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FDA Rekotz to Release OMINOUS CRUCIFIX’s ‘The Spell of Damnation’

After various splits, demos and EPs it’s finally time for the first full length from obscure death metal masters OMINOUS CRUCIFIX! Hailing from the crypts of Mexico, OMINOUS CRUCIFIX offers the world The Spell of Damnation, eight new tracks of crawling, rancid and occult death metal that will tear the ribs out of your putrid […]

Agonia Records Signs ENTHRONED

ENTHRONED has two full-length releases on the horizon after signing a deal with Agonia Records. The black metal combo recently finished recording their follow-up album to Pentagrammaton (out on Regain Records in 2010). It is expected for an early 2012 release and entitled Obsidium. Located in Brussels (Belgium), band’s current line-up is:   Nornagest – […]

BARGAIN BIN REVIEWS – Lemming Project’s “Hate and Despise”

I swear, I have every intention of trying to make this a somewhat regular blog.

Here is the true definition of a Bargain Bin Find!!!!. I located this CD in the clearance rack of a Hastings, and grabbed it for a mere 25 cents- though technically it was a dollar, seeing as the bin was 4 for a dollar. So I had to grab a Boys 2 Men Christmas CD, a Jose Stone CD and an album by some Latin rap group.

Myrath – Tales of the Sands

One of the things I love most about metal is that it’s so diverse and far-reaching that I’ve been able to amass a United Nations of a collection. And sure, we probably all have our share of classic American thrash, British heavy metal, Swedish melodic death and Norwegian or French black metal, but how about […]

IRON SAVIOR: First Album In Four Years Set For January North American Release

IRON SAVIOR, currently one of the most popular German heavy/power metal bands return with their new album this January. Following their acclaimed Megatropolis album over four years ago, the Hamburg-based are ready to douse fans with their scorching classic metal thunder once again with the release of their new opus, The Landing, with a confirmed […]

ENABLER Announce New Record for 2012

Milwaukee’s ENABLER have announced plans to record a new album in January, 2012. The band will hit Howl Street Studios as well as Fuck City, with Greg Thomas (With Honor, Shai Hulud) producing. The record will be called “All Hail the Void“, and will be the first ENABLER record to feature the band’s three newest […]

Ever Forthright – Ever Forthright

So I reviewed the demo compilation by this New York tech metal act a couple of years ago and was rather impressed, especially by the shredding abilities of guitarists Nick Llerandi and Billy Anderson who added some very nice sweeps and solos to the semi deathcore/tech death metal/metal core stylings. However, my only real gripe […]

Rue – Thorns

Another day, another sludge band returning from an extended absence. Rue is back from the depths for their sophomore release, Thorns, a schizophrenic slab of sonic catharsis. Pummeling sludge grooves are coated with a layer of Rust Belt decay and filtered through Midwest hardcore and old fashioned rock and roll. It’s a solid blend that […]

Iron Man – Generation Void (Re-Issue)

Taking musical inspiration from Black Sabbath is never a bad thing, especially when bands like Iron Man use it to create doom metal that is as heavy and memorable as what is heard on this Shadow Kingdom reissue of 1999’s Generation Void. One of those bands that have struggled for its art through continual lineup […]

Blut Aus Nord – 777: The Desanctification

Blut Aus Nord’s Memoria Vetusta II is one of my favorite black metal albums of all time – an odyssey both terrifying and graceful, with masterful compositions that flow as much as they rage. So when I heard that Blut Aus Nord’s next releases would be an epic trilogy, I was naturally very excited to […]

Noothgrush – Live For Nothing

The 7” EP was both a blessing and a curse in the 90’s. They were cheap to produce and sell, which meant small labels could produce them easily and that you could walk away from a show with new music even if you only had 2 or 3 bucks to spare. Of course, the rub […]

Vildhjarta – Masstaden

Few bands can lay claim to the fact that their guitar style spawned a whole genre, but Meshuggah is one such band. Their heavily palm-muted, distorted guitar style known as “djent” has spawned many a copycat. Some bands such as Periphery, Animals as Leaders, Putrescent Secretancy, Textures and others have done a good job of […]


FDA Rekotz is pleased to announce the addition of Spanish zombies GRUESOME STUFF RELISH to their roster. FDA Rekotz has plans to release the band’s next full-length album on CD and vinyl in the Spring of 2012. GRUESOME STUFF RELISH is one of the most intense death/grind bands to ever emerge from Spain’s metal scene. […]

Haemoth – In Nomine Odium

Black metal is a curious beast; it can be a very conservative sub-genre and at the same time, one of the most diverse types of music to be composed. Bands like Enslaved, Dimmu Borgir and Deathspell Omega have shed most of their black metal roots in favor of something different. Whereas, Darkthrone, Dark Funeral and […]

EARTH Announce New Album Details

The second half of Seattle drone icons EARTH‘s Angels of Darkness, Demons of Light is being prepared for release on Southern Lord in North America this February 14th on CD, LP and digital download formats. Recorded in the same two week session as 2011’s lauded Angels of Darkness, Demons of Light I by Stuart Hallerman […]

Thirst of Revenge – Annihilation of Races

It’s a new release from Comatose Music, the North Carolina label that continues to bring to stand firm in bringing you an unfiltered stream of brutal death metal. And some pretty damn good CD specials too, such as the current “buy three get two free” deal. But I digress…as usual. Right, the new release! It’s […]

December Flower – When All Life Ends…

A common idiom states: “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery” something December Flower (taken from the In Flames song of the same name) has taken to heart with In Flames, Eucharist and Dark Tranquillity; at least their earlier forms from the mid-90s. This German quintet, made up of former members of Chronicles of Tyrants, […]

Interview with Symphony X

New Jersey’s Symphony X have been churning out album after album of top-quality neoclassical prog metal for almost two decades. 2011’s Iconoclast, which takes on a heavier, grinding-gears mechanized theme, still sees Symphony X at the tip-top of their game. Guitar virtuoso Michael Romeo spoke to Teeth of the Divine recently about his role in constructing and molding the band’s most solid album to date.

Immortal Souls – IV: The Requiem for the Art of Death

Still a musical anomaly residing on Facedown Records , Finland’s Immortal Souls are four albums in to their career and have yet to truly impress me. Their form of melodic “wintery” death metal has always been solid, but I’m never craving this band. So I’m not sure what’s more impressive, the fact they are still […]

Morta Skuld – Through the Eyes of Death

Relapse has reissued some pretty good stuff over the last couple of years, namely the Death reissues as well as General Surgery, Convulse and Nirvana 2002, but along with a couple of the recent Dying Fetus reissues, this one is a bit of head scratcher. For some reason Relapse Records has decided to dust off and […]

E.A.K – MuzEAK

Portugal’s Major Label Industries is hardly prolific with their releases, but when they release something it’s usually something creative or unique like Crushing Sun, The Firstborn or Before the Rain. However, with the release of E.A.K‘s second effort, the label appears to have succumbed to releasing an underwhelming home grown effort that does not match the […]

PARADISE LOST begin recording new album, Tragic Idol

After taking a trip back in time with the Draconian Times MMXI DVD/live album (the London legacy show of their classic album from 1995) and also Gregor Mackintosh’s return to his crusty doom/death metal roots with VALLENFYRE (alongside his mates from MY DYING BRIDE, DOOM, and AT THE GATES), it’s now time for PARADISE LOST’s 13th studio […]

Massive FDA Rekotz CD Giveaway!!!!

Christmas (or other non denominational festival) is early here at Teeth of the Divine and playing the role of old Saint Nick is Germany’s own FDA Rekotz — home to the likes of German legends Blood and DEAD, as well as releasing the debut from Entrails. Through our divine holiday spirit, the label is offering 18, yes, 18 CDs to 3 lucky readers.

Thousand Year War – Tyrants and Men

There’s a fine line between plagiarism and homage. And in metal, that line is even thinner as many acts have simply said, ‘you know what? We like this band we are going to sound just like them, not to rip them off maliciously but they just rock’. For every Suffocation, Entombed, Morbid Angel and Slayer […]

NAILS & SKIN LIKE IRON To Co-Self-Release Limited Split EP In January

Bringing two energetic but diversified contemporary hardcore acts together in one pure and primal slab of wax, NAILS and SKIN LIKE IRON will collaboratively self-release a split 7” EP this January. San Francisco’s SKIN LIKE IRON have already become a well-known entity in modern hardcore with nearly ten releases on such admirable dissident hardcore labels […]