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Afterbirth – The Time Traveler’s Dilemma

Long Island, New York’s long running Afterbirth had a re-birth 4 years ago.  Guitarist, Cody Drasser was like ‘OK, let’s get this shit going and finally get our debut album out’.  You see, Afterbirth began in the 90’s and while I was in Internal Bleeding we played shows with them and they were always great live and […]

Beneath – Ephemeris

The Barren Throne, the third album from Iceland’s Beneath, was a solid tech/brutal death  metal affair, befitting the label it was released on (Unique Leader), but it was hardly a memorable, game changing album. That looks to have changed with the band’s wholly improved and utterly  impressive third album, Ephemeris. The more cosmic/celestial theme of […]

Lör – In Forgotten Sleep

So, amid my recent power/heavy metal reawakening, it dawned on me that all of the bands I have become enamored with have been European. Sure, I dabbled with the new Iced Earth, Demons and Wizards, Kamelot and a few others, but none really hit the spot. Then I received a promo from Pennsylvania’s Lör . An […]

Undergang – Misantropologi

Ok, Dark Descent Records has been hitting slam dunks all over the place, this year with their releases.  Now Unique Leader Records, is getting pretty close, with their outstanding releases and will it be DDR for the fourth time claiming label of the year, in my year’s end best or not?  While it remains to […]

Eyexist – The Digital Holocaust

  Well this is definitely an album I missed out on last year and wish I would have discovered it sooner.  In 1995 a band from Quebec called Gorelust released an album called Reign of Lunacy that came out on New World Symphony records.  Fast forward twenty two years later and we have Eyexist, a […]

Fire Down Below – Viper, Vixen, Goddess, Saint

Cacti blowing by in the distance at 90 mph on an open desert road, Camaro pushing the engine to the breaking point and the unholy grasp of mescaline taking control…we must be in California?  We certainly aren’t because quartet Fire Down Below and their debut Viper, Vixen, Goddess, Saint is straight from the hidden Sahara […]

Desultory – Through Aching Aeons

Though some might argue they belonged with Dark Tranquillity and In Flames in the pantheons of Swedish metal, I’d put Desultory’s first three albums right there in the second tier of Swedish styled death metal along side the likes of Seance, Cemetery, Comecon and such. Their more melodic take on the Stockholm sound was a […]

Incantation – Profane Nexus

After one of the more successful comebacks of the last few years with 2012s Vanquish in Vengeance, death metal legends Incantation had a quick turn around with 2014s Dirges of Elysium, a solid album, but a bit of a step back with a cleaner, more sterile production and a bit of a rushed sense of […]

Pathology – Pathology

Chances are, if you’re a “brutal death metal” fan, that you are well familiar with California’s Pathology. Hell, if you’re just a half-assed metal fan you’ve probably heard of the band at the very least. The group has released nine albums, new album included, in eleven years of solid brutal death metal. Some albums a […]

Epi-Demic – Malformed Conscience

Listen, I’m not much of a ‘crossover’ guy. I appreciated the heydey of DRI, Prong, Crumbsuckers, Ludichrist and recently, Detroit Hellmouth are decent , but for the most part i like my thrash and my puck/hardcore somewhat separate. But, like a professional, I occasionally try to get out of my comfort zone. Sometimes it works […]

Necrot – Blood Offerings

Knowing I was going to see Undergang, live in Baltimore and seeing Necrot was touring with them I knew I had to check them out.  Luckily Larry Larriland Lapinsky told me Necrot kicked ass and to check them out.  Thankfully I did and what a find Necrot are.  Based out of Oakland, Ca, although the […]

Broken Hope – Mutilated and Assimilated

Broken Hope has been a force in the United States Death Metal scene for nearly thirty years now.  Jeremy Wagner has really done an outstanding job rebuilding the group and keeping the style of death metal that they have played for nearly three decades fine-tuned and meticulously written.  Here we have their sixth full length […]

Fleshpress – Hulluuden muuri

Finland’s sickest sludgy scum grinders who happen to have a penchant for Norwegian darkness are back with their 7th full-length release since 1998…and that’s not counting the mountain of demos, splits and EPs that punctuated the interim between albums.  My introduction was the split with Bud Junkees (and even though I dig these guys too), […]

Rings of Saturn – Ultu Ulla

California’s Rings of Saturn and their (jokingly) self described ‘aliencore’ are one of the more divisive bands in metal, even more some since allegations the band recorded their materiel at half speed and used Guitar pro. Whether you consider them technical death metal or deathcore, the band’s prior 2 albums Dingir and Lugal Ki En got […]

Prezir – Contempt EP

“A priest who had an affair with a 12 or 15 year old girl brought to one of their encounters, a consecrated host, and he touched her vagina and he said ‘this is how God loves you” and then he raped her”. And so that creepy quote begins the debut EP from Milwaukee’s Prezir (Serb-Croatian for […]

Anasarca – Survival Mode

No disrespect to Germany’s Anasarca, but I had never heard of them prior to this album and they’ve been slogging their brand of death metal since the 90’s, Survival Mode being their fourth album and first in 13 years.  Give it up for founding member, Michael Dormann-guitarist/vocalist keeping the band going, because Survival Mode is […]

Aseethe – Hopes of Failure

Iowa City depression sludge fuckers Aseethe make Grief look like a party band.  That’s not to say that their abilities are quite up to the feral hope rape of bands like Noothgrush, Grief, Burning Witch, Toadliquor, Dystopia, Wellington, etc., just yet but with their latest full-length gruel platter Hopes of Failure they are registering as […]

Summoned, The – Sessions

Hailing from Massachusetts, The Summoned play a form of noisy, techy/grindy spazzy tech/death metal that recalls a lot of the Black Market Activities/ Ironclad Recordings bands of the early and mid 00s. Much like the recent release from super group Johm Frum, there’s a lot of Dillenger-y, The Red Chord, Animosity, early Between the Buried and […]

Decrepit Birth – Axis Mundi

I cannot keep emphasizing what a busy summer it has been for Death Metal for groups here in North America.  Just when I think I am caught up on all of them another comes out and absolutely blows me away.  My infatuation with Decrepit Birth began some almost eighteen years ago when I was on […]

Birdflesh/ Organ Dealer – Split

Well this is a fun split to get to review what being that both bands just played Maryland Death Fest days ago with sets virtually a few hours apart.  What we have here is a unique display of two different grind core bands.  I must admit I am not too familiar with Sweden’s Birdflesh other […]

Proscrito – El Calvario EP

You’re going to want to cover your mouth and nose before entering the area.  7 of ‘em.  Needles and the usual paraphernalia scattered around.  Definitely a junkie den.  All in more or less the same state of decomposure.  Ironically, not from the heroin.  No, an outbreak of flesh eating bacterial staff infection.  ‘Cept for one […]

Witch of 1692 – Impious Mysterial Hymn

Hailing from Alabama, Witch of 1692 caught me by surprise last year.  The band somehow by the hand of Lord Satan, entered my FB feed and me, who is mainly a death metal guy, was impressed by the band’s take on black metal.  I love Bathory, DarkThrone and some black metal hear and there and […]

Grog – Ablutionary Rituals

The Portuguese metal scene has really caught my eye of late with the likes of The Ominous Circle, Goldenpyre, Primal Attack, Switchtense, and such. But it’s been missing something a little more brutal, and that’s where Grog come in. Though they have been around since 1991/92, and have released a fair amount of demos, this […]

Doomcave – Woebegone

Brand new and prolific to boot, one man Australian blackened thrashers Doomcave (led by Aiden Vestgaard) are set to not only release an EP The Fires of Torment but also the full-length subject of this review Woebegone in 2017.  Melding melodic lead cadences with wolf-hearted blasts, schizophrenic vocals (psychotic and clean), synthetic grandeur, revolting black/thrash […]

Wintersun – The Forest Seasons

Has there been a more hyped yet un-prolific and bloated project as Wintersun, Jari Mäenpää’s much ballyhooed, post Ensiferum project? After 2004s Lauded self titled debut there were deleted files and then an 8 year wait for Time I, which ultimately was a huge let down after the wait and the hype. So now we have […]