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Dead In the Dirt – Fear 7″ EP

Up until I heard this 10 song, 7″ release from Atlanta’s Dead in the Dirt, God Is War from All Pigs Must Die was my favorite crust release of 2011, and before that, Nails and their Unsilent Death release was my favorite crust release of the last decade or so. But once the needle hits […]

Lock Up – Necropolis Transparent

I’ll admit I wasn’t too excited for a new Lock Up album. I mean, it’s been eight years since Hate Breeds Suffering, which I really though wasn’t necessary after 1999’s Pleasure Pave Sewers, (which was admittedly one of the first high profile super groups). And let’s be honest, a grindcore side project in 2011 featuring […]

Necromorph – Grinding Black Zero

To grind or not to grind; that is the question. That question is answered by Germany’s Necromorph in the extreme affirmative, as you’ll hear within moments of the calamitous ride that is Grinding Black Zero. More Nasum than Insect Warfare and characterized by a relative degree of compositional diversity within grindcore parameters, Grinding Black Zero […]

Weekend Nachos – Worthless

Opening with a ripping guitar solo that hits with the force of an out of control machine gun. Instantly the glass shatters from the window that encases your lavishing frame. 20 seconds in and the murderous intentions seep through and kill everything in the blink of an eye. How is this done? Powerviolence! Weekend Nachos […]