vengeful Ascension (Spell Book Edition)

In 2006 I became a fan of Goatwhore’s blended blackened death metal when A Haunting Curse was released and I saw this Louisiana act live and they crushed.  Their sound was incredible and they were cool dudes as well.  In total Vengeful Ascension is the band’s 7th full-length album.  Their last album, in 2014, Constricting […]

Cannibal Corpse – Red Before Black

If there was one band I feel like I could copy and paste a review from a prior release, change to song titles and call it good, it would be Cannibal Corpse. And sometimes that’s not necessarily  bad thing, and that’s the case with Cannibal Corpse‘s 14th studio album. Despite all the pre album talk […]

Black Dahlia Murder, The – Nightbringers

Although The Black Dahlia Murder have often had a tendency to divide listeners, those who have kept the faith and followed the band over their decade plus career have been duly rewarded by some killer albums and a consistent track record.  The band’s tireless work ethic and expert refinement of their thrashy melodic death formula […]

Entrails- World Inferno

After reigniting the Swedish death metal revival with 2 albums of Dark Descent Records, Entrails moved to Metal Blade and released Raging Death and Obliteration, the latter of which saw a line up change  as long time guitarist Mathias Nilsson left, replaced with youngster Penki Samuelsson and it showed with a solid but underwhelming effort. Well, World […]

Below – Upon A Pale Horse

Well this was a pleasant surprise.  To be quite honest I had never heard of this group prior to delving into massive quantities of new 2017 releases.  Sweden’s Below have been around since 2012 and Upon a Pale Horse is their second full length release.  Opening up with “The Plague Within”. The beginning of this […]

Evocation – The Shadow Archetype

It’s been 5 years since Sweden’s Evocation released Illusions of Grandeur in 2012, and frankly I thought the band was done. After transitioning from a  pure, mid range, Swedish death metal band akin to their Cemetery/90s roots, to a more melodeath/Amon Amarth-ish styled band the band has returned with only 3 remaining members from Illusions of Grandeur, […]

God Dethroned – The World Ablaze

After splitting in 2011/12, founder and lone remaining original member Henri Satler as well as long time drummer Michiel van der Plicht decided to reform the band. They are joined by veterans  Jeroen Pomper (Absorbed) and Mike Ferguson (Detonation), but even after 5 years and the new line up, the results are the same, reliable, consistent and […]

Cut Up – Wherever They May Rot

As I stated in my review of 2015s Forensic Nightmares, it would be easy to simply look at Cut Up as Vomitory 2.0, seeing as the band is comprised of 3/4 ex Vomitory members (drummer Tobias “Tobben” Gustafsson, guitarist Anders Bertilsson, and vocalist/bassist Erik Rundqvist),  and you know what? When it’s this solid, that’s perfectly OK. Still delivering the […]

Anaal Nathrakh – The Whole of the Law

England’s Anaal Nathrakh have been kicking the snot out of extreme metal fans worldwide, since the late 90’s.  I was late to their camp, due to the impossibility of being able to afford every release.  Thanks to Graham Landers, from Deepsend Records, for recommending them to me some years ago.  I remember getting a Christmas […]

Serpentine Dominion – Vengeance Rising

More often than not, supergroups are a collective of guys or gals trying to get out side the box and deliver something more outside the realm of their full time endeavors as the folks try and spread their creative wings or whatever. But sometimes, one only need look at the members involved and get a […]

Charred Walls of the Damned – Creatures Watching Over the Dead

Lets face it, the term super-group has been thrown around haplessly and needlessly an umpteen amount of times in the genres of metal. Though of any band was actually deserved of this title, it would have to be Charred Walls of the Damned. Its members (drummer, Richard Christy, vocalist, Tim “Ripper” Owens, bassist, Steve DiGiorgio, […]