(((Microwaves))) ..And Oceans 3 Demons Records 3 Inches of Blood 3:16 Productions 5ive 5Rand 7 Horns 7 Eyes 11 AS IN ADVERSARIES 13 Media 13th Planet Records 16 19 A.D.D 20 Buck Spin 31 Knots 40 Below Summer 40 Watt Sun 100 Demons 108 1012 1126 Records 1349 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 3030 20018 A389 Recordings Aara Aaron J. Klamer Abacinate A Backward Glance on a Travel Road Abacus Recordings A band of Orcs Abbath Abcess Abduction Abeyance Abhomine Abhorrence Abhorrent Deformity Abigail Williams Abigor Abiotic Ablaze In Hatred Ablaze My Sorrow Ablaze Productions Abnormality Abnormity Abolishing the Ignominious Abominable Putridity Abominant Abominator Aborted Aborted Fetus Abortion Aborym Above This Fire Above This World Abramelin Abraxan Hymns A Breath Before Surfacing Abscess Abscession Absence Betrayal Absenta Absentia Lunae Absolve Absorbed Abstracter Abstract Rapture Abstrakt Absu Absvrdist Abuse Abysmal Dawn Abysmal Sounds Abysmal Torment Abysme Abyssal Abysse Abyss Records Abyssus Acacia Accept Ace Augustine Acephala Acephalix Acheron Acid Death Acid Drinkers Acid King Acid Witch Acrania Acranius Acrimonious Across Five Aprils Across the Sun Across Tundras Act of Defiance Acumen Nation Adagio Adam Palm A Day To Remember ADE Adipocere Records A Distance From Ad Nauseam Ad Patres Adrenaline Music Adrian Bromley Adult Swim Adversary Adversum Ad Vitam Infernal Adytum Aeba AEDRA Aelter Aenimus Aeon Aeon of Horus Aephanemer Aereogramme Aes Dana Aesthetics of Devastation Aeternam Aeternitas Tenebrarum Musicae Fundamentum Aeternus Aetherius Obscuritas Afflicted Afgrund AFM AFM Records A Forest of Stars Afterbirth After Forever Aftermath Aftermath Music After the Burial Agalloch Agathodaimon Agents of Man Age of Ruin Age of Silence Aggravator Aggression A. D Aghora Agiel Agnostic Front Agonal Breathing Agonia Records Agonizer Agony Agoraphobic Nosebleed Agrimonia Agruss Ahab Ahamkara A Hanging Ahdistuksen Aihio Productions A Hill To Die Upon A Hope For Home Ahtme Airged L'amh Airway Aiumeen Basoa Akani Akercocke Akhlys A Kid Hereafter in the Grinding Light Akroma Al-Namrood Alabama Thunderpussy Alaric Alarum Alas Albatwitch Album Alcest Alda Aldaaron Aleph Null Alerta Alerta Antifascista Records Alestorm Aletheian Alex Skolnick Trio Algaion Algebra Alghazanth Alice Cooper Alice in Chains Alien Weaponry A Life Once Lost Alioth Alive and Breathing Records Alkaloid All About the Music Allan Richardsen Allan Richardson Allegaeon All Else Failed All Good Clean Records Allochiria All Out War All Pigs Must Die All Shall Perish All That Remains All Too Human Almah A Love Ends Suicide Alove For Enemies Alpha Matter Altar Altarage Altare Productions Altar of Plagues Altar of the Dead Productions Altar of Waste Records Altars Altars of Grief Alterbeast Aluk Tolodi Alunah Amaranthe Amarok Ambassador Gun Amber Amber Asylum Amenra American Dog American Recordings Amesoeurs Amia Venera Landscape Amok Amon Amarth Among the Mortals Amoral Amorphead Amorphis Amputated Vein Records Anaal Nathrakh Anael Anagnorisis Ana Kefr Anarchos Records Anarkhon Anasarca Anata Anathema An Autumn for Crippled Children Ancestors Ancestral Legacy Ancient Ancient Creation Ancient Rites Ancient Sky Ancient VVisdom Ancient Wind Ancst And Hell Followed With And Now The Owls Are Smiling Andras Andrew Young Andromeda Andromorphus Rexalia Andropofagus Andy Shal An Entire Legion Anew revolution Angakok Angelcorpse Angelmaker Angel of Sodom Angel Witch Anger Machine Angerot Angerpath Angle Side Side Records Angtoria Anhedonist Anhkrehg Anima Animals as Leaders Animals Killing People Anime Torment Animist Animosity Animus Mortis Annihilator Annotations of an Autopsy Anomalous Anopheli Anorexia Nervosa Another Breath Another Messiah Anoxia Antaeus Antagonist Antagony Antagony Media Ante-Inferno Anthrax Antigama Antimatter Anti Records Antithesis Antiverse Antropofago Antropofagus Aoi AOP Records Aoria Aosoth Apathia Records A Path Less Traveled Records A Perfect Murder Aphelion Productions Aphotic Aphotic Records Apiary A Plea For Purging Apocalyptic Feasting Apocalyptic Witchcraft Recordings Apocrophex Apocryphon Apophys Apostasy Records Apostle of Solitude Apostolum Apotheosis Appalling Appease Me Records April Etheral. Conquer Records Aqualamb Records Aquila Ara Arbitrator Arcana Coelestia Arcania Archaean Harmony Archasm Releasing Archelon Arch Enemy Archgoat Architect Architects Archon Archspire Arckanum Arctic Plateau Arcturus Arduous Task Area Death Productions Ares Kingdom Argesk Argh Fuck Kill! Records Arghoslent Argonauta Records Arise Arise and Ruin Arise Records Ark Arkaea Arkan Arkheth Arkhon Infaustus Ark of the Covenant Arkona Arma Angelus Armageddon Armageddon Music Armed for Apocalypse Armored Saint Armour Armoured Angel Armoury Records Aronious Arsis Ars Magna Recordings Ars Magna Umbrae Arsonists Get All The Girls ART 238 Artefact Artemesia Records Artery Recordings Art Gates Records ArthemesiA Artificial Brain Artificial Head Records Artillerty Artillery Artimus Pyle Artizan Artoffact Records Art of Propaganda Arum Asbestosdeath As Blood Runs Black A Scanner Darkly Ascend Ascendance Records Ascended Ascension Ascetic Records A Second From The Surface As Eden Burns Aseethe Asenblut Asgaard Asgaroth Ash Borer As Hell Retreats Ashen Horde Ashent Ashes Of Your Enemy Asia As I Lay Dying Asphalt Graves Asphodelus Asphyx ASRA Asrai Assaulter Assumption Astaroth Incarnate Astarte As The Monster Becomes As They Burn As They Sleep A Storm of Light Astra Astralborne Astral Domine Astriaal Astrophobos Asunder Asva As We Fight Asylum As You Drown Atakhama At A Loss Recordings Ataraxy Atavist Atavistia At Dusk Atheist Athorn A Thousand Times Repent Atkins May Project Atlantic Records Atlas Pain ATMF Atmospheric/Ambient Atmospheric Black Metal Atmospheric Sludge Atoma Atomic Bitchwax At Our Heels Atrae Bilis A Tree of Signs Atreyu Atriarch Atrocious Abnormality Atrocity Atrophied Atrox Atrum Inritus Attack Attack! Atten Ash At the Dojo At The Gates At The Soundawn At The Throne Of Judgment Attomica At Vance Audiopain Audiovision Audrey Horne Augury August Burns Red Aural Music Auric Auris Apothecary Aurora Aurora Borealis Austere Austrian Death machine Authentik Ink Author & Punisher Autokrator Autopsy Autopsy Kitchen Records Autsopsy Autumn Autumn's Dawn Auðn Avalon Avant-Garde/Experimental Avantasia Avantgarde Music Ave Maria Avenged Sevenfold Avenger of Blood Averatu Averse Sefira Aversio Humanitatis Aversion's Crown Avicularia AVR/Throne Records AVR Records Avsky Axamenta Axel Rudi Pell Axis of Advance Axis of Despair Axis Powers Axxis Ayahuasca Ayat Ayin Aleph Aylwin Ayreon Azaghal Azarath Azmaveth Azrael Azure Azure Emote Babymetal Backstabbers Inc BadMoonMan Music Baest Bahimiron Bakerteam Records Bal-Sagoth Band spotlight Bane Banished From Inferno Banisher Banjo Baphomet Records Bapstism Barathrum Barbarian Swords Barbarian Wrath Bargain Bin Reviews Baring Teeth Barishi Barn Burner Baroness Barra Xul Barren Altar Barren Earth Barron Keith Barus Basement Ape Industries Basilica Bastard Feast Bastard Grave Bastardized Recordings Bastard Priest Bathory Battalion Battered Battlebeast Battle Dagorath Battlefields Battlegod Productions Battleground Records Battle Kommand Records Battlelore Battlemaster Battle of Mice Battleroar Battletorn Be'lakor Beak Beansidhe Bear Mace Bearstorm Beast In Black Beast In The Field Beast Of Revelation Beaten Beaten Back To Pure Beaten to Death Beats the Hell Out of Me Beauty In Chaos Becerus Bedroom Rehab Corporation Beehoover Beer City Records Before the Dawn Before The Rain Beheaded Behemoth Behemoth Productions Beherit Behexen Behold! The Monolith Beldam Belenos Belgarath Believer Bell Witch Below Belphegor Beneath Beneath the Massacre Beneath the Sky Benediction Benedictum Ben Hogg Benighted Benjamin Cedotal Benjamin DeBlasi Ben Levin Group Bereavement Bereft Bergraven Berserk Beseech Besieged Bestial Bestial Mockery Bestial Onslaught Productions Bestialord Bethledeign Bethlehem Between the Buried and me Bewitched Bewized Beyond Creation Beyond Deth Beyond Hell Beyond Terror Beyond Grace Beyond the Embrace Beyond the Sixth Seal Beyond Threshold Bible of the Devil Biclops Biesy Bifröst Big Trouble in Little China Big Vin Records Bill Wood Binah Bindrune Recordings Biohazard Biomechanical Biopsy Birdflesh Birds of Avalon Birds of Prey Birushanah Bison B.C. Bitter Loss Records Bizarre Leprous Productions Black/Death Metal Black/Doom Metal Black/Progressive Metal Black/Thrash Metal Black Axis Records Black Bards Entertainment Black Boned Angel Black Bow Records Black Box REcordings Black Box Warning Black Breath Black Cobra Black Comedy Black Crown Initiate Blackcurrant Music Black Dawn Black Devil Records Black Elephant Blackend Records Blackened Hardcore Blackened Recordings Blackened Thrash black fucking cancer Black Funeral Blackguard Black Hell Black Hole of Calcutta blackjack Black Label Society Black Lion Productions Black Lion Records Black Lodge Black Lotus Records Black Mark Blackmarket Activities Black Market Activities Black Market Metal Black Mark Productions Black Meadow Recordings Black Messiah Black Metal Black Pussy Black Queen Black River Black Royal Black Sabbath BlackSeed Productions Blackseed Records Black Seed Records Black Shape of Nexus Black Sheep Records Black Sites Black Skies Black Skull Records Blacksmith Records Blacksmoker Black Soul Horde Black Sun Aeon Blacktalon Media Black Team Media Black Tears of Death Black Tide Black Tongue Black Totem Black Voodoo Records Black Vulture Records Black Wasteland Black Widow Records Blackwinds Black Witchery Black Zombie Records Blade Blade of Horus Blakk Attakk Records Blasphemer Blasphemic Creations Blasphemour Records Blaspherian Blastanus Blastasfuk Blast Head Records Blatant Disarray Blaze of Perdition Blazon Rite Bleak Recordings Bleeding Fist Bleeding Gods Bleeding Light Records Bleeding Through Bleed In Vain Bleed Someone Dry Blessed By A Broken Heart Blessed Dead Bless The Fallen Blinded By Faith Blinded For Lies Blind Guardian Bliss of Flesh Blistering Records Blizaro BLK Heart Group Bloated Goat Records Blockheads Blodhemn Blodsrit Blog Blood & Ink Records Blood Ages Bloodaxe Bloodbath Bloodbound Blood Ceremony Bloodcurdling Enterprise Blooddawn Productions Blood Farmers Blood Freak Bloodhammer Blood Harvest Blood Harvest Records Bloodhorse Blood I Bleed Blood Incantation Blood Label Bloodlust Blood Mortized Blood Music Blood of Seklusion Blood of the Black Owl Blood of the Wolf Blood Red Fog Blood Red Throne Blood Red Water Blood Revolt BloodRose Blood Stained Dusk Blood Stands Still Bloodthirst Blood Tsunami Bloodyard Bloody Hammers Bloody Mountain Bloody Mountain Records Bloody Panda Blubnt Knife Idol Blue Moon Satellite Records Blueneck Blues Blurring Blut Aus Nord Blutch Boal Boar Bodom After Midnight Bodychoke Body Count Boia Boisson Divine Boltdown Bolt Thrower Bolu2 Death Bombs of Hades Bombworks Records Bonded By Blood Bone Gnawer Bones Bones Brigade Records Bong Book of Black Earth Boris Records Borknagar Born From Pain Born of Osiris Born Twice Records Boss Tunage Botanist Bothildir Bound In Fear Bourbon Flame Bow Brainchoke Brain Drill Brainoil Brain Spasm Brain Stem Brainstorm Brainticket Records Brand of Sacrifice Brant Bjork and the Bros Brazen Bull Breach the Void Brennus Music Brent Mittelstadt Bridge Nine Records Briefcase Show Briefcase Show Inc Bring Me Solace Bring Me the Horizon BrokenCYDE Broken Hope Broken Limb Recordings Broken Limbs Recordings Brothers Brothers of Metal Brothers of the Sonic Cloth Brotthogg Brown Jenkins Brutal Art Records Brutal Bands Brutal Death Metal Brutality Brutally Deceased Brutal Mind Brutal Panda Records Brutal Truth Brute! Productions Bryan Allen Bréag Naofa Built to Rock Bullcreek Bulletbelt Bullethole Bun Dem Out Bunk Rawk Entertainment Burial Hordes Burial Invocation Burial Ritual Buried Buried Realm Buried Side Buried Souls Burning Human Burning Shed Burning Skies Burning the Masses Burning Witch Burning World Records Burnsred Burnt By The Sun Burst Bury Tomorrow Bury Your Dead Burzum By Any Means Necessary Byelobog Productions Byzantine Bölzer C.B Murdoc C.O.L Press Cable Cacophonous Records Cadaveric Crematorium Cadaver Mutilator Caducity Caelestia Cage Cairiss Caladan Brood Caliban Caligari Records Call for Blood Calligari Records Callisto Call of the Void Call to Preserve Calmed By The Tides of Rain Calm Hatchery Calvarium Canaan Candiria Candlelight Candlelight Records Candlemass Canis Dirus Cannabis Corpse Cannibal Corpse Canonical Hours Canopy Canvas Solaris Capricorns Capricrons Captain Cleanoff Carach Angren Cara Neir Carcass Cardiac Arrest Cardiact Arrest Carmina Carnal Decay Carnal Forge Carnal Rapture Carnal Ruin Carnation Carne Carnifex Carnophage Carpathian Forest Casket Music Casket Robbery castevet Cast the Stone Casus Belli Musica Catalepsy Cataract Catastrophic Cathedral Catheter Catholicon Cattle Decapitation Cauldron Cause For Revelation Caustic Casanova Caustic Method Caustic Wound Cavalera Conspiracy Cavern Caverna Abismal Records Cavity Records Caïna CDN Records Celan Celeste Celestia Celestial Season Celtic Frost Cemetery Filth Cemetery Lust Cenotaph Centaurus-A Centinex Centurian Centurion Century Century Media Records Cenury Medi Records Cephalectomy Cephalic Carnage Cephalic Impurity Cerberus Cerebral Bore Cerebral Fix Cerebrum Cerekloth Ceremonial Records Chabtan Chainsaw Safety Records Chalk Chaosbreed Chaos Inception Chaos Invocation Chaos Moon Chaos Records Chapel of Disease Chapters Charles Kucher Charnel Valley Charon Charred Walls of the Damned Chasm of Nis Chasse-Galerie Chastain Chelsea Grin Chickenfoot Children of Bodom Children of Technology Chimaira Chingalera Chiodos Chordewa Chris Ayers Chris Broderick Chris Dick Chris Gibbs Chris S Chris Sessions Christian Christian Consentino Christian Mistress Christ Inversion Chrome Division Chrsi Ayers Chthe'ilist Chthonian ChthoniC Chton Chuck Chuck Kucher Chunks of Meat Records Chur Church of Misery Cianide Cimmerian Shade Recordings Circle II Circle Circle of Dead Children Circus Maximus Cirith Gorgor City of Ships Classic Rock Clawhammer PR Cleanteeth Clearview Records Clenchedfist Records Cleopatra Records Clinging To The Trees Of A Forest Fire Clobber Records Closed Casket Activities Closed Casket Recordings Closer Cnoc An Tursa Coathanger Abortion Cobalt Cobalt 60 Cobra Noir Cobra Records Code 666 Code666 Code666 Records Codebreaker Records Codex Orzhova Coexistence Coffinrot Coffins Coffin Texts Coffinworm COF Records Cogmuelo Records Cognitive Cognizance Cogumelo Records COHOL Cold Blood Industries Cold Colors Cold Dimensions Cold Northern Vengeance Coldsteel Cold Void Emanations Coldworker Cold World Collision Colombian Necktie Colonial Canine Colossal Force Records Colosseum Colossus Colossus Fall Columbia Columbian Necktie Comatose Music Comatose Records Come & Live! Come Back From the Dead Comedy Comity Composted Conan Conatus Records Concealment Concentric Concept Project Concrete Icon Concubine Records Condemned Condition Critical Conflict Confused Records Conjonctive Conniption Conor Fynes Conqueror Wyrm Records Conspiracy Conspiracy Records Constants Construct of Lethe Consular Contagion Records Contaigeon Continents Continuum Contra Contrarian Control Human Delete Converge Convocation Convulse Cop Problem Copremesis Copro Records Cordyceps Corely Music Cormorant Coroner Records Corporation SS Corpse Corrosion Music Corpsessed Corpus Christii Corpus Mortale Corrections House Corrosion of Conformity Corrosive Corrosive Recordings Coscradh Cosmic Church Cosmic Garden Productions Cough Council of the Fallen Cowards Coyote Records Cradle of Filth Crafteon Cramada Craneo Negro Records Cranley Gardens Crash Landing Records Crash Music Crash Music Inc. Crator Craven Idol Crawl Crawl Below Creator-Destructor Records Creature Feature Creeping Death Creeping Fear Creeping Flesh Creeping Vine Productions Crehated Crematory Crescent Shield Crime In Stereo Crimes Against Humanity Records Crimfall Crimson Shadows Crinn Crionics Crisix Critical Extravasation Crocell Crom Dubh Crooked Necks Crospy Maniac Crossover Crowbar Crown Crown the Lost Crown the Lsot Crowpath Crtowbar Cruachan Crucial Blast Crucial Blast Records Crucified Mortals Crucifist Crushing Sun Crust Crustacean Cruz Del Sur Cruz Del Sur Music Cryogen Cryptborn Cryptic Brood Crypt of Reason Cryptopsy Crypt Sermon Crypts of Despair Csejthe Culted Cultes Des Ghoules Cultfinder Cult of Endtime Cult of Fire Cult of Lilith Cult of Luna Cumbeast Cursed Curse of Denial Cursus Customcore Records Cut Up Cyaegha Cyclone Empire Cyclone Empire Records Cyclop Media Cynic Cynik Skald Cypecore Cytotoxin Czar of Crickets Productions Dacast Daemon Worship Productions Daemusinem dagoba Dagon Dagor Dagorath Dalla Nebbia Dalriada Damien Boorman Damnation Defaced Damokis Dance Club Massacre Danceface Records Dane Prokofiev Dani Filth Dantesco Dan Woolley Dan Wrathburn Dan Zidar Danzig Daredevil Squadron Darkane Dark Balance Records DarkBlack Dark Blasphemies Records Dark Castle Dark Celebration Dark Century Dark Descent Records Dark East Productions Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult Dark Essence Dark Essence Records Darkest Hour Dark Forest Dark Fortress Dark Funeral Dark Matter Recordings Dark Metal Dark Moor Darkness Dynamite Dark Suns Dark Symphonies Dark The Suns Darkthrone Dark Tranquillity Darsombra Dauntless Dave Ingram David E. Gehlke David Galas Dawnbringer Dawn of Ashes Dawn of Chaos Dawn of Demise Dawn of Disease Dawn of Ouroboros Dawn of Solace Dawn Ray'd Dawnwalker Daylight Dies Daymares Day of Doom Day of Fire Days of Betrayal Day Without Dawn DCA Recordings DC Nightside Music Dead Dead & Buried Deadbird Deadborn Dead By Wednesday Dead Congregation Dead Infection Dead in the Dirt Deadlight Entertainment Deadlight Records Deadlock Deadly Remains Dead Man Dead Man's Hand Dead Neon Dead of Night DeadPop Records Dead Ranch Dead Register Dead Temple Dead to Fall Dead to This World Dead Truth Recordings Deadwalk Dead War Deadwound Deafheaven Deaf Metal Dear Black Diary Death Death 'n' Roll Death/Doom Metal Death/Thrash Metal Death Angel Death Before Dishonor Death By Fungi Deathcore Deathcult Deathevokation Deathgasm Records Deathj Metal Deathmarch Death Metal Death of An Era Death of Kings Deathpoint Death Requisite Deathrite Death Rock Deathrow Deathrune Deathspell Omega Deathstorm Death Toll Rising Death To Music Productions Death Vomit Records Deathwhite Deathwish Inc Debemur Morti Productions Debridement Decapitated Decatur Decaying Decaying Purity Deceased December Flower Deception Deceptionist Decibel Magazine Decimation Declan De Barra Decrepitaph Decrepit Birth Deep In Hate Deeply Confused Deepsend Records Def/Light Defamer Defeated Sanity Defeater Defeatist Defiance Defiatory Deformatory Deformeathing Production Degial Degrade Dehuman Dehumanized Dehuman Reign Deicide Deiphago Deity Deivos Dekadent Delain Delight Deluge De Magia Veterum Demians Demilich Demiricous Demiser Demiurg Demiurgon Demolition Records Demonaz Demonbreed Demonhood Productions Demoniac Demonical Demonic Death Judge Demon King Demon Lung Demonoid Demons Run Amok Entertainment Demontuary Denial Fiend Denovali Records Density Records Depravation Depravity Deprecated Depressed Mode Deprivacija De Profundis Deranged Derealized Derek Taylor Derelict Derogatory Der Rote Milan Desaster Desecrate the Faith Desecrator Desecravity Desecresy Desensitised Desert Beneath the Pavement Deserted Fear Design Desolate Shrine Desolatevoid Desolator Despised Icon Despise You Despite Despot Despotz Records Destinity Destiny Destrage Destroy Destroy Destroy Destroyer Destroyer Destroying Divinity Destroy the Runner Destruction Destruktor Deströyer 666 Desultor Desultory De Tenebrarum Principio Records Dethklok Dethlehem Detritivor Deus Otiosus Devangelic Devast Devian Devil Devil's Whorehouse Devildriver Devilment Devil You Know Devin Townsend Project Devizes Records Devlin Devolved Devourment Dew-Scented DHG Diablo Diablo Swing Orchestra Diabolical Diabolical Conquest Records Diabolical Messiah Diabolus Arcanium Diagonal. 2008 Dibbukim Die Among Heroes Die Apokalyptischen Reiter Die Hard Digital Media Records Dignity Diluvian Dimension F3H Dimension Zero Dimentianon Dimesland Diminished Diminished Fifth Records Dimmu Borgir Dio Dioramic dir en grey Dirge Dirtfedd Disastrous Disavowed Dischordia Disconcert Music Discordia Discorporate Music Discreation Diseim Disentomb Disfigured Disfigured Dead Disfiguring the Goddess Disgod Disgorge Media Dishammer Disharmonia Mundi Disharmonic Orchestra Disillision Disillusion Disiplin Media Diskord Diskreet Disloyal Disma Dismalimerence Dismal Lapse Dismember Dismemberment Displeased Disfigurement Displeased Records Dissect Dissident Clone Dissonance Productions DissonArt Productions Distant Distorted Distortion Project Records Divebomb Records Divine Disorder Divine Element Divine Eve Divine Heresy Divinity Divinity Destroyed Division Records Djent Djerv Dnawot Records Dobles Productions Dockyard1 Dodecahedron Dodheimsgard Dodsferd Dokken Dold Vorde Ens Navn Dolentia Dolorem Recordss Domains Domination Through Impurity Dominhate Dominici Donald Kyle Donefor Doom Doomanoid Records Doomcave Doomentia Records Doom Metal Doomriders Dooweet Records Doperunner Dornenreich Double Or Nothing Records Down Down Among the Dead Men Downfall of Gaia Downfall of Nur Down Records Down River Downtempo Down Tempo Dr. Acula Draconian Drain the Sky Drakar Drakkar Productions Drakonis Drautran Drawn and Quartered Dreadnought Dread Sovereign Dreamgrave Dreaming Dead Dreamland Dream Theater Drew Juergens Driven Music Group Drone Drudgery Drudkh Drug Honkey Druglord drummer Dry Cough Records Drylands Dullest Records Duna Records DungeönHammer Dunkelheit Productions Dunkelheit Produktionen Dusktone Dusk Village Dust Is Everywhere Dust to Dust DVD Dwell Records Dying Bumanity Dying Fetus Dynahead Dynamic Arts Records Dynasty Dynfari Dyscarnate Dysentery Dyskinesia Dysmorphic Dysrhythmia Dysrider Dystrophy Décembre Noir Dødheimsgard Dÿse E>Thomas E. E.A.K E.Thomas E1 Music E1/Koch Music Eagle Records Eagle Twin Ear Earache Records Early Grave Early Graves earMusic Earth Earth Burnt Black Earth Crisis Earth From Above Earthless Earth Rot Eastern Hammer Productions East of the Wall Ebonylake ECA Records Echelon Eclipse Records Eclsipse Ecophagy Records Ectoplamsa Ectovoid Edenbridge Edenic Past Edensong Edgewood Arsenal Records Edu Falashi Egineer Egoist Ehnahre Eibon Records Eight Bells Eighteen Wheels Burning Eihwaz Recordings Eilera Eimai Tebellis Einheit Produktionen Einherjer Einhiet Produktionen Einvera Eis Eisenkult Eisenwald Eisenwald Records Eisenwald Tonschmiede Ekotren Ekove Efrits Ekpyrosis Ektomorf Elder Eldritch Horror Eldritch Lunar Miasma Records Electric Swan Electric Valley Records Electric Wizard Electro Quarterstaff Eletrocution Eleven Seven Music Elffor Elis Elite Elliott's Keep Ellorsith Ellsbeth El Puerto Records Eluveitie Elvaron Elvenking Emanations Embalmer Emblazoned Embludgeonment Embrace the End Embryonic Devourment EMI Music EMI Records Emmure Emotion Art Music Empire of the Scourged Empires Emptiness Enabler Encircling Sea Encoffination Ending Quest End My Sorrow End of Level Boss End of Theory Records Endseeker Endstille Endwar Records Enemy Is Us Enemy of the Sun Enemy Reign Energy Enfold Darkness Enforcer Enfuneration Engel Engorgement Engraved Darkness Engulfed Engutturalment Cephaloslamectomy Enhailer Ensepulchred Ensiferum Enslaved Enslavement of Beauty Ensoph Enth Enthean Entheos Enthroned Entombed Entombed A.D Entrails Entrenched Enucleation Records eOne Music e one Music Ephel Duath Epi-Demic Epicardiectomy Epic Doom Metal Epic Records Epicurean Epitaph Records Epitimia Epitomite Productions Epoch Epoch of Unlight Epsilon Equal Vision Records Equilibrium Erebus Enthroned Erik T Erimha Erin Fox Erlen Meyer Eroded Erthe and Axen Records Eruption Eryn Non Dae Erzsebet Records Escape is not Freedom Escape Music Escapi Music Escapist Records Escarnium Eskhaton Esoteric Estrus Eteritus Eternal Autumn Eternal Champion Eternal Death Records Eternal Deformity Eternal Helcaraxe Eternal Rest Eternal Sleep Eternal Solstice Eternal Warfare Eternity Eternium Ether Ethereal Architect Eths Eudaimony Eulogy Recordings Eulogy Records Euphoria Ω Euro-Asia Evan Seinfeld Evenoire Everblack Industries Ever Forthright Evergreen Terrace Evergrey Everlasting Spew Records Everydayhate Everything Went Black Evil Evil Army Evile Evil Horde Records Evilive Evil Masquerade Evocation Evoked Exalt Exalted Excommunicated Excommunion Ex Deo Execration Exhausted Prayer Exhorder Exhumed Exhumer Exile on Mainstream Records Exile On Mainstrem Records Exilia Exiter Exmortem Exocrine Exodus Exotic Animal Petting Zoo Experimental Expulsion Expurgate Extinction Protocol Extol Extreme Metal Music Extreme Noise Terror Extreme Progressive Metal Exulansis Eyeball Records Eyehategod Eye of Solitude Eyes of Eden Eyes of Sound Eyes Set To Kill Eyeswithoutaface Eyexist F.K.Ü Faal Fabricant Facedown Facedown Records Facefuck Faceless Burial Face of Oblivion Fairyland Faith Faith No More Falconer Falkebach Fallen Angels Productions Fallen Martyr Fallen Sanctuary Fall From Grace Falloch Fall of Efrafa Fall of Nature Records Fall of Serenity Fall of the Leafe Falls of Rauros Fallujah False False Eye Records False Flag Falsifier Falstaff Famishgod Fantai'zic Productions Farewell To Freeway Farmakon Farsot Fast Break! Entertainment Records Fastway Fatalist Fate Fates Warning Father Befouled Fattooth Fattura Della Morte Faust FDA Records FDA Rekotz Feared Fear Factory Fear My Thoughts Fear of Eternity Fejd Fell to Low Fell Voices Femme Fatale Femme Fatale Records Fen Feradur Feral Ferocity Ferret Music Fester Fetal Decay Fetid Zombe Feto In Fetus FETO Records Fetus Stench Fhoi Myore Fight Amp Fighter Fighter Records Filled With Hate Records Fin FInal Gate Records Final Gravity Finisterian Dead End Finntroll Finsterforst Firebird Firebox Records Firebreather Firedoom Music Firedoom Records Fire Down Below Fires In The Distance Firewind First Fragment Fission Fisthammer Fist in Fetus Fistula Fitcage Fit For An Autopsy Flagellated Seraph Flame Flameshovel Flametal Flatline Flesh Consumed Fleshcrawl Fleshgod Apocalypse Fleshpress Flesh Tomb Fleshwolf Fleshwrought Flood the Earth Records Flotsam & Jetsam Flourishing Flub Fluids Fluisteraars Fluttery Records Foaming at the Mouth Focal Dystonia FOF Entertainment Group Fogg Fog of War Folk Metal Folter Records Fool's Game Forbidden Forced Evolution Forcefield Records Forestheart Forest Moon Special Productions Forest of Shadows Forest Silence Forest Stream Foretoken Forever in Terror Forever Plagued Records Forever True Records Forge Again Records Forged in Black Forgiven Rival Forgotten Empire Records Forgotten Tomb Forteresse For Today Forty Winters Forward Records Foundation Fourteen Twentysix Fractal Generator Fractured Transmitter Recording Company Fracture Point Fragile Branch Recordings Fragments of Unbecoming Frank Frank Rini Frantic Bleep Fred Philips Fred Phillips Fred Phillps Freedom Call Free Reign Friction Records Frightener From A Second Story Window From Nowhere Frontiers Records Front Line Assembly Frostbyte Records Frost Giant Frostscald Records Frostvore Frowz Frozen Dawn Frozen Soul FUBAR Fuck the Facts Fueled By Fire Full Blown Chaos Fullsteam Records Fully Consumed Fulmination Fu Manchu Fuming Mouth Funeral Funeral Fornication Funeral Horse Funeralium Funeral Mist Funeral Sutra Funeral Whore Funerary Funereality Furia Furies Furze Futility Future is Tomorrow Fuzz Evil Fuzz Lord FuzzTown Records Fvneral Fvkk Fyrnask Fysisk Format Féleth G-Records G7 Welcoming Committee Gagaghoul Galactic Records Galaktik Cancer Squad Gale Gallhammer Gallows for Grace Galvanizer Galy Records Gama Bomb Gammacide Gamma Ray Gaped Gardarika Musikk Garden of Worm Gary Moore Gas Can Music Gastropode Gatecreeper Gates of Hell Records Gates of Slumber Gateway Music Gaza General Surgery Generation of Vipers Genghis Tron Genocide Genocide Pact George Kollias Get a Life! Records Get Back Up Get Pissed Stay Pissed Records Geïst Ghastly Music Ghold Ghost Ghost Bath Ghostbound Ghost Brigade Ghostlimb Ghoststorm Records Ghost Wall Records Ghoul Ghoulgotha Giant Squid Gideon Gigan Gig Report Gilead Media Giveaway Glasgow Grin Glasgow Grin. Dear Black Diary Glittertind Global Metal Gloom Gloop Gloria Morti Glorior Belli Glorious North Productions Gloryhammer Gnaw Gnaw Their Tongues Gnome Gnosis Goathwhore Goat Skull Records Goatsnake Goatwhore Goblin Cokc God Among Insects Goddamn God Dethroned Godeater Records God Forbid Godgory Godless Rising Gods & Queens Gods and Queens Gods Forsaken Godskill Godz Ov War Productions Go Fuck Yourself Productions Gojira Goldenpyre Golgothan Remains Gollum Gomorrah Gonzo Multimedia Goodfellow Records Gorath Goreaphobia Gorefest Goregast GoreGorecords Goregrind Gore House Productions Gorement Gorephilia Gorepunch Goresoerd Gorevent Gorgasm Gorgatron Gorgoroth Gorguts Gormathon Gorod Gortal Gothic Gothic Metal Goth Rock Graceless Gracepoint Graf Orlock Grafvitnir Grandad Records Grand Demise of Civilization Grand Magus Grand Master Music Grand Supreme Blood Court Grau Gravdal Grave Grave Desecraror Grave Desecrator Grave Digger Gravehill Grave Miasma Graves at Sea Graves of Valor Graves Records Gravestone Graveward Gravewurm Graveyard of Souls Graviton Music Services Grayceon Great Dane Records Great White North Records Green Bastard Green Jelly Grendel’s Sÿster Greyhawk Greyhaze Records Grey Heaven Fall Gridlink Grief Grief of Emerald Grief Of War Grievantee Productions Griffar Grift Grimbane Grime Grimner Grimoire Records Grim Ravine Grimulfr Grindcore Grindethic Records Grindhead Records Grindhouse Music Gristnam Grog Grond Groove Metal Grot Groundsloth Media Grue Gruesome Gruesome. Interview Gruesome Stuff Relish Gruft Production Grundar Productions Grusom Guapo GUC Records Guild of Destruction Guillotine Gurgling Gore Gus G Gutslit Gutted Gutter Instinct Gutter Records Gwar Gwynbleidd Göden Haarbn Productions Hacavitz Hacride Hadal Maw Haemoth Hag Haiduk Hail!Hornet Hail of Bullets Hail Spirit Noir Halford Halo of Flies Records Halshug Hammerfist Records Hammerheart Record Hammerheart Records Hammer Horde Hammer Muzik Hammers of Misfortune Hand Made Birds Records Hands Hands or Orlac Hand to Hand Hangatyr Hanging Garden Hangman's Chair Harakiri For The Sky Hardcore Hardcore Anal Hydrogen Hardcore Superstar Hardingrock Hard Rock Harkonin Harley Carlson Harlots Harm Harm's Way Harmony Harpoon Harsh Toke Harvestman Hat Hatchet Hate Hate Beast hatebreed Hate Eternal Hateful Hater of God Records Hatesphere Hate Squad Hath Hatriot Haunted Zoo Productions Have Heart Havoc Unit Havohej Havok Headhunter Headhunter D.C. Head Mechanic Records Head On Collision Heads For the Dead Heard Not Found Hearse Heathen Heathen Beast Heathen Foray Heaven & Hell Heaven's Force Heaven And Hell Records Heaven and Hell Records Heaven Shall Burn Heaven’s Cry Heaving Earth Heavy Artillery Records Heavy Heavy Low Low Heavy Hound Records Heavy Lord Heavy Metal Hecate Enthroned Hecatombe Records Heidens Hart Records Heidevolk Helcaraxë Helgardh Helheim Helion Helion Prime Heljareyga Helker Hell Hell:On Hella Hellbastard Hellburst Hellcrawler Hellfest Hellforced Records Hellgoat Hellish Hell Militia Hellmouth Hell Obelisco Helloween Hellprod Hellrazor Hellripper Hellsaw Hells Headbangers Hells Headbangers/Werewolf Records Hellthrasher Productions Helltrain Hell Within Hellyeah Helm Helrunar Helstar Helter Skelter Productions Helvet.ru Hemlock Hemoptysis Hemotoxin Henry Kane Hereafter An Odyssey Heretic Heretic Visions Productions Hero Herod Herrie Records Inc Herrschaft Her Whisper Hesperus Dimension Hessian Crucible Hevisaurus HeviSike Records He Who Binds Himself He Who Corrupts Inc. He Whose Ox Is Gored Hexis Hideous Divinity Highgate High On Fire High Roller Records High Voltage Records Himsa Hinayana Hindsight Hirax Hiretsukan Hiroshima Will Burn Hiss From the Moat H Music Hungary Hnus Umirajici Hod Hogbitch Holding Sand Hollenthon Hollow Corp Hollow Earth Records Hollow Ground Hollow Leg Holycide Holy Grail Holy Mountain Records Hombre Malo Homicide Honky Hooded Menace Hoove Child Records Hope and Suicide Hope Drone Hope for the Dying Hopeless Records Horde of Hel Horehound Horfixion Horna Horned Almighty Horrendous Horrifed Horrific Horrific Demise Horror Gore Pain Death Productions Horror Pain Gore Death Productions Horror Records Horseback Horse Head Horse Latitudes Horseskull HORSE the Band Hostage of Fate Hostile Media Hour of Penance Housecore Records House of Atreus Hulder Hull Human Ashtray Humangled Human Infection Humanity's Last Breath Human Parasite Humiliation Hummune Hummus Records Humut Tabal Hunab Ku Huntress Hurtlocker Hyades Hyadningar Hybrid Hybrid Sheep Hydra Head Records Hydro-Phonic Records Hyperial Hyperion Hypno5e Hypnos Hypnotic Dirge Records Hypocrisy Hæresiarchs of Dis I I.N.R.I I Am Destruction I Am The Ocean Ian Blurton Future Now Ian Grey Ibex Angel Order Ibex Moon Records Ibridoma I Built the Cross Icarus Witch Iced Earth Ice War Ichor Icons of Brutality Idensity Idolater If He Dies He Dies If These Trees Could Talk IGNOMINIOUS INCARCERATION Igor Stakh I Hate Records Ihsahn Ilium Illogicist Illogo Illusions Dead Ilsa Image Entertainment Imbroglio Immanifest Immigrant Species Records Immolation Immortal Immortal Bird Immortal Souls Immortal Souls Productions Immortal Suffering Impaled Impending Doom Imperial Savagery Imperial Triumphant Imperial Vengeance Imperious Imperium Dekadenz Imperium Productions Impetuous Ritual Impiety Implode Impure Impure Wilhemina Impureza Inam Records Inanimate Existence Inarborat Inazuma Productions Incantation In Cauda Venenum Inchoate Incinerate Incoming Cerebral Overdrive Incursion Independent Independent Label Group Indesinence Index Entertainment Indian Indianola Records Indica Indie Recordings Indricothere industrial Industrial Death Metal Industrial Metal Inevitable End Inexorum Infant Annihilator Infected Dead Infected Disarray Infected Flesh Infection Infectious Grooves Infera Bruo Inferi Infernaeon Infernal Curse Infernal Kommando Records Infernal Legion Infernal Scourge Infernal Stronghold Inferno Inferno Records Infertile Surrogacy Infestus Infidel Reich Infinited Hate Infinite Vinyl Infirmity In Flames Infuriate Ingested In Grief Ingurgitating Oblivion Inhalement Inherited Suffering Records InHuman In Human Form Init Records Injected Senses Production Inked In Blood In Mourning Innerstrength Records Inner Wound Recordings Inopexia In Pain Inquisition INRI Unlimited Insane Vesper Insanity Insatanity Insect Inside Insect Warfare In Shadows and Dust InsideOut InsideOut Music Inside Process In Sight In Solitude Insomnium Insomnius Dei Instil Instorm Instrumental Intense Inter Arma Interment Internal Bleeding Internal Nightmare Internal Suffering Interrogate Interscope Records Intervierw Interview Interviews Interviiew Intestinal In the Burial In The Company Of Serpents In The Midst of Lions In the Silence In The Wild In This Moment Into Eternity Into the Moat Into the Storm Intoxicated In Twilight's Embrace In Vain Invasion Invencis Limited Records Inverse Records Inverted Inverted Matter Invictus Invictus Productions Invocation Spells Ion Dissonance Ipecac Recordings Iron Blood & Death Corp. Iron Blood and Death Corporation Iron Bonehead Productions Ironclad Recordings Iron Fire Ironflame Iron Lung Records Iron Maiden Iron Man Iron Mask Iron Pegasus Records Iron Reagan Iron Savior Iron Tyrant Iron Void Ironwood Irreversible Mechanism I Shalt Become Isis Island Island Records ISO666 Isole Istapp it Prevails I Voidhanger Records IXXI Izegrim Izthmi J-pop/Metal J.D. Anderson J.Tilus Jack Taylor Jacob Brown Jag Panzer Jaldaboath James LaBrie Janvs Japanische Kampfhörspiele Jarboe Jason Hillenburg Jason Hundley Jasta Javelina Jay Jay Paiva Jay S Jazz JCM Records Jeff Lamb Jeff Loomis Jennie Tebler's Out of Oblivion Jeremy Beck Jerry Hauppa Jeshimoth Entertainment Jess and the Ancient Ones Jesse Wolf Jester Records Jesu Jesus Wept Jimmy Franks Recording Company Jimmy Hotz Jimmy Pine Jinger J Mays Job For A Cowboy Jodi Michael Jodi Van Walleghem Joel Grind Joe Lynn Turner Joe Satriani Johann Wolfgang Pozoj John Gnesin John Rutsey John Wilkes Booth Jolly Roger Records Jonathan Canady Jonin Jon Oliva's Pain Jordan Itkowitz Jordan Rudess Jorn Joseph Y Journal Journey into Darkness JT Ripper Judas Priest Judicator Julian Zurdo Julie Christmas Jungbluth Jungle Rot Junior Bruce Just Before Dawn Justi Justin M. Norton Jute Gyte Kaamos Kadabra Music Kalisia Kalmah Kalopsia Kamelot Kamelot Media Group Kamikabe Kampfar Kaoteon Kaotoxin Records Karelia Karisma Records Karmageddon Media Karnak Seti Katahdin Kataklysm Katalepsy Kata Sarka Katatonia Kate Wilcox Katra Kauan Kaunis Kuolematon Kause 4 Konflikt Kawaii Metal Kayo Dot Keehaul Keep of Kalessin Kekal Kemado Records KEN Mode Kerasphorus Kernkraftritter Records kevin Kevin E Kevin Ellis Keys of Orthanc Khann Khariot Khazaddum Khemmis Khold Khors Khroma Kill Killer Be Killed Kill Everything Killgasm Killing Addiction Killing the Dream Killswitch Engage Kill the Client Kill With Hate Killzone Records Kind Dead King King's X King Buffalo King Conquer King Crimson Kingdom Kingdom Of Sorrow King Giant King of Asgard King Parrot Kingston Falls Kiova Kiuas Kivimetsan Druidi Kjeld KK Nul Klabautamann Klone Klonosphere KMFDM Knightmare Recordings Knights of the Abyss Knock Out Kaine Koch Records Koldborn Kolony Records Kommandant Konkhra Kontinuum Konvent Korn Korova Korpiklaani Korpse Kosmos Kotipelto Kozmik Artifacts Kraanium Krakow Krallice Krang Krankenhaus Records Kreator Krieg Krigere Wolf Krisiun Kristofor Allred Kris Yancey Kris Yancey Krohm Krokus Kronos Krosis Krossfyre Krucyator Productions Kruger Kryoburn Kryptamok Krypts Kscope Music K Scope Music Kull Kultika Kunal Choksi Kuolemanlaakso Kurnugia Kuunpalvelus Kvelertak KVHVM Kyle Huckins Kylesa Kyle Turley Kyrbgrinder Laaz Rockit Lacerated Enemy Records Lachrimatory Lacuna Coil Ladder Devils Lady Beast Laetitia In Holocaust Lair of the Minotaur Lake of Blood Lambgoat Records Lamb of God Landmine Marathon Lantern Lantlôs Larry "Staylow" Owens Laser's Edge/Free Electric Sound Laser Flames on the Great Big News Last Chance to Reason Last Episode Laster Last House on the Left Laudanum Lavadome Productions Lavadome Records Lawrence Lay Down Rotten Lazarus A.D. Leaders Leave's Eyes Lecherous Nocturne Lectern Leeched Leechfeast Left Hand Sounds Left to Vanish Legions of Astaroth Le Grand Guignol Leng Tch'e Leprous Les Acteurs de l'Ombre Productions Lesbian Les Discrets Les Tenebres Lethal Scissor Records Lethargy Let It Burn Records Let The Night Roar Leucosis Level 36 Recordings Level C Level Plane Records Leviathan Leviathan Records LG PETROV Liberteer Lie In Ruins Life As War Life Force Records Lifeforce Records Life In Your Way Lifeless Lifeless Chasm Lifeline Records Lifelover Liferuiner Life Sentence Records Ligeia Light Bearer Lightning Swords of Death Light Pupil Dilate Light This City Light Yourself On Fire Lik Like Young Records Lillian Axe Limb Music Limbonic Art Lion's Share Lionheart Lion Music Liquid 8 Records Listenable Records Litany for the Whale Lithotome Litmus Little Brian Liturgy live Live ALbum Live Fast Die Recordings Livid Lividity Living Altar Lizard Skynard Lo-Fi Resistance Lo-Pan Lo-Ruhamah Loch Vostok Lock Up Locomotive Records Locust Leaves lo fi Lo Fi Creatures logic(il)logic Records Logic of Denial Loincloth Loma Vista Recordings Long Branch Records Long Distance Calling Longhouse Longing For Dawn Lord Lord Belial Lord Gore Lordi Lord Mantis Lord of the Sick Recordings Loren Battle Lorn Lorna Shore Lost Apparition Records Lost Apparitions Lost Apparitions Records Lost Disciple Records Lost Horizon Lost Society Lost Soul Low Frequency Records Loyal to the Grave Lucid Conformity Lucretia Records Ludicra Luke Saunders Luna Field Luna Mortis Lunar Aurora Lunarsea Lunar Shadow Lungs Lupus Lounge Lurk Lustmord Lustre Lux Divina Lux Ferre Lvcifyre Lychgate Lye By Mistake Lynchmada Lyriel Lör M-Theory Audio M.O.D M.R.S Records Macabra Macabre Macabre Mementos Records Machiavellian Machine Head Machinemade God Machinery Madball Maddening Media Madder Mortem Made In China Records Made In Vain Madmans Esprit Maegashira Maelstrom Maggot Stomp Magica Magic Bullet Record Magick Records Magister Templi Magna Carta Records Magnatude Records Magrudergrind Main Line Riders Majestica Major Label Industries Malachi Maladie Malefice Malefic Records Malevolent Creation Malfeitor Malice Divine Malicious Dream Malignancy Malpractice Malthusian Mammüth Man's Gin Manicidic Records Manic Scum Manilla Road Manimal Man In Decline Records Man Must Die Man of 1000 Masks Manowar Mantar Mantas Mantric Maple Metal Records Marasmus Marauder Marblebog Marche Funèbre Mar De Grises Marduk Mare Cognitum Mares or Thrace Margin of Error Marionette Maroon Marquee Records Marrasmieli Mars Budziszewski Martelo Negro Martin Ferkingstad Martriden Martyr A.D Martyr Music Group Maruta Marutam News Mas-Kina Recordings Masakari Mascot Records Massacre Massacre Records Mass Burial Massgrave Mass Infection Massive Assault Massive Slavery Master Master Boot Record Masterplan Mastery Mastodon mathcore Matti Mausoleum Records Maveth Mavorim Mavradoxa Mayhem Maylene Maïeutiste MDD MDD Records Meadow's End Means Meathook Meatwound Mechanix Records Medeia Mediaskare Records Medusa Mefitic Megadeth Megaforce Records Megasvavenger Megatomb Mehida Melancholic Black Metal Melancholic Realm Production Mellotrön Melodic/Progressive Death Metal Melodic Black Metal Melodic Death/Doom Melodic Death Metal Melodic Metal Memento Mori Memfis Memorain Memorial Records Memoriam Memory Garden Mena Brinna Menchen Mephistopheles Merauder Mercenary Mercenary Musik Mercenary Musik/ Avantgarde Music Merciless Reign Mercyless Merdumgiriz Merrimack Mesmur Messa Metal Metal Agen Records Metal Age Productions Metal Ages/Soundholic Records Metal Blade Metal Blade Records Metal Blad Records Metal Church Metalcore Metal Devastation Records MetalGate Metal God Entertainment Metal Hell Records Metalhit.com Metalium Metallica Metal Message Metal Mind Productions Metal On Metal Records Metal Renaissance Records Metal Resistance Metal Scrap Records Metalville Records Metaphysics Meteor City Records Metropolis Records Mevadio Mezmerized Records MFTE Recordings Miasma Miasmal Micawber Michael Zinkowski Microtia Mictlantecuhtli Middian Midmourner Midnattsol Midnight Midnight Idols Midnight Werewolf Records Midnite Collective Mightiest Mighty Music Mighty Spell Records Mike Sloan Mikko Milkweed Recrods Millions Minax Mindflair Mindless Self Indulgence Mindpatrol Mindscar Mindwarp Chamber Mine. All Mine! Records Ministry Minotaur Head Mirror of Dead Faces Misanthropic Might Misanthropy Apotheosis Miseration Miserist Misery Misery Inc. Misery Index Misery Signals Misfortune Records Misguided Aggression Mithras Mitochondrial Sun Mitochondrion Mnemic Mnemocide Mob Rules Moderbolaget Records Moderbolget Records Modern Metal Moghul Moho Mokoma Mollusk Molotov Solution Moment of Collapse Records Monarch Monarque Monolith Cult Monolith Wielder Monolord Monotheist Monsterworks Monstrosity Monumental Torment Moonfog Moonfog Productions Moonlight Haze Moonlyght Moonsorrow Moonspell Morag Tong Morass of Molasses Morbid Angel Morbid Breath Morbider Morbid Execution Morbid Flesh Morbido Bis Morbid Records Morbid Saint Morbid Slaughter Morbus Chron Mordbrand Mordgrimm Records Mord’A’Stigmata Morfin Morgengrau Morgoth Moribund Cult Moribund Records Moridund Records Morne Morningstar Records Morpheus Descends Morrow Mors Principium Est Mortal Decay Mortal Infinity Mortal Music Mortals Morta Skuld Mortemia Morticify Mortiis Mortillery Mortum Mortuus Mortuus Infradaemoni Mortör Mosfet Moss Mothra Motley Crue Motorhead Mountaineer Mournful Congregation Mourning Beloveth Mourning Caress Mourning Dawn Mouth of the Architect Mr.Death Mr. Kill MRV Records MTM Music Multinational Corporations Multitudes of Emptiness Mumakil Municipal Waste Munruthel Mur Murder Cafe Murder Construct Murder Made God Murder Records Murkocet Music Buy Mail Music For Nations Musket Hawk Muspellheim Mustasch Musta Surma Mutilation Rites Mutilatred Mutoid Man MVD Audio Mycelia Mycelium Networks My Dying Bride My Heart to Joy My Kingdom Music Myk R My Own Grave Myraeth Myrath Myriad Records Myrkur Myrkvar My Shameful My Silent Wake Mystagog Mysteria Mystic Rites Mystras Määx Mörbid Vomit Mörglbl Mörk Gryning Naam Nachtmystium NadimaČ Nadiwrath Nadiwrath. Moribund Records Nadja Naglfar Nahurak Nailboard Records Naildown Nailgun Massacre Nail Records Nails Naked Star NAME Nanda Devi Napalm Death Napalm Records Naplam Death Nashville Pussy Nathan T Birk Nation Beyond Native North Records Natron Nattsol Natural World Records Nature Always Wins Records Nature of War Naturmacht Productions Natu Sabverata Nausea Nazareth Nazghor Nazxul Neaera Near Death Condition Nebulous Nechochwen Neck Deep in Filth Necrambulant Necroblaspheme Necrocosm Necrocracy Necrocurse Necroharmonic Records Necromance Records Necromantic Press Necromorph Necromutilator Necronautical Necronoclast Necropanther Necrophagist Necrophobic Necropolis Records Necrosic Necrosy Necrot Necrotic Disgorgement Necrotic Mutation Necrovation Necrovile Necrovorous Necrowretch Nefastus Dies Negative Vibe Records Negativity Records Negligence Negura Bunget Neige Eternelle Nekrofilth Nekrogoblikon Nekromantheon Nekrovault Neoblast Records Ne Obliviscaris Neoceasar Nepente Nephesh Nephren Ka NePlusUltra Music Nergal Nerij Nerve Altar Nervecide Nervochaos Nervosa Nervous Impulse Nest Nettlethrone Neurasthenia Neuraxis Neurogenic Neuropa Records Neurotic Records Neurot Recordings Never Again Neverheard Distro Neverland Music Inc. Nevermore New Aeon Musick Newbreed New Damage Records New Door Records New England Metal And Hardcore Fest News News. Cobalt News. The Boy Will Drown News 2008 News 2012 News Skeletonwitch New Standard Elite News The Last Felony Nexhymn Nexorum Niche Nick E Nick K Nidingr Nidsang Nifelheim Night Nightbringer Nightfell Nightmare Nightmarer Nightmare Records Nightrage Nightsky Productions Nights Like These Nightwish Nihaihayat Nihilistinen Barbaarisuus Niklas Sundin Nile Nine Nine Covens Nine Inch Nails Nine Records Nite Nixa Noble Demon Nobody Lives Forever No Bragging Rights Noch Noctem Nocturnal Art Productions Nocturnal Blood Nocturnal Fear Nocturnal Hollow Nocturnal Torment Nocturnes Mist Nocturnus Nocturnus A.D. Nodes of Ranvier Noel Holmes No Escape Records No Fashion Records Nofuck No Funeral No Heaven Awaits Us Noisear NoiseArt Records Noisehead Records Noise Head Records Noisem Noise Records noise rock Nokternal Hemizphear No Light Records No List Records Non Compos Mentis Records Non Serviam Records No One Gets Out Alive Noothgrush Nordavind Records Nordheim Nordjevel Nordvis Nordvis Produktion No Remorse Records No Return Norilsk Norma Evangelium Diaboli Norse Northern Heritage Northern Plague Northern Silence Productions Northern Storm Records Northless Northwind Wolves Nortt Nostalgia Nostradameus Nothern Storm Records Nothgard No Tolerance Records No Trust Noumena Nova Nova Art November's Doom November 5 1955 Novembre Now Or Never Records Nuclear Blast Records Nuclear Blast Records/Agonia Records Nuclear Death Nuclear Perversions Nuclear War Now! Productions Nuclear Winter Nuclear Winter Records Nucleus Nucleus Torn Nuisible Nukem Nu Metal Nummirock Nunslaughter Nux Vomica NWOTHM Nyseius Nåstrond Nôidva Oaken Shield Oakhelm Oath of Cruelty Oath of Damnation Oath to Vanquish Obituary Obliteration Records Oblivion Obscene Obscene Productions Obscura Obscure Domain Productions Obscyria Obsequaie Obsequiae Obsidian Records Obsidian Tongue Obsolete Occult Rock Oceano Ocean of Zero Oceans of Night Oceans of Slumber Oceanwake Octagon Octavia Sperati October Falls October Tide Odious Mortem Odium Ofermod Offending Officium Triste Off Records/Maniyax Records Of Spire & Throne Of The First Born Son Oh Sleeper Okkultokrati Oktor Okular Old Growth Old Man's Child Old School Olympic Records Omega Records Ominous Crucifix Ominous Ruin Omit Omnihility Omnium Gatherum Omnivore Once Dead Once Nothing Oncology One Man Army and The Undead Quartet Oni Onslaught Onwards to Olympas Open Grave Records Opeth Ophidian Forest Ophis Oppressor Opprobrium Oprich Oracles Orbit Culture Orca Wolf Records Orchestrated Misery Recordings Orchid's Curse Orcustus Orden Ogan Order From Chaos Order of Ennead Order of Nine Order of Riven Cathedrals Order of Theta Productions Ordinance Ordoxe Oreamnos Organ Dealer Organectomy Organic Organized Crime Records Origin Ormgård Orphaned Land Orphan Project Orphans of Dusk Orpheus Oruga Oscar Dronjak OSI Osmose Osmose Productions Ossaury Anex OssO Ossuaire Records Ossuary Anex Ossuary Industries Otargos Otep Oubliette Our Lady of Bloodshed Our Place of Worship is Silence Our Survival Depends On Us Outcast Outer Heaven Overcast Overcome Records Overkill Overmars Overock Overpowered Records Overt Enemy Ov Hell Ov Hollowness Ov Lustra OvO Ováte Owl Ozzy Osbourne P2 P2 Records P2Loggia Pacific Recordings Pacific Threnodies Pagan's Mind Pagan Altar Pagan Black Metal Pagan Records Paganus Pain Painful Defloration Pain Tank Painted In Exile Palace in Thunderland Paladin Pale Misery Palinopsia Pallbearer Panchrysia Pandemia Panic Records Panopticon Panoptic Records Pantheist Pantheon I Panzerkreuzer Paper + Plastick Paradigm Paradise Lost Paradox Paragon Paragon Records Paramnesia Paranoize Records Parasitic Ejaculation Parasitic Skies Parasitized Parkway Drive Paroxsihzem Paroxysm Patac Records path Pathogen Pathologically Explicit Recordings Pathology Pathos Productions Pathosray Paths of Possession Pat Hughes Pathways Patrick Goldstein Pavement Entertainment Peaceville Records Pedigree Pelican Pensées Nocturnes Pentacle Perdition Temple Permeated Records Perversion Perversity Pestifer Pestiferum Pestilence Pestilential Shadows Peter Steele Peter Tägtgren Petrichor Pet Slimmers of the Year Phalgeron Phantasmagory Phantom Republic Music and Designs Pharaoh Phasm Phillip Anselmo Phlebotomized Phobia Phobocosm Phoenix and the Turtle Phrenelith Piarevaracien Pictured Pig's Blood Pig Destroyer Pillory Pillowscars Pink Floyd Pin Up Went Down Pirate Metal Pitch Black Forecast Pitch Black Records Pitchshifter Pivotal Rockordings Plague Island Records Plague Throat Plaguewielder Planet Metal Records Planet Rain Playfalse Records Play The Assassin Records Plebeian Grandstand Plutonium Pluto Records Pnuema Hagion Poema Arcanus Poets & Pornstars Point Blank Rage Poisonblack Poisoned Apple Poison the Well Poko Records Polyvinyl Records Pombagira Population Reduction Porcupine Tree Porkfarm Poropetra Portal Porta Nigra Portrait Possessed Possession Productions Post-Metal Post-Metal/Sludge Post Black Metal Posthuman Posthuman Abomination Post Mortal Possession Post Mortem Post Rock Power/Progressive Metal Powerage Records Power From Hell Power It Up Records Power Metal Powerplay Records Power Quest Power Theory Power Trip Praetorius Prank Records PRC Music Premonition 13 Pretty Maids Prezir Prfoound Lore Records Primal Attack Primal Fear Prime Evil Primitiv Primitive Man Primitive Reaction Primordial Primordium Principality of Hell Prion Pripjat Pro-Pain Process of Guilt Profanal Profanatica Profanity Profound Lore Records Prog Metal Progressive Progressive/Sludge Metal Progressive Death Metal Progressive Metal Progressive Metal/Djent Progressive Rock Promethean Burn Records Prong Pronostic Prophecy Prophecy Productions Prophets of Saturn Proscription Proscrito Prosthetic Records Prostitute Disfigurement Protean Collective Protector Protestant Protest The Hero Proufound Lore Records Prowling Death Records Pseudogod Psionic Psudoku Psychedelic Psychedoomelic Records Psychic Possessor Psycho Psychofagist Psychomancer Psychon Vex Psycho Records Psychostick Psychotic Gardening Psyclone Records Psycroptic Psygnosis Psyopus Public Guilt Records Pulchra Morte Pulling Teeth Pulverised Records Pulverized Records Punishment 18 Records Punk Pure Steel Records Purity Through Fire Purple Hill Witch Purtenance Pussy Sisster Puteraeon Putridity Putrid Offal Putrid Pile Putrified Putrisect Pyramaze Pyramido Pyre Pyrexia Pyrrhon Pyuria Quantice Never Crashed Quarter the Villain Queensryche Quills Radar Recordings Rage Nucleaire Raging Speedhorn Raider Rain Without End Records Ramesses Ramessess Rammstein Rancid Taint Discharge Rannoch Rape Pillage & Burn Rapheumet's Well Rapture Rastilho Records Rats of Reality Ratt Raunchy Ravage Ravage Machinery Raven Black Night Raw Radar War Raw Skull Recordz Razed Soul Productions Razor Razor & Tie Razor & Tie Entertainment Razorback Records Razor of Occam Razor Sharp Death Blizzard Reality Entertainment Reanimator Reaper Entertainment Reaper Metal Productions Reaper Records Reaping Asmodiea Recharger Records Recorruptor Recourse Records Rectified Spirit Recueil Morbide Red Dawn Red Descending Redefining Darkness Redefining Darkness Records Redemption Redemptor Red Fang Redhouse FMP Redline Entertainment Red Mountains Red Stream Redundant Protoplasm Reek Reflection Regain Records Regarde Les Hommes Tomber Regenerative Productions Regimental Records Regurgitation Reissue Relapse Relapse Records Release Entertainment Remove the Veil Rendered Helpless Repaid in Blood Repetitions Reprise Records Repuked Repulsive Echo Records Requiem Restrain Records Restrictive Release Resurgency Resuscitate Records Retribute Records Retroactive Records Retro Futurist ReVamp Reveiw Revelation Records Revel in Flesh Reversed Records Review Reviews Reviw Revocation Revolting Rewolucja Records Rex Demonus Rex Shachath Rhapsody of Fire Rhin Rhine Rhino Entertainment Rhino Records Ride the Sky RidingEasy Records Riff Reaper Records Righteous Pigs Rigor Mortis Rigor Sardonicus Rings of Saturn RIP Ripped to Shreds Ripper Rippikoulu Ripping Death Ripple Music Rise Above Dead Rise Above Records Rise Records Rise to Addiction Rising Force Records Rising Nemesis Records Ritual Ritual Killing Ritual Productions River of Souls Riverside Rivers of Nihil Roadrunner Records Roarback Rob Mules Records Robotic Empire Rob Rock Rock Rock & Republic Rocking Corpses Rock n Roll Rockshots Records Rogga Johansson Rogue Records America Rome Plow Records Ronnie James Dio Root Rose Funeral Rosetta Ross the Boss Rotten Casket Rotten Music Rottenness Rotten Records Rotten Roll Rex Rotten Sound Rotting Christ Rottweiler Records Royal Thunder Ruach Raah Rucktion Records Rude Rudimentary Peni Rue Ruin Ruiner Ruinous Ruins Rumpelstiltskin Grinder Rumplestiltskin Grinder Rune Rupture Music Rush Russian Circles Russkaja Rusty Knuckles Rwake Ryan Gregory Ryan Skow Rykodisc Saattue Sabaton Sabbath Assembly Sabbatory Sacrament ov Impurity Sacred Plague Records Sacred Reich Sacrifice Sacrificial Blood Sacrificial Slaughter Sadistic Ritual Sadistik Forest Saiile Saille Sailor Records Saint Deamon Saint Vitus Sakara Records Salems Lott Salome Salt of the Earth Records Salt the Wound Samael Sammath Samothrace Samrgroth Sanctification Sanctity Sanctium Sanctuary Sanctuary Records Sanctus Sanctus Daemoneon Sanctus Nex Sanguisugabogg Sangus Sanity Obscure San La Muerte Sanzu Saprogenic Sapthuran SaraLee Saratan Sarcasm Sarcator Sargeist Sargent House Saros Sarpa Sarpanitum Sarvekas Satan Satan's Dealer Satan's Host Satanath Records Satanic Funeral Satanic Threat Satanic Warmaster Sathamel Sathanas Satire Records Saturnian Mist Saturnine Media Saturnus Satyricon Sauna Classic Sauna Open Air Saving Grace Saviours Saw Her Ghost Records Saxon Sayyadina Scale the Summit Scalpel Scalpture Scarab Scardust Scarecrow Scarlet Records Scar Symmetry Scent of Death Sceptre Schammasch Schizogen Scholomance Schwarzdorn Production Schwarzdorn Productions Science of Silence Records Scion Audio Visual Scissorfight Scooby-Doom Scorched Scorched-Earth Scordatura Scorngrain Scot Alisoglu Scott Scott Alisoglu Scrambled Defuncts Screaming Ferret Records Sculptured Scuorn Seagrave Seance Sean Palmerston Sear Bliss Season of Mist Seasons of Mist Seas WIll Rise Sebastian Bach Secondskin Second To Sun Secret Quarters Secrets of the Moon Secrets of the Sky Sectu Sedate Illusion Seeing Red Records Seek and Strike Seeker Seep See You Next Tuesday Seige of Amida Records Seizure Crypt Select and Dismember Self Self-Released Selfmadegod Records Semen Datura Senate Send the Wood Music Seneca Senseless Life Records Sensory Sensory Music Sensory Records Sentenced Sentient Horror Sentient ignition Sentient Ruin Sepia Dreamer Septekh September Riot Records Septicflesh Septycal Gorge Sepulcher Productions Sepulchral Productions SepulchralProductions Sepulchral Voice Records Sepulchral Voice Records. Death Metal Sepultura Seremonia Serenity Serial Butcher Serious Entertainment Serious Grind Serment Serocs Serpent Cult Serpentcult Serpentine Dominion Serpent of Gnosis Serpents Lair Productions Serpent Throne Sevared Records Seventh Dagger Records Seventh Rule Recordings Seventh Rule Records Seventh Star Seven Witches Severed Severed Savior Severe Torture Sevill Pictures SFC Records SG Records Shadar Logoth Shadow's Fall Shadow Kingdom Records Shadow of Intent Shadowside Shadows in the Crypt Shai Hulud Shane Wolfensberger Shape of Despair SharpTone Records Shatterpoint Shawn Pelata Shawn Wolfensberger Shaytan Productions Shels Music She Must Burn shEver Shifty Records Shining Shipwreck AD Shite Shit Outta Luck Shiver Records Shores of Null Shove Records Shrapnel Shrieks From the Hearse Shroud of Despondency Shylmagoghnar Siaskel Sicadis Sickening Horror SidiouS Siege of Amida Records Siegfried Sigh Sigma Records Signal Rex Sign of Cain Silent Stream of Godless Elegy Silver Lining Music Silvertomb Simbiose Sinamore Sinbreed Sin Dealer Singularity Sinister Sinmara Sinner Sinners Bleed Six Feet Under Six Feet Under Records Six Foot Six Six of Swords Sixx AM Skagos Skam Skarab Skeletal Remains Skelethal Skeletonwitch Skineater Skinfather Skinlab Skinless SKin Like Iron Skinned Skinny Puppy Skitzo Skull and Bones Records Skumstrike Skyfire Skyforger Slam Slaughter by the Water Slaughterday Slaughterm News Slave Pit Records Slavior Slayer Sleazy Rider Records Sleeping Giant Sleeping in Gethsemane Sleepless Sleepwalkers Sleepytime Gorilla Museum Slime in the Current Slipknot Sloth Herder Slough Feg Slovak Metal Army Sludge Sludgelord Records Sludge Metal Slugdge Small Stone Records Smallstone Records Smutdealer Records Snowblood Snow Burial Sodom Soen Sofy major Sografalth So Hideous So Hideous My Love Soilent Green Soilwork Sojourner Solace and Stable Solace of Requiem Solanum Solar Flare Records Solar Fragment Solbrud Soldiers Solemn Music Malta Sole Remedy Solid 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