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Nervosa – Agony

I had the pleasure of interviewing Nervosa when their debut album, Victim of Yourself dropped 2 years ago, on the site and review their album.  The ladies were accommodating and I felt that they had released such a strong album, how could they top it a mere 2 years later?? Well, they did!  These ladies thrash […]

Underling – Bloodworship

You’d think a post black metal band featuring Rob Morey of Fallujah and young upcoming drummer Alex Bent who has performed for Arkaik, Brain Drill, Battlecross and Dragonlord would get a little more attention considering Fallujah’s popularity and post black metal is still relatively popular. But here we are and the band’s debut album, self released […]

King Dead – Woe & Judgment

Stroudsburg, PA doom champions King Dead are another band that recently won me over in the live-setting; clogging my arteries with their twin bass carnage and slicing my gut wide open with a broken feedback bottle as the band gleefully watched my innards spill out on the club floor.  The instrumental trio excels on the […]

Gatecreeper – Sonorian Depravation

Unless You live under a rock, and this is the first time you have ever visited this site or another heavy metal/extreme metal webzine, I’m going to assume you have heard of Arizona’s Gatecreeper, Relapse Records latest heavily hyped darlings. Partly because this is the first new band playing old school death metal Relapse has pushed in a while (let’s […]

Mithras – On Strange Loops

Nine years is a mere nanosecond compared to the endless expanse of space and time, but that’s how long it has been since Mithras’ last full album, Behind the Shadows Lie Madness. That was my #1 album for 2007, and it still gets frequent play (its album cover also still gets regular desktop background honors), as there […]

Akani – Through My Darkest Funeral

Multinational act Akani play a form of groovy hardcore and this, their first full-length album, is one that grows with more listens and fits in nicely within the genre as a whole.  Their sound is similar to early Hatebreed, with some heavy lurches and breakdowns to complement the strong vocal style of Jorge Rosado (Merauder).  […]

Fuzz Evil – Fuzz Evil EP

Largely a punk rock band with tones that live up to their moniker, I.E. overdriven with fuzz and swimming in an ocean of beer suds, Arizona power trio Fuzz Evil doesn’t bring anything too complex to the table but they don’t really need to.  Sporting a greasy, brain-burnt riff onslaught that will latch onto the […]

Eteritus – Following the Ancient Path

Swedish styled death metal is coming from all over the globe now. And adding to Polish bands playing the style like Ulcer and labelmates Kingdom, is the debut album from Eteritus. I have not heard the band’s previous 2014 EP Tales of Death, but Following the Ancient Path is a solid if unspectacular take on the […]

Miasma – Changes/Love Songs (Reissue)

Brazil’s, Marquee Records, is one of the elite labels dealing with reissues. Owner, Armanda Pereira, knows the love and respect needed for a true reissue. With that being said I will say Austria’s Miasma were kind of a one hit wonder releasing an obscure album in 1992 on Lethal Records. For some reason the record stores […]

Festival Report: Tuska Open Air 2016

Summer is finally dead. Someone clever might shout ‘Winter is coming! Winter is coming!’ from the top of their still-attached heads, but we here at Teeth know that Game of Thrones references are so last season. Instead, we’re talking about a quantum leap to stranger days back in July. July, when we went to Tuska Open Air Metal Festival in Helsinki and lived to tell about it. So come with us, and longingly remember three days of sun, rain and heavy metal.

Vorgrum – Last Domain

With Finntroll taking their sweet time between albums, Ensiferum going a little bit off the beaten path and Equilibrium’s latest album, Armageddon being a bit of a let down, I have been searching for new and under the radar bouncy, happy folk metal bands to get me by, as the genre appears to be in […]

Caustic Casanova – Breaks

Nothing quite beats the feeling of seeing a band live (that you knew nothing about prior to the show) and getting your head completely beaten in with a wet mackerel.  That was my experience with DC punk/doom/psychedelic rock trio Caustic Casanova.  The band has a pretty extensive discography and they’ve been at it for a […]

Vektor – Terminal Redux

Vektor have been around since 2003 and are defined as progressive thrash with sci-fi elements. I never heard them until 2015, but this past year picked up all 3 of their outstanding albums.  2009 Black Future and the 2011 follow-up Outer Iisolation are great starting points. I agree with their musical description and they are […]

Tardive Dyskinesia – Harmonic Confusion

Tardive Dyskinesia is an affliction that causes the lower half of the face to droop over time. The Greek djent band – now prog-djent-sludge – captures this with one of the best album covers of the year. Unfortunately, the cover captured my own frustrations with the album as well. Despite the swirls of color and […]

Brutally Deceased – Satanic Corpse

A number of bands are vying to replace Dismember; Notably Interment, Infected Chaos, Smothered, Unwilling Flesh and others. However, here come the Czech Republic’s Brutally Deceased, formerly a much more Grave/Entombed inspired band with album number 3 to arguably jump ahead of everyone and claim the Dismember throne. Whereas the band’s last two fine albums, […]

Baptism – V: The Devils Fire

If you travel in the metal circles, suffice to say you have heard of Baptism. If not, you have most certainly been exposed to Lord Sargofagian in some way. Be it either with his main group Baptism but also his other projects and or associations; Calvarium, Horna, Behexen, Black Death Ritual, needless to say, the […]

Goddamn – More Than Human Than Us

Unlike Necromance’s last batch of 2 releases I reviewed (Bolu2 Death and Absenta) which were completely different, the labels next pair of releases is at least in the same wheelhouse. While both hail from Spain,  Blinded For Lies is a classic old school take on US metalcore and Goddamn’s debut, More Human Than Us is a […]

Into the Storm – Where the Merfalo Roam

It’s a goddamn shame when you just lose track of a great band.  I’ve got a pretty sweet, silver-screened, fancy dancy version of Seattle’s crusty sludgers Into the Storm’s debut LP Amidst a Sea of Chaos that still gets playtime in 2016.  In the meantime, it looks like my blind eye missed at least two […]

Virvum – Illuminance

Here is yet another awesome band from Switzerland, adding to the countries fine 2016 efforts from Beansidhe, Buried Side, Deathcult, Schammasch, Colossus Fall and others (and hopefully Bolzer). This time it’s in the form of progressive tech death metal cut from the same cloth as First Fragment, The Faceless, Decrepit Birth, Gorod and Obscura in […]

Boris Records Vinyl Giveaway

If there’s one thing that’s mothertruckin’ hot right now, it’s nostalgia. And what could be more nostalgic than vinyls? Satan probably. Teeth of the Divine teams up with Boris Records and Clawhammer PR for a giveaway that combines both of those things. Yes, you read that right. One randomly picked winner gets his hands on one (1) 12″ and three (3) 7″ releases from the following bands: Vimur, Hellgoat, Cloak and Mangled. And what do you have to do to participate and perhaps—if Lady Luck is willing—get your filthy hands all over these records? Just fill a form right here, right now.

Mephistopheles – In Reverence of Forever EP

Well, I’m going to go ahead and say it.  I know we still have a few more months  left to this year, but I am going to go out on a limb and say it. Mephistopheles‘ new EP release,  In Reverence of Forever, is hands down my favorite metal album released this year, and quite […]

Sunlight’s Bane/ Geist – Split 7″

Good fuckin’ lord my ears!  That’s praise by the way.  This two-way grindcore orgy is some of the foulest, filthiest, fastest and most fucked up stuff I’ve heard in a long time.  You get your organs embalmed twice; a pair of incisions by Michigan’s manic lords of grind, Sunlight’s Bane (formerly known as Traitor) and […]

Opeth – Sorceress

Opeth’s 12th album is upon us, and as promised, Sorceress is their heaviest in years – certainly since Watershed. It is also their best since then. The pendulum has not swung back to 2008, though. This is still not a metal album, per se – certainly not the progressive death that made them so beloved […]

Blinded For Lies – Unity

From the label that brought us Flamenco inspired deathcore in Bolu2Death and some blackened crust in Absenta, comes 2 more releases a little more similar to each other. Both from Spain, we have Goddamn and Blinded For Lies, both residing in the metalcore realm, but both being rather good- if you are into that sort […]

Ablaze My Sorrow – Black

Say what one will about the Melodic Swedish death metal movement of the 1990’s but it hard to not look at the impact of this particular genre going all the back to groups like In Flames, Dark Tranquility and Soilwork.  You had your first wave of bands and then your secondary waves of groups coming […]