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Hummune – Crafted in Darkness

Based in Southampton in the UK, Hummune is a trio that play a form of groovy, down tuned metal that culls from the likes of Helmet, The Deftones and such but with just a dash of more heavier tones of groove era Gorefest (Soul Survivor/ Chapter 13) , Machine Head and it very heavily recalled […]

Gig Report: Wintersun, Eluveitie, Varg (Oakland, USA)

Wintersun’s blood-bonded following has been clamoring for a US tour ever since their self-titled debut was released in 2004. 8 years later, our prayers are answered as the controversial album Time I is released alongside a worldwide tour with Eluveitie and Varg. Was it everything we hoped for?

Grief of Emerald – It All Turns to Ashes

Black metal has been a very hit or miss genre for me.  My main experiences lie with Immortal, and the popular and oft-criticized Dimmu Borgir.  But I enjoy branching out from the death/grind spectrum of metal that dominates my speakers, and decided to grab the new Grief of Emerald.  After doing a little research, it […]

Warseid – Where Fate Lies Unbound EP

Wow. This is REALLY good. A self released EP from  Wisconsin based symphonic black metal band, usually would not set my expectations very high, but on their debut effort Warseid has blown me away with this downright epic 4 song EP. Though only 4 songs, the release is still 30 minutes long with songs ranging […]

Void of Sleep – Tales Between Reality and Madness

Italy’s Void of Sleep is a relatively new entity that looks set to make significant waves when this excellent debut album hits the streets in early 2013.  They have been together since 2010, with their only prior release being a short promo EP titled Giants and Killers.But there is enough evidence on this debut full-length […]

Devolved – Reprisal

Here’s a unique and challenging album from the usually predictable Unique Leader Records. Hailing from Australia but residing in Los Angeles, Devolved have 3 previous full length albums under their belts, none of which I’ve heard, so I had nothing to compare this blind purchase to. My last blind purchase was also a Unique Leader […]

Ladder Devils – Nowhere Plans

I recently had the good fortune to attend a reunion show featuring some nigh forgotten stalwarts of eastern Pennsylvania’s hardcore scene; Inkling, Dysphoria, and Chine. The show was a nostalgic punch in the face (Oh, late 90’s pit kung fu) and left me asking a question familiar to us all after we hear seemingly forgotten […]

Faal – The Clouds are Burning

While seemingly everyone has been gushing over the new Evoken album this year, another comparable death/doom masterpiece floated by with nary a mention. It’s amazing what a difference the support of Profound Lore and Decibel can make. It’s not that Evoken isn’t more than deserving of all the praise they’re receiving, but what Faal has […]

DEVOURMENT: Title And Cover Art Of Relapse Debut Revealed

DEVOURMENT, one of the most brutal death metal acts on the planet, this week reveals the title and cover art for the outfit’s highly anticipated new album, due early next year via Relapse Records. The fourth studio full-length from Dallas, Texas-based DEVOURMENT, Conceived In Sewage was recorded at Mana Recordings in St. Petersburg, Florida with […]

Rocking Corpses – Rock ‘n’ Rott

While bands like Entombed, The Generals, Calmsite, Six Feet Under and others are sometimes classified as “death ‘n’ roll”, the truth is it’s just death metal with a little groove and some catchy hooks. However, Finland’s Rocking Corpses are here to truly deliver death ‘n’ roll, and a weird but strangely enjoyable sound it is. […]

Dehumanized – Controlled Elite

I had initially filed this under “did we really need this reunion?” category when I got it for review. I mean, while I realize that the band’s sole release, 1998’s Prophecies Foretold  was a solid entry into the New Yawk style of death metal and the band got them briefly mentioned in the same breath […]

Chapel of Disease – Summoning Black Gods

From the minute I first heard Germany’s Chapel of Disease, I immediately thought they’re not only a great fit for FDA Rekotz (that label has a ton of affection for Death-tinged, 90s inspired death-thrash) but also that without attempting to shoot for the hilltop or reinvent the wheel and all of its components, they truly […]

Incantation Giveaway of Yuletide Blasphemy

Death metal legends Incantation just released their 9th studio album after a 6 year layoff, Vanquish in Vengeance through Listenable Records. At what an album it is! A crawling monster of doom/death that lays waste to all the pretenders and mimics and two lucky Teeth of the Divine readers can find themselves owning a copy of the album courtesy of the bald—but fine—folks at Clawhammer PR.

Onwards to Olympas – Indicator

I’ve long championed Facedown Records and their oft maligned Christian metal, but of late other than  Your Memorial, Hands and A Home for Home, the label seems to have really fallen into a rut- with the likes of For Today, Gideon, Altars, War of Ages, Leaders and Onwards to Olympas, they seem to basically be […]

Maveth – Coils of the Black Earth

Sometimes all you need is some cool cover art to pull you in. A black and wraith-like six-armed winged deity, bristling with weapons and riding a flying serpent past a rotting Lovecraftian cairn piled high with skulls. Part Frazetta and part 18th-century woodcut, lovingly created by Chilean illustrator Daniel Desecrator. It’s simple and stark and […]

Concentric – V

Despite my general disdain for instrumental music, 2009s Immeasurable , the debut by this  Wisconsin instrumental act , really caught my ear. Featuring a former metal journalist and member of post rockers Northless and death metal act Ara, Jerry Hauppa and cello player James Becker, the follow up, V is a 5 song concept piece  […]

DEAFHEAVEN to Release New Album Spring 2013

  DEAFHEAVEN TO RECORD NEW ALBUM IN JANUARY WITH JACK SHIRLEY THEIR SECOND FULL-LENGTH, TITLED ‘SUNBATHER’, COMING IN SPRING 2013 FROM DEATHWISH INC. San Francisco’s Deafheaven have had an exciting few years since their inception in 2010; the band has toured 27 countries worldwide supporting bands like Godflesh, Alcest, and Russian Circles, released 2011’s opus […]

ULCER’s Grant Us Death Out On February 19th Through Pulverised Records

Poland’s morbid sextet ULCER returns this time in worship of the old-school Swedeath chainsaw laceration! Never for a moment losing focus on the authentic Swedish fucking Death Metal sound that has terrorized the globe for decades, the band’s new full-length effort Grant Us Death is truly an unspeakable act of zombie-invoking riffs, heavily dosed with horror-theme […]

SweDeath Supergroup SKINEATER To Release Debut on Pulverised Records

The foul harvest is finally ripe for the picking. Swedish supergroup SKINEATER is on a murderous rampage with the band’s debut effort Dermal Harvest, a petrifying array of extremely deadly and precision-cut Death Metal! De-skinned to perfection, Dermal Harvest showcases some of the most resilient veterans in the Swedish Extreme scene, with past and present […]

Abiotic – Symbiosis

Florida’s Abiotic are a deathcore band leaning more on the technical side of things, and have managed to create quite a buzz with only an EP under their belt before this outing, their first full length album. The hype got them snatched up by Metal Blade, and their style is a touch Veil of Maya, […]

Nachtmystium – Silencing Machine

Nachtmystium´s progression has been almost Odyssian in nature. Starting as relatively by-the-numbers black metal, the Chicago act, led by vocalist/guitarist Blake Judd, took a fork in the road to explore their own experimental and progressive journey over the course of a few releases while the glut of black metal dabbled in post-metalisms and writing aimless […]

Incantation – Vanquish in Vengeance

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; I never really got Incantation or Immolation in the early 9os. I was obsessed with Swedish death metal and Cradle of Filth  and both bands murky, muddy styles never really sat well with me. Heck, the only Incantation album I own and have really heard is […]

Ævangelist – De Masticatione Mortuorum in Tumulis

“Ævangelist does not intend to play death metal, black metal, or any other type of ‘music’ for your enjoyment. In fact, we hope that there are decidedly few discernible riffs, we hope this appeals to no superficial underground interests, and we hope to make no impression on any current musical trends, because in the scope […]

FINNTROLL begins recording new album

FINTROLL has officially started recording their 6th album at Sonic Pump Studios in Helsinki! The currently untitled follow-up to 2010’s masterpiece Nifelvind will be released worldwide through Century Media Records in late March 2013. In regards to this new album, the band comments on their studio blog (   “Combining our trademark sound with even […]

Dacast – Dédale

It’s been a while since I heard some good skronky discordant, math metal, maybe going back to Brazen Bull‘s early 2012 release, The Traveling Parasite, which I’m still trying to get my head around for review. Well, here is French noise mongers Dacast, and their 2 track 35 minute assault on the ears, Dédale. Early […]