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Serocs – And When the Sky Was Opened

Back in 2013, I was impressed by the second album, The Next, from Mexican guitarist Antonio Freyre and his gathering of International musicians including bassist Mike  Poggionne (Vile, Monstrosity, Lecherous Nocturne) , drummer Timo Häkkinen (Sotajumala) and Phil Tougas of Zealotry/Vengeful/Chthe’ilist on guitars delivering a dizzying chaotic, Canadian take on death metal that imbued Cryptopsy. With the only change being Josh Smith (Monumental […]

Desecresy – Stoic Death

Desecresy are an outstanding Finnish death metal act, that in their brief inception since 2009, have released now their fourth album.  They play an older style of death metal that mixes in influences from Autopsy to a lot of Bolt Thrower rumbling, tank like heaviness.  Never opting to go into blast beat territory this 2 […]

Rectified Spirit – The Waste Land

The always reliable Transcending Obscurity label seems to dish out a never ending arsenal of extreme metal releases from all over the world with no boundary on style or genre.  I personally admire Kunal’s ethic and dedication to underground heaviness and more often than not enjoy the bands he brings to the table.  Fresh on […]

Teeth of the Divine 2015’s STAFF PICKS

2015. Another, goddamn, year over already. And how’d it end? With a major downer with Lemmy going somewhere else. Who do we have left? Ozzy? Rob? Alice? Anyone else? Damn. It wasn’t all that bad of a year though, even if the world seemed to become even crazier than 2014 — if Fox News is to be believed. Plenty of good music got released and what we’ve got here is a top list of metal related stuff that Teeth of the Divine’s staff handpicked themselves. Unlike most of our corporate overlords, we don’t outsource our opinions, enslave some poor bastards and build safety nets around them just in case they decide to call it quits. Actually, that’s not true. We’re not a hive mind, we enslave people to write for us but we sure as hell aren’t spending any of our huge advertising revenue to keep them alive. Ha! Anyway, browse around and find some worthy stuff you might have missed!

Ian Fraser “Lemmy” Kilmister, 1945-2015

The thing that seemed most impossible, has happened, and with great sadness we bow our heads at the news that Lemmy’s life long tour has finally come to a close. Just two days after his birthday on December 26th, Lemmy was diagnosed with cancer and two days from there, the man, the myth and the living legend had passed away. Another metal and rock’n’roll icon, taken, but whose music and uncompromising attitude will forever live on.

We here at Teeth give our condolences and utmost respect to the family and friends of Lemmy and our gratitude for his direct and impactful involvement in shaping the music that has gotten many of us through the challenges that life has thrown at us.

Raise a toast, drink some more, blast a few tunes and celebrate all the good times. Even in death, the man will not die.

Thank you, Lemmy.

Born to lose, live to win.

Teeth of the Divine wishes you a merry whatever

Teeth of the Divine will wind down a bit for the remainder of 2015. Some of us, and you, will perhaps celebrate some of the various holidays. Some will find peace through detox. But whatever your chosen action is, we wish you happy hunting and nod our thanks to you for following us throughout the year — this and the past ones. We’ll be back with more reviews, perhaps some interviews and our yearly best of -list in no time. So merry whatever, have a good one and catch you closer to 2016.

Lost Soul – Atlantis: The New Beginning

Back in 2000,  along with Trauma, Lost Soul were super close to being mentioned with the same breath as Vader, Yattering, Behemoth and the then new Decapitated as Polish death metal elite. 2000s Scream of the Mourning Star was released on the US on the mighty Relapse, 2002s Ubermensch and 2005s Chaostream (For the record, “Godstate” is […]

Contrarian – Polemic

Sure, there have been some great Death and Chuck Schuldiner homages in 2015- notably Gruesome and Skeletal Remains. But what if the spirit of Chuck Schuldiner was implanted into something  a little less obvious and something a little more cavernous? And what if that something was a sort of super group featuring George Kollias (Nile, […]

Invocation Spells – Descendent the Black Throne

It seems lately for me that I have been listening to a lot of EP’s.or albums with a shorter run time. With life’s hectic schedule, art deadlines and such, I don’t have a lot of time and albums that are short and to the point, get the job done when life doesn’t allow for sitting […]

Tanned Christ – Antipodean Sickness

  Good fuckin’ lord, here is some goddamn bonkers grind from Australia.  Tanned Christ are a quartet with an anxiety-ridden attack that sounds like they’re on the verge of a musical heart attack and hernia that could kill off the entire band without a moment’s notice.  This is not traditional grind, no fuckin’ way Jose […]

Krigere Wulf – Sacrifice to Valaskjàlf

In this time of progressive experimental and genre/boundary pushing music, there’s is something to said for some straightforward, blasting black metal in the vein of the classic 90s Scandinavian style. Even is said release is Italian,, on a Korean label and over an year old. Sicily’s Krigere Wolf have one other release under their belt, […]

Necrocosm – Damnation Doctrine

Necrocrosm is a curious one for me. When I saw the promo sheet and read the bio and saw the artwork, both got me interested in them and I decided to give them a listen. I was impressed on the onset with the sound, in which you can hear all members and even the bass […]

Prime Evil – Blood Curse Resurrection

Prime Evil, hailing from New York City, was more of a cult death/thrash band back in the 80’s/early 90’s.  They put out some demos and crap, but never breaking through to get a record deal.  Then they broke up and reformed 20 years later and in 2012 put out the devastating Evilution 3 song ep.  […]

Abhorrent Deformity – Entity of Malevolence

You can count on a few things in this world; death, taxes and Comatose Music releasing quality, brutal death metal.  And new act Abhorrent Deformity bring a little experience with them on their debut is drummer Matt Green who has session and live drummed for slam gods Kraanium. And though not as purely slam or perverted as Kraanium, […]

Wheelfall – Glasrew Point

Holy shit, this is the same French Wheelfall that concocted the heady, stoner/psyche brew Interzone in 2012.  While there’s still riff-y churns and doom-addled debauchery to be found here, suddenly this band has went from a Dozer/Colour Haze psilocybin pomp n’ circumstance to a groove-laden industrial pummel that’s like a mixture of early Fear Factory, […]

Iron Void – Doomsday

Iron Void are true believers. This English three piece never records anything that lacks a definable frame of reference or unquestionable sincerity. Strains of Sabbath, Saint Vitus, Pentagram and more percolate through their music like a second heartbeat, but the band never lapses into crass, outright imitation. Their passion infuses every song with a strongly […]

Cosmic Church – Vigilia EP

Finland’s Cosmic Church is the brain child of one Luxixul Sumering Auter, who plays all instruments and does all vocals for this project that has 2 full length albums and a large number demos and EPs, of which Vigillia is my first exposure, but I will certainly be going back to the artists back catalog based […]

With The Dead – With The Dead

Past Forest of Equlibrium, I consider myself a more casual Cathedral fan. The band’s later, Sabbath-y 70s, psychedelia being a occasional guilty pleasure when I want something grooooovy man. And though swansong The Last Spire was a pretty solid release, I really don’t feel drawn to Cathedral’s discography, so when Lee Dorrian announced the band was […]

Sadistic Ritual – Edge of the Knife EP

  I have to be honest here, I had never heard Sadistic Ritual, and the only reason I gave them a listen was because the band’s newest EP, Edge of the Knife, is on Unspeakable Axe Records and I absolutely dug the shit out Trenchrot’s Necronomic Warfare album, released last year on Unspeakable Axe. Regardless […]

Heathen Beast – Trident

Transcending Obscurity delivers again with this compilation release from pox-stricken, West Bengal black metal lunatics Heathen Beast.  Trident collects the band’s three EP releases into a full-length serving that’s easily some of the sickest, rawest black metal I’ve heard in a quite bit.  Fans that worship the rotten side of the style like Darkthrone, Burzum, […]

Ad Nauseam – Nihil Quam Vacuitas Ordinatum

Italy’s Ad Nauseam have put out the best technical death metal album of the year.  Nihil Quam Vacuitas Ordinatum is the band’s debut and this is mind bending ultra brutal technical death metal.  Take aspects of Gorguts/Ulcerate and Gigan.  Catch my drift?  This is atmospheric, monolithic, avant garde and disturbing sounding death metal.  This makes […]

Panopticon – Autumn Eternal

After telling us about his Kentucky roots with 2012s Kentucky, and then his move to Minnesota with last years Roads to the North, Austin Lunn appears to have settled down and is down dealing with the most fitting season for his style of organic, naturalistic and atmospheric black metal- Autumn. And I gather autumn in […]

Dalla Nebbia – Felix Culpa

Black metal has been getting run through the wringer lately with certain bands sanitizing it for the masses and some metal “journalists” using it as fodder for their hyperbolic clickbait writing. That’s partly the reason that I don’t review it often despite it being one of my favorite genres. There’s already too much talk about […]

Visceral Throne – Those Who Have Fallen Beyond the Grace of God EP

Based on the cover and album title, I was fully expecting some black metal here. But of course, being on Comatose Music, you know exactly what this is. Some brutal slamming death metal from the depths of Indiana. This is the band’s first release since 2012’s Omnipotent Asperity, a release I since picked up based on […]

Hellish – Theurgist’s Spell EP

What we got here is the latest release from Chile’s Hellish and one thing you got to give them props or (most) bands for that matter from South America in general that they play this style of retro thrash, is they have that honesty in their approach and just seem to get things right in […]